TVB Drops Bosco Wong to Boost Kevin Cheng

TVB finally secured limited broadcasting hours to air the London 2012 Summer Olympics along with ATV, after a drawn-out negotiation with i-Cable. Earlier, when TVB thought it will be unable to broadcast the Olympics, it made drastic programming decisions to secure ratings. Aside from producing the star-studded variety program, TV Funny <玩转三周1/2>, TVB decided to cut the length of Bosco Wong’s (黄宗泽) Witness Insecurity <护花危情> to make way for Kevin Cheng’s (郑嘉颖) Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街头 II> ! Was Bosco Wong sacrificed in order to boost Kevin Cheng?

“Witness Insecurity” Not Well Regarded by TVB

A production crew member leaked that TVB executive, Virginia Lok (乐易玲),  favored Kevin Cheng and suggested that Ghetto Justice 2 be broadcast earlier, while sacrificing Witness Insecurity. Many of  Bosco Wong’s explosion and action scenes will now be cut from the drama!

An insider revealed, “Bosco risked his life to film this drama! He requested to film many car chase scenes and dangerous stunts without the use of stunt doubles!”  TVB’s decision to trim down the length of Witness Insecurity allegedly made the drama’s production staff quite upset.

Originally marketed as 20 episodes, Witness Insecurity has now been cut down to 19 episodes. Director Ludwig Ng (伍兆荣) confirmed, “Yes, the episodes have been trimmed down to 19 episodes. Producer Lau Ka Ho (刘家豪) is very concerned and often calls us to find out about the ratings results.”

TVB reportedly did not regard Witness Insecurity highly and did not expect it to perform well in ratings. Compared to another currently aired drama, Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三国>, TVB arranged far less promotional events for Witness Insecurity. However, Witness Insecurity’s ratings peaked at 35 points, surpassing even Three Kingdoms RPG! Despite the good performance of Witness Insecurity, TVB did not arrange a celebratory dinner for the cast and crew.

It was understood that Witness Insecurity was originally scheduled to air at the end of the year. Since producer Lau Ka Ho left TVB to work for now TV, the drama was aired during the summer instead.

Virginia Lok Did Not Watch “Witness Insecurity”

TV King, Kevin Cheng’s popularity surged after last years’ broadcast of Ghetto Justice. To boost the anticipation of the sequel, TVB aired Ghetto Justice in the midnight time slot in June.

Regarding allegations that she advocated to cut the length of Witness Insecurity, Virginia Lok said, “I do not know! The length and content of each drama is controlled by the production department. Why would it involve the artist department? I do not even know which drama will be aired next!” Ms. Lok said that she did not even suggest a drama’s airing time slot.

Regarding sacrificing Witness Insecurity for Ghetto Justice 2, Ms. Lok said, “I do not even know how many episodes are in Witness Insecurity! I did not watch the drama!” When it was pointed out that she favored Kevin Cheng, Ms. Lok said, “No, no, I have to go home now!”

Bosco Wong has been unable to be reached for comment, since he is currently filming mainland drama, The Woman Above the Bread Tree (面包树上的女人) in China.


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Jayne: By reducing Witness Insecurity to 19 episodes, which would make the finale fall on a Thursday night, did TVB hope to broadcast the first episode of Ghetto Justice 2 on a Friday night? This would make it coincide with the start of the Olympics…which may actually make the ratings suffer for Ghetto Justice 2.

Witness Insecurity has been under-promoted by TVB. Can this be the reason why Bosco did not take time off from filming his mainland drama to take photos for the highly regarded 45th Anniversary photo shoot, which gathered 329 artists?

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  1. Jayne,
    Yes, I think this is absolutely dumb for what you suggested. One day isn’t going to help anything. And why didn’t TVB just do the two hour finale thing if they wanted GJ2 to air earlier?

    1. Gold4canada,
      It has been confirmed that “Witness Insecurity” is now 19 episodes, but it is only my guess that the finale will fall on Thursday night, July 26th. TVB has not announced when the finale will actually air.

      Since the Olympics is starting on Friday, July 27th, my guess is that is when “Ghetto Justice 2” will premiere.

    2. If you check the schedule at the TVB site, it will have two hour finale for Witness Insecurity on Friday. Ghetto Justice 2 will premiere on the following Monday. Also, Linda already response to this new that this drama was to be 20 episodes, no longer, it just that people support and start making rumors.

