Tony Yang to Become a Dad

The actor’s girlfriend, seven years his junior, is expecting their first baby.

On May 15, 37-year-old Taiwanese actor Tony Yang (楊祐寧) shared good news on social media that he will be getting married and become a dad soon!

Sharing a photo with his girlfriend Melinda, he also uploaded the baby’s ultrasound picture and wrote, “My fiancée Melinda and I, preparing to enter the next chapter of our lives!” Celebrity friends including Alien Huang (黃鴻升), Justin Cheung (張建聲) and Shu Qi (舒淇) have left their well wishes.

Standing out with his good looks, the actor gained popularity with the 2014 film Formula 17 <十七歲的天空>, which helped him win a Golden Horse Award for Best New Performer. He has since starred in numerous films such as Cold War 2 <寒戰2>, The Adventurers <俠盜聯盟>, Monster Hunt <捉妖記2>, David Loman <大尾鱸鰻>, as well as dramas  Ex-Boyfriend <前男友> and All is Well <都挺好>, putting him on the map across the Greater China Region.

The actor dated actress Amber Kuo (郭采潔) for five years but the two broke up in 2015, after which he has had few relationship rumors. In 2019, news surfaced that Tony was dating Melindaa designer for a Taiwanese skincare brand.

According to sources, Tony’s family has an excellent impression of Melinda, whose easygoing personality makes the actor feel very relaxed when they are together. Thrilled to become a dad soon, Tony will be returning to Taiwan to register the marriage after completing his filming work for Chinese drama Last Romance <流金歲月> in Shanghai. Although Melinda is already three months pregnant, the couple would unlikely be holding their wedding this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Ettoday

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