TVB Artists Urge Raymond Lam to Not Quit Entertainment Industry

Raymond Lam (林峯) announced that he will focus more on filming movies rather than TV dramas, with an eventual exit from the entertainment industry planned. Raymond plans to quit show business altogether and help his father, Lam Kwok Wah (林國華) in his mainland real-estate property company.

The rumors started when Raymond lost the TV King award at the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards this year. With his vast fan base and strong performance in Highs and Lows <<雷霆掃毒>, he was the hot favorite. However, he lost that award and also did not clinch the My Favorite Male Character award either. The disappointed Raymond was said to voice his opposition by turning down to act in TVB’s ancient drama, Food for the Slaves <食為奴>. This fueled the rumor more, even though Raymond admitted that he declined because he did not want to shave his head.

The media caught up with Raymond’s manager, TVB Executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) when she returned from Beijing. “They are only rumors. Didn’t he say in an earlier interview that he wanted to focus his career on his music and movies for the next 1 or 2 years? The cast of Food For the Slaves has not been confirmed, and as such, we have not confirmed Raymond will be in the cast, so how can he reject?”

Having put much effort into his work, it was no wonder Raymond was disappointed he did not win any awards. Virginia remarked, “This only shows Raymond’s dedication to his work.”

Raymond’s cousin, newcomer Lin Xiawei (林夏薇) fully supports Raymond’s decision. However, she feels it a pity if Raymond were to quit the entertainment industry.

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Steven Ma (馬浚偉) both felt Raymond should continue to strive on. Wayne felt that Raymond is giving himself too much pressure. Steven also thinks that Raymond should not place so much emphasis on awards. Elusive to TVB awards himself, Steven thinks that winning awards is secondary to an artist’s own intrinsic achievements. For someone as talented as Raymond, he should not give up as easily and continue to strive hard.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Is it about not getting award that he is threatening to leave OR for the sake of family business? why not clarify that first. Because if it is the former, how pompous he is to think he deserves an award. If the latter, now is the right time because you can’t just waltz into a business, he must learn if not he will crash and burn.

    1. it is just the writer’s rumor…he (or other artist) will not just bacause the award to quit the career…yea, without the award will be a bit upset…it is normal feeling…but i think most of the artist has high EQ…otherwise they can’t be in this industry for that long…

    2. He has clarified, only people do not accept his answer. His father is not dead, I believe his lessons for success started from young. Why worry he has a billionaire father as a teacher, who is more qualified.

    3. If u read the previous article then u know his answer! even i am losing motivation for him to cont from all negativeness created by media and others being influenced thus bashing despite doing bad or not.

    4. No one would ever admit to quitting the entertainment industry because of lack of awards. No one will really know the answer besides Raymond himself. I won’t be surprised for either reason. Makes sense to return to the family business if you ask me.

  2. HK writer has nothing to write…feel sorry for the writer! also, it is just a rumor…Raymond already said he is not quit! Of course, one day he will go back to his daddy’s business kingdom…it is very usuall!

  3. come on raymond grow up and fight back its just round one,you cant always get what you want its time to improve your acting skill now before you deserve the award.

    If you can read Chinese, the article already said he is not quit…he said he will go back to family business one day, but when, he don’t know, maybe 1 year, 5 year..if family very needed him, he will. But he still have a lot job in hand..he will not quit because of award or without award…about what drama he is going to film in tvb 2013…they have not talked in detail yet…he is focusing on his concert now

    1. I see. HE is just speculating is it? But my feeling is daddy did talked to him about business. We know he has a brother? And what about his sister? Neither is interested in the business? I can’t imagine Raymond as a competent businessman. He can’t even handle his own scandals well and those are nothing. Whatever it may be I am sure his father has a plan of his own which may or may not involve his own eldest son. Somehow I have this feeling daddy is a pretty assured man who knows what he is doing.

      1. A scandal in an entertainment industry is very different from scandals in a private business especially one that is wealthy and proprous. I do not see how not handling scandal in the entertainment industry well correlates to his competency as a business man.

        Also, ever since his sister’s wedding, when he emphasized how important his family is to him. I had a feeling he would return to his family business. It just so happens tabloids found a grand time to bring it up now and put LF in the negative light, like always.