  2. Rumors. I read somewhere that the finale is 2 hours. However, I have to agree that WI is not very promoted by TVB. The ratings are higher than 3K, yet TVB didn’t do anything about it. I guess since LKH left TVB, and Bosco and Linda aren’t highly promoted by TVB, their series got bad treatment.

    1. 3k is also Lau Ka Ho’s. This month is Lau Ka Ho month with 2 series at once.

    2. So far 2 functions for 3K, 2 for WI. Same number. The celebration of 3k was paid and invited by LF solely, neither Linda or Bosco did such thing. Txb dun open the party. It’s quite unfair for Txb this time.

      I find WI is doing good in the rating and somehow I like it more than 3k, but it wasnt an unfair treatment to WI by Txb.

      Wont be 19 eps because the final are 2 hours. 3k will also have 2h of finale like this. A way to boost the acting.

      1. If functions I think the same number too but promotional clips 3K has more, mostly of Kenneth’s and they’re more exciting, but it can also be because 3K is 25 episodes and got bigger and more popular casts.

      2. I dun count or watch all the promotion clips so I didnt know that. I rmb 3k has 7-8 clips, around that? Im not fond of the promotion clips.

      3. You don’t like 3K clips? I think they’re funny. A bit exaggerated but can create laughs.

      4. Not really like nor dislike. I watched it for the purposr of watching and dun watch all.

  3. man that sucks that Witness Insecurity didn’t get promoted much. It sounds like such a good drama and I really want to watch it.

  4. I know it’s different but in Malaysia (Astro on Demand) there will be a 2-hour finale on July 27th – episode 19 and 20!

  5. If it isn’t a 2 hour finale, tvb will find my complaint letter in their mailbox.

    Bosco has been the underdog of tvb. I find him a very versatile and talented actor compared to Michael tse and Kevin cheng. (sorry fans of MT and KC, it is my personal opinion, not to be contested).

    1. Michael tse had many types of role in the past, some kind Bosco has never tried. For example the nerdy role, jerk at max role, play boy. Dont see Michael as he is after Laughing because it’s the matter of milking. Michael was in many roles.

      1. When will TVB make the Laughing vs Law Ba movie? I think it was planned to film this year. Another Laughing Gor for us

      2. honestly i love michael tse. even laughing though i think tht is gettng ridiculous. with him alive dead alive dead.. but i got to agree michael hve had many roles. more so thn bosco. bosco have just recently expanded his acting horizons but i got to say ths bosco is a great actor as well. so i dont c why tvb is prefering kevin.

      3. I like Michael tse due to his acting first. He looks arrogant but he is a friendly guy. He is always nice to anyone request him to take pic, chat or else. Polite manner. There are Txb artists who only care for the fans they know and not nice to others. Glad that most of my fave artists dun belong to this group.

      4. couldn’t agree more. Just compare Michael’s Ah Yuet in Virtues of Harmony I & II with his Laughing and one can know how versatile he is as an actor.

      5. but kevin is always playing the same roles.. though i hve got to admit he looks good doing it.. hs law ba was the only one tht truly impress me..

      6. Im not a big fan of KC’s acting. I liked him more during his time of being villain in taiwanese series.

      7. Plus Michael has never cared too much about maintaining any kind of suave image in the roles that he took on, being the one himself to suggest buck-teeth and a droopy mouth for his roles in Legal Entanglement and Money-Maker Recipe respectively, and taking on effeminate and cross-dressing roles and the like — how many other first/second-lead actors have done the same? So pls don’t go bashing Michael’s versatality until you can list an even vaster variety of repertoire for your own idol.

      8. hmmm, I personally did not find ks bashing. ks was voicing out his/her view..ah come one, why so serious..

      9. Not serious but it’s a kind of opposite opinion.

      10. I have already mentioned that my.preference and support for bosco is of my own personal opinion.not meant to be contested.

        But good to know that there are many other MT and KC fans and supporters out there.

  6. Why did they treat both bosco and linda like that? I’m the fan of bosco will always support him.

    1. adrian, take the article with a grain of salt..Why so serious? haha..

      No use to beat around the bush..Bosco and Linda are not in the TBB line to “push up” this year or next year..However the points in the article above are messed up and originated from online rumors..:P

  7. I think the only true part of this is 3K indeed got more promotional clips aired. The 19 episodes is because both episode 19 and 20 will be aired on the last day.

