Tony Yang Shares Picture of His Newborn Daughter

In May, 38-year-old Taiwanese actor Tony Yang (楊祐寧) announced that his fiancée, 30-year-old fashion designer Melinda Wang, was pregnant with their child. Tying the knot in September, the couple did not have to wait long for the arrival of their daughter. Earlier this week, Tony excitedly shared photos of his little angel.

In the week leading up the baby’s birth, Melinda was still very active. As she had decided to give birth naturally, Tony requested a few days off from work where he is currently filming Ruby Lin’s (林心如) self-produced Blue Hour <華燈初上>. The crew were very respectful and accommodating towards Tony’s request, allowing him to witness his daughter’s birth which went very smoothly.

Dating Melinda for three years, Tony has always taken a low-profile approach to their relationship and marriage. Although the two do not often talk about each other, one can feel the sweetness in Tony’s new Instagram post which shows half of his daughter’s face.

Tony’s daughter is nicknamed Anah, which is a very meaningful name as it is a word seen in the Bible which means “answer.” Born as a Sagittarius, Anah’s birthdate is also very auspicious.

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Tony Yang Shares New Photos with Wife, Melinda

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  1. I’m so perplexed by the photo of their baby… is that the baby’s bum?? I can’t figure out the angle. Looks so weird.

    1. @gnomageddon the side of her right face, her right cheek lol. You can see a bit of the mouth and the eye. But that’s only my guess, with these things, it could totally be an unexpected area xD

      1. @littlefish OMG… you’re so right! I totally see it now that you pointed it out! LOL! Thanks! I feel like I just figured out an abstract piece of “art/photo” or one of those which illusion do you see type of thing! Hahaha

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