      2. I don’t think Ray will quit due to his family because IF his family really needed him all these years, they would not have allowed him to enter the circle. Didn’t they talk about this a long time ago?? His dad did want him to help with the business and all, but Ray was not interested and wanted to stay in the circle. Therefore, he was lucky that his younger brother had an interest to help out with the family business instead so he was free from doing so and was thus able to continue singing and acting.

        Many artists will eventually leave one day, but in a lot of cases, it is the girl and not the guys. However, guys will leave one day at some point but a lot of them stay until they retire so you really don’t know… No one knows what can happen in the future…

        Ray worked to establish the level that he is currently at so I highly doubt that he will just leave it all behind to help with the family business. If he wanted to or needed to, he would have done years ago. Why wait until now to say this??

      3. Its not that he said it now. Its you who only heard it now cause the media decided to make it headlines.

    2. Over 80% of HK entertainment news are crap (just twisting what the artists said to fit a story). And stupid readers are buying into these BS.

      For those who said “LF, we love you, please don’t leave us…” , please, GROW UP!

  5. wise words from steven. raymond has a lot to learn from steven whether life experience or acting skills.

  6. It’s really funny. Everyone tells him he needs to improve his acting skills and he is jack of all trades, he needs to focus on one if not he won’t get anywhere. Now he is choosing to do music and movie and everyone is asking him to grow up. Hello..

    Even before the awards he announced that he will be on hiatus on concerts but wull still produce albums. He needs to sharpen his saw and learn new stuff. And he will focus in movies.

    Yeah eventually he will go back to family because he has tried and he do not have a work life balance and sometime in our life we need to stop and think if it is worth giving away our life for certain things. Maybe he has woken up to what is important to him. If he was my son, I will ask him to quit too. Is it worth all the sacrifice? Health, family and balance.

    He has said many times is it not the awards. He has lost it and it won’t come back why the fuss now, why not do it next year just before the next awards. He has more than 100 awards at home what is one less?

    1. I agree! Smh at people saying he’s a sore loser – he’s been nominated for Best Actor for years ever since La Femme Desperado – and losing the award isn’t anything new to him. Also, he’s been in TVB for a long time, knows how the game is played – just because you win an award may not necessarily mean you’re the best, or public’s recognition, etc. but just because it allows more sponsorship/spokesperson opportunities and those ‘dung toi’ opportunities. Heck, he already has all of that!

      To be honest, if I was his mother or father, I would urge him to quit the industry, too. He’s in such bad shape – sciatica, so many injuries from accidents, messed up neck and back, all those long filming hours, I wouldn’t want my kid to go through that either. He’s obviously not staying in the business for money – yes, probably for fame, but mostly because he wants to.

      1. totally agree with you…LOVE Raymond and Support him whenever he goes

      2. Well, he really needs to improve on his acting. It is very poor. He is not even qualified to be on the Best actor nomination list. TVB add him in because of his popularity, not his acting. Same old charming, handsome rich kid, with the chok looks. Can’t stand it all

      3. I believe LF enjoys what he is doing right now with his singing and acting but it is taking a toll on him and his health. Obviously he’s not doing it for the money but for his own interests and to some extent fame of course. Maybe he has come to a point in life where he came upon some realization and is attempting to follow it.

    2. and you believe what he said? then why does he look so sad and drinking a lot last time?

      1. Why not? If you believe the rumours, I can choose to believe what he says. Only he knows why he look so sad and drinking. I won’t know for sure and as you say he look sad and is he really sad also nobody can say, right?

      2. Right and its okay to believe what the media says? Hes human, he can look sad and he can drink. Whats wrong with that? Just because he is a celebrity, he cant drink and be sad?

  7. Actually before the awards, if you see his interviews he has already hinted that he has lost a lot of motivation as he can’t seem to get a breakthrough and also realised he needs to streamline his focus areas. And his needs to produce freshness.

    I was pretty sure he will go straight to this (leave TV) once he got the BA award; then ppl will say he is trying to play up after winning. I am actually happy he went ahead with his plan even when he did not win the awards. I don’t see how making a fuss now will get him the next BA or any award if it is one person one vote from now on. To me it proves that he won’t stick around for the sake of an award.

    1. “And his needs to produce freshness.”

