TV Ratings Report: TVB Dramas Face Competition

It’s been a mixed week in broadcast ratings, as TVB’s prime time dramas Come Home Love: Dinner at 8 <愛.回家之八時入席>, The Last Healer in Forbidden City <末代御醫>, and Over Run Over <EU超時任務> saw a dip in ratings mid-week.

Aside from the J2 broadcast of the Happy Valley horse races, which snatched one to two points from TVB’s regular ratings, the launch of Hong Kong’s new free-to-air station ViuTV also seemed to have affected TVB’s normal prime time broadcast.

According to official news reports, Dinner at 8, which premiered this Monday, dropped 7 points on Wednesday, averaging 22 points and peaking at 23 points. The Last Healer in Forbidden City averaged only 20 points and peaked at 21 points, while Over Run Over fell to 22 points with a peak of 23 points. Carol Cheng’s (鄭裕玲) talk show Do Did Eat <Do姐有問題> averaged 17 points and peaked to 18 points.

ViuTV, which launched on Wednesday, April 6, is proving to be a tough competitor for TVB. According to data from Nielsen, ViuTV pulled in an average of 5 points across Wednesday’s prime time slot. ViuTV’s broadcast of the South Korean drama Descendants of the Sun and the local variety show Travel with Rivals <跟住矛盾去旅行> increased ratings to 8 points.

However, more accurate and detailed ratings for ViuTV will not be revealed until early May.

Despite the competition, TVB did regain their momentum the following day. On Thursday, Dinner at 8’s ratings went up to 23.7 points.

TVB’s two follow-up dramas also witnessed an increase in ratings as well: The Laster Healer in Forbidden City recorded 21.4 points, while Over Run Over recorded 23 points. Do Did Eat increased two points, at 19.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao

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  1. TVB rating use to always average around 30 points. Now 30 points are consider high rating. So different from before…..

  2. Considering now youngster watched via Internet streaming. Not surprised that the rating points will have compulsory drop. People always says tvb stuck at olden times. But if still wanna expect the ratings as per olden time then consider high, then it’s the people that stuck at old era.

  3. Considering dots is causing a meltdown everywhere even if i hated it tvb has no chance against it.

  4. Theres only a limited number of years it can hang on. If TVB doesn’t improve their scripts, enhance their filming methods and bring in better talent, eventually the competitors will overtake.

  5. well finally this company got what it deserved!!! bad ratings because of another network!!! if hktv did already got their license yrs ago, this company have already makes better dramas!!! for the last 5 yrs, this company got more bad dramas than good dramas, and this is a records for a company famous for making dramas for more than 40 yrs!!!

  6. Dinner at 8 is crap, watched 1st episode that was enough for me…
    Not really a fan of sitcoms…
    The best one at that time slot was “A Kindred Spirit’ and that was years ago…and War of the Genders.

    ViuTV at least looks like a TV channel, plus they have streaming on mobile devices.. actually glad that ATV is gone..
    ViuTV needs time to establish itself, they still have issues with programming.. Too many imports and their local drama Margret and David is airing at 11pm…WTF whose is staying up for that?…plus their dramas are not airing 5 nights… Some 3 nights and 2 nights..that going to confuse viewers.

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