Tracy Chu is a Great Catch

By on March 22, 2017 in NEWS

Tracy Chu is a Great Catch

Praised for her beauty and brains, 28-year-old Tracy Chu (朱千雪) received her Master’s degree in Business last November. Tracy is also appreciated for her delightful onscreen candidness and has won over viewers.

As opposed to the notorious typical “Hong Kong Girl” who is a narcissistic money worshiper, Tracy is the complete opposite and does not care about a man’s financial status in selecting a boyfriend. When asked what type of men she likes, Tracy thoughtfully responded, “He has to like eating, because I like eating! He also has to give me a sense of security, while being charismatic, attentive, and family-oriented.”

On whether her ideal partner needs to be financially established and own a house at the very least, Tracy responded, “A house? No need. I have one!” With such a supportive and tolerant mindset, it comes as a surprise that Tracy is currently single and has no pursuers. Tracy may be focused on fostering her own personal growth and career instead of dating.


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    1. hannah says:

      Beauty and Brain! Hope to see her again soon on a tv show.

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    2. jmcsjctvb says:

      I’ve always felt she would make a great couple with Jeremy Lin. Too bad TVB and the NBA are totally different worlds.

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