      Maybe he should try getting other sort of roles? A crippled perhaps? A comatose patient? Deaf? Blind? Dumb? An alien? A ghost? The naysayers have a point. I am sure even as a ghost he will have that chok thing going on. If he seriously wants to up his own game, and find freshness and WIN an award BY merit, maybe he should take a long leave of absence, and come back with a new sense of perspective, by first learning to be a better observer rather than whining about something that isn’t important. The fact that his fans cried for his loss, isn’t that enough?

      I like Raymond, I used to think he was horrible in the beginning, improved amazingly then and now became a caricature of himself. Whatever roles he played, he gives me the vibe that he is Raymond Lam. He doesn’t shake that off; he is Raymond Lam pretending to be Raymond Lam acting as someone else. I know his fans love him. But the fact is he hasn’t improved for a very long time. I am sure all these award-loss-disappointed-threaten to quit-etc are not true because I don’t see Raymond as such a whiny kid. But if he is serious in awards and winning in such a way to shut his critics up rather than flatter himself, maybe he really should take some time off and reconsider the roles he should or should not take.

      1. How is he whining? Last I checked, all these reports came from the media. He hasnt said anything but even If he does, no one would believe him. Therefore he always remains silent in these negative news about him. Way before the award ceremony he had already said that he would take a break from series and concerts to move on with films. And now hes going on with that plan, people ridicule him for being a little brat and baby for not winning? The power of the media…really is fascinating.

        And here comes the role selection. He only has one series per year contract. For the past years, tell me which series produced and which role could he have played to satisfy some of the audiences’ change theyve been wanting from raymond. None. Even if there was, theres an issue of directors favoring, schedule conflicting etc etc etc.

        His dream was to become a singer and he finally achieved that after a few years after his acting debut. He could have left the small tv screen a long time ago but he stayed probably cause of tvb nurtured him. But tvb has been putting him in the negative light, giving him terrible roles etc etc.. and why tvb? Because they want their actors to be forever under their control.

      2. I think Raymond may have to keep a pretty image for being a top singer in EEG, which hinders his chances of acting other types of characters. As a result, it is difficult for him to improve/polish his acting skills. He needs to get the exposures and experience to act various types of roles in order to improve.

      3. @sandcherry,you dont need a pretty image to come far in both acting and singing,look at the late superstar leslie cheung.he have played gay roles.people recognize and appreciated his versatile talent more than his image. the only thing you need is how to utilize your talent wisely.and raymond have enough talent to come far.

      4. IS that not what he is doing now? Stopping to reconsider – roles, direction, priorities. And then people still go on and on about him doing it because he lost the awards which I do believe it is irrelevant because he was already moving out a step at a time. I believe largely it is due to his contract expiring next year (mid) and he is considering a renewal or not. Good for him. He knows he is stagnant, he said it in one interview,he knows he needs to focus, now his trying to make the change but look at the reaction. Prove that he just go do what he needs to do. Can’t please everyone.

      5. Yes it is. He already know what his priority is now and this is why he finally chosen to focus on movies and singing and let go of TVB and his concerts. Honestly at this time I personally feel TVB is a burden to him and his decision to let go of his TVB work starting by limiting to 1 series per year is perfect.

  8. ‘he cant get a breakthrough’ is because he always play the same good guy ‘chok’ role again and again. if he can play different roles like ‘ah wong’ or villain roles he have more chances to develop his acting skills,so i want to him as a villain! and dont quit!

    1. Agreed. I’m not a huge fan of him, but he showed a ton of potential at the beginning of his career. Ever since he signed with EEG, TVB has been typecasting him into the same goody-two-shoes/welltodo rich guy roles over and over again. Leaving TVB would be a good decision.

      Both Louis Koo and Nick Cheung left TVB around the same age, and both of their careers are better for it.

    2. He can get better roles in his movies that Raymond Wong and his company Pegasus are planning. TVB is a sinking ship and a good role is never offered to Ray.

  9. I think this is an open secret or rather Jayne knows and that owner does not care.

    1. Do let us know about the outcome. So far that other place seem pretty happy, even got blogs and stuff.

  10. He was given good, colourful and challenging roles like Zhuge Liang, which he didn’t really have a breakthrough too in his portrayal. And mind you, i was an avid LF fan once. And i still don’t mind watching his series. It’s just that i also feel he hasn’t been giving much fresh-ness in his performance lately.

    1. I don’t think he is capable of a truly breakthrough role – even if the writing is up to par, due to him having too many projects on his plate. When you are not focused, you cannot give it all.

