Tony Leung Has No Nightlife; Refuses to Visit Carina Lau’s Bar

Renowned superstar, Tony Leung (梁朝偉), leads an ordinary lifestyle like regular people. He loves reading books, watching movies and sleeps before midnight everyday.

Although Carina Lau (刘嘉玲) owns several nightclubs, Tony does not frequent his wife’s businesses. He smiled and said, “Why must I go? There is nothing to see!” Tony also added that he does not have any nightlife and dining with friends is his last activity for the day.

Tony Longs to Film Comedy 

As Tony has been involved in serious and reflective films in recent years, he wishes to act in more light-hearted films. Tony revealed that filming often took three to four months to complete, and it was a torment to be locked in an unhappy state for a period of time. Therefore, he wishes to act in a comedy, which will uplift his spirits.

“Actually, everyone wants to be happy right? When I am young, I prefer more serious roles, be it happy or unhappy scenes which shows disparity in the acting. As I grow older, I am mellower and wish to be happier and do not need those solemn characters. It has to do with maturity and nothing else.”

When asked if he wished to collaborate with Carina in a comedy film, Tony exclaimed, “Please don’t! It’s a bit awkward; it’s kind of strange to act together!”

Tony lives by his philosophy, “It has to be happy without any pressure.”  He does everything in high spirits be it jogging, playing tennis, yachting or even chatting with his friends. He is also happy just by eating a bowl of wonton noodles in the afternoon!

Fourth Time Acting as a Blind Man

As Tony played a blind man for the fourth time in The Silent War <聽風者>, he adapted to the character easily. The only difference is that this character used his ears to see things, which made the acting experience slightly different this time. As he could not use his eyes to act, Tony was uncomfortable initially and took a while to adjust his acting.

Collaborating with Zhou Xun (周迅) for the second time, Tony has developed great chemistry together. He also suggested the director to add more joyous scenes with her. Tony also praised Taiwanese artist, Mavis Fan (范曉萱) for her acting and friendly disposition.

On “The Silent War’s” Hong Kong Box Office Results

Compared to mainland China which delivered remarkable box office results, The Silent War was unable to replicate the success in Hong Kong. Tony said, “I never thought about it because box office results are never within my consideration. I can only do my job well as an actor and I can’t control the rest. Of course, I wish that the box office results are good. When the boss makes money, I can continue filming too.”

Giving his thoughts on the mediocre results in Hong Kong, Tony felt that it may be related to the co-production with mainland’s investor. Hong Kong viewers likely thought the film was not specifically produced for them, and Tony could understand their perspective.


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  1. if i watch him giving a interview now then he gave me always that shy impresion on his face and he talks so slow like an old man and never make a joke.he is so different from his younger days,he looks so boring now.

  2. I love Tony Leung, he is a great actor always enjoying his acting. and yes Carina Lau looks good in that picture. Absoluttly

    1. For some reason, I see her as a mix of Maggie Siu and Charmaine Sheh.

  3. I’m not saying Tony is an angel, but Tony and Carina totally have very different lifestyle and personality.
    Very happy to see they work out their marriage differences and still stick together these long. Wish them best

    1. I totally understand Tony’s lifestyle because I live the same, and I am young. I would rather stay home and read books or watch movies or spending time with my family and friends in a place where we can chat. I’ve been to a nightclub twice in my life and never want to go back ever again. I totally understand it when Tony said there’s nothing to see there.

    2. Haha, I’ve always wondered how on earth they ended up together? But they’ve been through a lot over the years and it’s not as if they’re oblivious to one another’s faults. They’ve managed to stand by each other through thick and thin, so I’m happy for them.

      I’d love to see Tony take on roles with a lighter tone; he’s been rather solemn in recent years… Although, what are the chances of him appearing in a full-on comedy? I miss that side of him.

  4. I don’t know what kind of night life they expecect from a man in his 50s.

    I don’t expect my fahter to paint the town every night.

    1. LOL so true. Most of the “5 tigers” are quite old (generously speaking) now. As I haven’t really grown up with them though, there’s less attachment from my end but I’m sure fans who grew up with them will still find them handsome and “idol-like”.
      I find them handsome for their age though!

  5. tony age quite a lot, watch the great magician, the way he talks now look like he is wearing false teeth, the lips/mouth part muscle kinda collapsing, not quite sure how to describe it but he look really old, well he look his age unlike Andy, michael or felix that look younger than their age.

    1. i think because he dont use make-up or botox?? but he always try to look cool and talks softly like he is sick or what.i like him in police cadet 85, when he was full of energy.

    2. i beg to differ. YES, TL has definitely aged but AL has never been a looker well i am sure his fans will beg to differ haha..but to me he’s never good looking or aged well either.
      Felix Wong? No way, compared to Michael Miu all these other guys can’t compete. MM is the only one i feel still GOT it. hahaa

      1. because MM is the manliest amonst them he looks like a big brother. alan tam is the one that aged best,although he is almost 60 he looks like someone of 40

      2. yes, agree!, among all of them MM is the only one that still got it.

  6. Tony Leung is one of the HK actors I really respect, because he has a very grounded mentality and not too caught up on superficial things by the looks of it. And I think he’s still really handsome, aged well!

  7. Tony’s a legend in the Hong Kong movie industry, much more than Carina will ever be.

  8. wow i need to be like him more. i need to sleep before midnight. need to change y sleeping patterns. yes, nightclubs are very boring. just a bunch of desperate old men trying to get some gold diggers or attention seeker females.

    carina lau looks like my bf’s cousin. but she is 20 something years older and she still looks better than my bf’s cousin. she gave birth once and she aged dramatically. carina still looks very young.

  9. I’ve always liked Tony’s looks plus his acting. He does not look the type to enjoy night life and so even those belonging to his wife won’t appeal to him.

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