      He needs to choose either acting or singing for a while – which is what he says he has done so that’s good news. If he chooses to really go for the TVB award, I’m sure he can get it on his own acting merit, but it requires sacrifices that he might not want to make. He can also just give it up, and turn to movies. If he cuts his ties to TVB, he could do pretty well in movies. I have a feeling that he will not go before he gets the TVB award though because why else has he stayed so long? But given that this year was supposed to be a sure thing, I can see how it was a blow to him (and his ego) but I don’t think it so serious that it will make him reconsider. Will be interesting to see if he ends up filming a drama in 2013 or not.

      1. I too had a feeling that he won’t go if he hasn’t gotten the TVB award but now, I see that he has stayed so long because he has a contract that does not end until 2013. And now the time has come, he needs to make serious decisions in life. Kinda glad he is not staying until he gets the awards which is contrary to everyone painting him as “because of an award” guy.

        He is not leaving the entertainment industry yet but to start to streamline his focus to movies and music is good.

      2. Yea exactly. He’s not leaving the entertainment industry yet but only concentrating on his movies and music career and left TV work. What he said earlier and what Raymond Wong said yesterday sort of confirmed this. TVB or any TV dramas took too much time and energy out of him.

        This is a smart decision. TVB has nothing more to offer Ray at this point of his career.

  11. LF is obviously not really into doing business. He probably really enjoys all his fame and popularity right now. I’m not his fan, but I must say, he has the potential to be the next Andy Lau. But if he thinks that family is more important, and that he has obligation to take over the family business, then he should start soon.

    1. Probably not gonna happen. At this age, Andy Lau was a bankable star at the box office and was nominated for the HK Best Actor award more than 5 times. He was in several internationally acclaimed films too. He had a successful music career at the same time.

      LF can’t even juggle acting and singing at the same time right now. If LF wants to reach Andy Lau’s status, he has a long way to go.

      1. Andy Lau got his first BA at the age of 38. And he did not do TV, Music and Movie all at the same time. He left TVB because of contract dispute and was frozen. Hence left for movies. Who else in TVB can come close to Andy Lau apart from Raymond? And can’t make comparisons anyway as they are 2 completely different persons in 2 different eras.

      2. And I don’t think he wants to be Andy Lau – hide his family, become father only 50 years old, handle highly obssessed fans… There are a lot of factors other than acting for awards to pave one’s life.

  12. Raymond should not leave the industry because he has so many fans! All of his fans will be so disappointed! I hope he doesn’t leave and even if he doesn’t continue his acting career he can sing.

  13. There were too many articles about Raymond Lam in the last few days, but they still generated a good number of posts. No one can deny Raymond’s top popularity in Hong Kong and overseas.

  14. what a sore loser. don’t get an award then quit.
    what a bad role model for his fans.

    1. it is just rumor….i am his fans and very happy to be his fans…if he quit it is not because of the award or without award…just because he need to take care his family….support his whenever he goes

      1. its very convenient for him to say he must quit to look after his family now…. after he lost the best actor award

      2. he already said that he is not quit now…it is just reporter has nothing to write…so write about he want to quit…in fact…he a billion worth family business to take care,,,,once of this day, they will go for his business…without a award will be disappointed, but he does not have TV king for so long already…he did not quit?

      3. AL, to be honest, i dont understand what you’re writing and tryin to say. Pls improve on your english.

  15. D never ending speculations!
    He’s probably under too much pressure. Family nagging n his fans’ disappointment among one of d factors I suppose, well u know ur dedication to ur profession has always been acknowledged by all viewers otherwise there won’t be tons of good n bad comments, rite! Take them as ur motivations, Ray.

    Btw, going bald might be ur new challenge n breakthrough, yea interesting n perhaps Steven may take up d challenge as well!

  16. I don’t think Raymond will quit because of without award…it is very stupid…i think he has high EQ and in this industry for that long 13 years…he understand how to play this game…even if I am not his fans…i will not believe any artist who work in this industry for over 10 years will quit because of the award…the artist understand that with or without the award is depand on a lot of reason and most of the time is out of your control…

  17. He’s not gonna quit. Im sure he is very addicted to the money and fame the industry brings him. Taking over your dad’s business is not the same as forging your own career. I dont think he will ever quit the entertainment industry. He’s just flexing influence on his comments, displaying a personal tantrum on how his one-series per yr didn’t win him a Best Actor award when that is the answer in itself why he didn’t.

    1. His series wasn’t even the most high rated either. Not sure why he thinks his fanbase must make up the whole of HK when there are many ppl that dont care for him. His acting and even personal image in HK to them is not very good either. Wayne Lai or Kenneth anyday over Raymond acting-wise. I find that Raymond likes to put up a certain front in his acting, its unnatural. Highs and Lows is an example, he just puts up a flamboyant arrogant exterior with no soul to his acting.

      1. That’s fine because Ray is leaving TVB work anyway and Wayne, Moses and Kenneth can now grab all the TVB limelight that Ray left behind. When Ray’s contract end next year and he left TVB, I’m sure watching TVB less and less.

      2. Raymond’s series has never been high rated but yet he was promoted. I said it before and say it again, he brings in a lot of revenues for TVB.

        I do not question Wayne’s acting, he is literally unstoppable in TVB right now and his resurgence in his career has taken him to greater heights.

        As for Kenneth, I am a fan of his, but to say that his acting is far superior or even slightly superior than Raymond, that really raises the question of how the newer generations define a good actor. Kenneth is heavily promoted right now after the doctor role in 36 hours. But here is the thing, was it his acting that wow-ed people or the role itself that people are drooling all over? In SSSS, Kenneth’s character did not make him shine and his acting surely did not make him get recognized as compared to the role in 36 hours. There is a difference between the nature of a character vs. pure acting skill.

        Then we have the case of Raymond’s role in High and Lows. I’ve seen many comments ridiculing the poor man’s performance but yet why isn’t anyone taking in consideration the nature of Happy Sir? He is suppose to be a sick lover, extremely annoying, and simply emotionally weak. I thought Raymond pulled off the intellect and nonchalant demeanor of Happy Sir at the beginning of the series before he got possessed by Kate’s love. He didn’t do a fantastic job, but it wasn’t poor either. Right now, Raymond at best is only a consistent actor, give him any role, he can probably only pull off a mediocre performance. Think of it this way, could you see Kenneth being the love sick Happy Sir? I can see Kenneth over exaggerating every step of the way trying to act out Happy Sir.

        Finally the “Chok” thing. I don’t know why people are stomping Raymond for it when he wasn’t the one who started it. I forgot who it was, but I do believe it was during last year or the previous year’s anniversary award where the MC told him to do a “chok” face as a joke. Then from there, it escalated. I don’t even know who to blame for this mess…

      3. “Raymond’s series has never been high rated but yet he was promoted. I said it before and say it again, he brings in a lot of revenues for TVB. ”

        This is a strange statement. Because if it is not highly rated then there wouldn’t be much revenues from ads and then he can’t have brought in a lot of revenues. So is Raymond like some stars who are promoted but are flops at box office? That can’t be true?

      4. @Funn, Raymond’s lead series were hardly ever well received, I’m talking about him being the 1st lead and not co-leading. Starting from the beginning, Eternal Happiness was okay. Lofty Waters Verdant Bow was barely average. Survivor Law and Twins of Brother were probably the only two that had average to up to average ratings. Tai Chi was a failure. Etc Etc. It is not strange because like I said earlier correlation does not mean causation. Just because a high rated series gives investors a much greater incentive to hire an artist for ads, commercials and etc, it does not mean thats the only thing they look at. There are plenty of other things to take into consideration in marketing an artist. There is a reason why Raymond was promoted before Bosco, Ron, Kenneth and the younger siu sangs. It was because of the global reaction Raymond garnered when he debuted as an actor. Then his music scene only made it even greater for his international fans. I’m not too sure what is happening in Hong Kong in terms of his fan base he has a very loyal fan base across the world and yes that means even after his got works done on his face.

      5. “Raymond’s lead series were hardly ever well received…Survivor Law and Twins of Brother were probably the only two that had average to up to average ratings. Tai Chi was a failure. Etc Etc. ”
        @Raina – So does that mean TVB’s the Four and Face to Fate both serials also flopped?

      6. I dont know what you meant by flopped but the ratings barely hit 30.

      7. Also, Face to Fate Raymond was co-leading with Frankie Lam. The Four, one can argue that Kenneth and Sammuel had almost as much screen time as Raymond. So those two series weren’t exactly, dominantly, his series.

      8. @Raina – Thanks for the information.

        Maybe this just shows that the four of them (Raymond, Ron, Kenneth, Sammul) are not so popular in HK after all, since the ratings for the four are not high. So Wayne getting the highest votes isn’t impossible.

      9. I don’t doubt that Wayne is a winner in HK audience, but I do doubt the numbers that TVB openly voiced out but fail to give the evidence. As in, Wayne could have won but not by that big of a margin, I’m only speculating that TVB over emphasized the numbers to give a warning to Raymond. Whatever it is, it is in the past and LF has moved on. He knows what the rules are more than anyone, 2012 is in the past, 2013 and beyond is looking bright for him and that is all that matters. Also to add, he does have extremely loyal fans across the globe and that alone is enough for him to strive on until he departs from the industry.

        Also with the ratings in HK. Ratings are affected big time by many other factors. I don’t reside in HK, but I do know depending on the time slots i.e. competition with other series or of the sort and the genre of the series e.g. modern vs ancient, that is what mainly draws in the audience. I believe The Four was just a regular series and honestly the story itself isn’t very attractive and ancient series aren’t particularly popular amongst HK audiences.

      10. Although ‘The Four’ stars 4 TVB siu sangs, TVB didn’t put much importance on it. From the series, can see that the production is not a high budget one. TVB even cut short the series to make way for the next series when TF was aired in HK. It was cut from 25 episodes to 22.

  18. Andy Lau was in a different era and get more promotion at TVB that time than what Ray get now, and at that time there were no Kpop or Jpop and less competition. Just so you know, Louis Koo also struggled for years with flops at box office and bad movies in his first few years in the movie industry.

  19. I do enjoy watching Raymond Lam but I don’t think he deserved any BA award in any time near. So sorry if he really intends to leave TVB. GL in whatever you do then!

  20. Raymond was promoted because he has good reviews from a Taste of Love and ASITP. He also was pulled to make a movie with Rain Li because of his acceptance. At that time Bosco, Kenneth, and Ron are kelefes still. Ray earned his promotion by his all rounder talent in music and acting but some anti fans always fail to see this. Nevermind, because Ray will leave TVB and openig chance for Wayne and Kenneth to get his share of promotion. Will the antis stop by then? Maybe not but at least Ray is no more in this sinking rotten TVB ship and can concentrate in his movies and music.

    1. Sad how his anti fan base blossomed after he earned more recognition. Actually, I thought it happened because of his plastic surgery. LOL I see the relation now, Tavia got stuff done to her nose and she has a whole new world of haters. Plastic surgery really does define a person now a days, doesn’t it? What can I say, this is the world… sadly.

      1. Btw, wat did he do to his face? Thought he got ignored coz of d Mavis case, huh!

      2. The Mavis case, aside from seeing a desperate model who was seeking attention and using Raymond to her fullest to garner her publicity, no I do not respect woman like that. Raymond could have played her or did not play her, it does not change the fact that her actions only spelled “i have no respect for myself.”

        And those type of scandals are very touchy subjects when in reality it is nothing more but daily life occurrences. Unless you are Edison Chen for his epic episodes with different females or Him Law and Therea Fu’s abuse issue, I did not understand what was the big fuss with Raymond and Mavis. And please no one tell me who said this, he said that, she said whatever, they did that. Media is always fabricating. The only people who would know what truly happened are those two role players. And fact is one moved on and probably scarred for life whereas the other has been using the publicity she has gained for her own interests.

      3. Yea of coz it was a complicated mess, best forgotten anyway I’m still wondering has his looks changed in any way only thing I’ve noticed is he has lost a bit of weight though.

      4. Definitely his nose, and something about the jaw line but if you ask me the specific details, I’m not an cosmetic expert. lol. But if you google “raymond lam plastic surgery” some article comparing his facial structures should come up. lol.. i swear netizens are crazy…

      5. Plastic surgery in Raymond’s case is good for him. He looks better with it, and subtly done.

        “Unless you are Edison Chen for his epic episodes with different females or Him Law and Therea Fu’s abuse issue, I did not understand what was the big fuss with Raymond and Mavis. ”

        The big fuss is he made it into big fuss with his crying, denial, etc. Didn’t he say he didn’t have a girlfriend and boom out came the pictures. I think the big fuss was

        1. he cried
        2. he denied about girlfriends and then there’s one, on his bed
        3. the fact that he was asleep was for me a big fuss. Poor man, so tired
        4. Mavis’ story which to me is to be believed
        5. his choice in women

        He is however lucky. Unlike Ron who got burn and everything, Ray escaped to smile some more.

        Like I said before, I do believe he was in love with Mavis in the sense every woman he slept with he would

        a. be in love with
        b. introduce to his father (if that is to be believed, however Ray sr does not approve of his choices)
        c. dump them later on

        But in Mavis’ case and reading between the lines, his argument with his dad (again if it is to be believed) shows he was serious about her but in the end it never worked out and she sealed the fate of their relationship by leaking the photo(s).

        In the end I believe Ray was a player but in his own twisted sense, he probably believed he was in love with these women he slept with.

        yes, he was and probably is still a player. He is young, he is virile and he is hot. Can’t blame him.

      6. Alright so just to sum it up, you just don’t like the way he handled the Mavis situation or as a matter of fact.. all his other scandals.. which no one knows for sure what really happened. Like I said, the media can say whatever, Mavis can say whatever, Raymond can say whatever, but who knows for sure whos speaking the truth. And when I said why is this such a big fuss compared to the darker and crazier scandals are, don’t you realize Raymond and Mavis’s case is nothing more but a daily life occurrence. A guy, who is successful, money, fame, whatever decides to be with a chick and the latter used him. And then when all hell breaks loose, the blame game begins, the denying starts etc etc.

        Also, last time I checked Raymond had all the right, so does everyone, to not speak about relationships especially someone like Raymond who generates spotlight left and right. If he doesn’t feel secure about the relationship, how is that not understandable?

        The five points you made, my reaction:
        1. I would cry to and so would anyone if someone is trying to use me for fame and that person happens to be someone who I claimed to have affections for.
        2. Like I said earlier, him not admitting to having girlfriends is perfectly normal. Many celebrities probably dated countless people and no one knew and they probably have lied too.
        3. Him sleeping bothers you? Do you not sleep?
        4. Mavis story? When a woman takes photos like those and is no where near ashamed of showing them to the public, there should be no respect, no sympathy. So therefore, Mavis story is nothing more but a story and not what happened, in my opinion at least.
        5. Now this one is tricky. Lets go back to daily life occurrences, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people out there in this world who fall for the wrong person. And its all about timing at the beginning only feelings gush in, slowly you realize who that person really is. Sadly for Raymond, he knew too late.

        So with all that being said, I still do not see what the big fuss said aside from “Breaking news: RAYMOND LAM DATED MAVIS AND THE CHICK TOOK PHOTOS OF THEM TOGETHER.” and yadeedadadaa. He did not abuse her. He did not use her. He did not hurt her. And he certainly gained nothing from her.

      7. @TN1, Yes he was definitely a lot cuter and hotter with his darker skin look 🙁 I miss him a lot from Twins of Brother.

        Yeah, I don’t know how some of these netizens see the differences, probably have his face under a magnifying glass or something.. shrugs. lol

  21. he’s probably saying all this to get even more fans to love him. Maybe this will finally get them to vote for him since TVB says he didn’t get enough votes this year. 😛

    1. LOL!!! Comic relief? 🙂

      Nah, he’s fine. Still looking forward to that series with Michelle Ye.

      1. Totally realize this comment was out of the blue. Sorry about that!

  22. Haters will always hate. But LF will continue to be super star and earned the most and be the richest!!
    Please la. How you some of the haters here understand about life. Do you think life really that simple 1+1=2? If that simple, wayne, bosco or any other handsome guy also very famous already la but they wont. This is called life or fate. Everyone has different life. Lam Fung has a good life and luck. This is his advantage. That’s why he got so many fans and loveable. Just look at his concert on january la. Whatever he had done , regardless singing,acting,or whatever, but most important can tackle people’s heart. For example his song. Of course if compare, eason can sing better. But i still prefer to listen to LF and feel comfortable. Attraction is something that cannot be explained. Not 1+1=2 like some of the ignorants here thinking all the while.

  23. It seems that RL is losing motivation, especially on TVB dramas. Filming movies instead is much less tedious and he can get it done altogether without the added pressure from family viewers. I can fully understand why that’s happening, since the past 4 years.

  24. New’s reporters are so annoying.. just cause of him not winning TV king… wooooowww.. really!
    I dought he is leaving, even if he is probably leaving “TVB” only he know’s the truth.

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