    1. Wait I just got it. WI is forced to have 2 hour finale because NGEW took WI’s episode 5 slot to have NGEW’s 2 hour finale back then. NGEW has 21 episodes so it has to take WI’s timeslot. GJ2 can’t be blamed.

    2. I’m looking forward to watch GJ2. At least I’m sure I won’t put GJ2 down because the main actress is irritating which was the reason I put WI down after 3 episodes of irritating Linda, besides the cliche plot.

  8. Lol,
    Thanks for reminding everyone. According to tvb’s schedule on its website, Dangerous Protection will have 2 hour finale, taking up the 8:30 and 9:30 slots

  9. i personally find witness insecurity boring and can’t wait for it to end. but cutting it down by just one episode s pointless and will just mess up the tv schedule.

    1. I can’t even continue after 3 episodes. The script is bad and Linda’s acting is bad too.

      1. I think it’s better after that but I dun really buy Linda’s acting. However cant deny she looks good in this one. Just something in her is very dramatic and kind of funny to me whenever she acts.

      2. Things change, you’ve gotta give it another chance. Her acting doesn’t stay… I don’t know how to say it but it gets better mid series.

  10. Have the Olympics traditionally been a good time to air dramas? I’m wondering, since my uneducated guess is that if viewers are busy watching the sporting action, the usual drama programming may suffer in ratings.

    Also, since the Olympics are being held in London, the Opening Ceremony will take place on the morning of Saturday, July 28th in Hong Kong time, so I’m confused as to how Ghetto Justice 2 is supposed to benefit if it premieres on Friday, July 27th.

    1. London is 7h sooner than HK (summer time). The show will start at 7pm, means 2am in hk. No affection.

      1. There will be delayed telecast of the Olympics and also not all of the games can be shown simultaneously.

    2. Usually the Olympics season is not a good time to air drama as substantial viewership could be lost to the games.

      It was a suprising decision, as many (including Myolie)believed GJ2 will commence in September or October after the Olympics. Somehow TVB believe that GJ2 can compete with the Olmpics and secure good ratings.

      If GJ2 is shown earlier in place of WI (with WI coinciding with Olympics) these stories of favouratism will be much more convincing and these HK media will be screaming loudly how TVB is sacrificing Bosco for KC etc.

      GJ2 will be the last show for KC for the time being as there is no new TVB drama for him in the pipeline.

      1. Yeah, the HK media’s reasoning isn’t very convincing. I feel WI has the better time period. To me TVB’s scheduling move can be read as either (1) GJ2 is being sacrificed, or (2) TVB is confident about GJ2’s popularity and believes that it can garner good ratings despite competition with the Olympics.

  11. I like WI…has a bit of an Idol drama feel to it. it’ ashame TVB treat Linda and Bosco like that.

    1. Very much so. I burst out laughing whenever Linda’s song starts playing. Not that anything is wrong with idol dramas, or the song itself, but it is clearly not a conventional TVB drama.

      1. If you are talking about her pose when playing this cello, I think I can understand why you laughed. I laughed, too.

      2. Err..I’m the only one who like the song? I mean..the song by its own. Neutral for Linda’s voice.

      3. I like the song, but there was one part when linda was listening to a song in a very “lum” manner, I loled at that part.

      4. I like the song, not Linda’s singing. But the way she posed with cello is funny.

      5. I like the cello part, and the song itself is not bad but Linda’s singing totally spoils it for me. When her singing accompanied the scene, I skipped the whole scene, just could not stand her breathy singing.

      6. I like Linda’s voice when she sings. Not the best but it’s tolerable.

      7. Uhm, among top 5 fadans now, Linda’s singing only stays behind Myolie’s. But putting her in outside world, it cant be considered as a good voice and singing technique. She has long path to go if she still wanna sing.

      8. last month I heard Myolie live, is really a good voice, esp compare to Kenneth and Ruco who sung before her.

    2. I like WI because of Bosco(biased to the max :P)..but WI made me grow to appreciate Linda.

  12. WI is a really good series and the Ratings are doing really good as well, However i dont like how TVB is favoring Kevin, if kevin get TV king again its going to be boring, TVB should give opportunity to other people, besides Bosco should be getting more opportunities because Kevin has already won TV king many times.

    1. Forget TBB..Bosco need to seek more opportunities outside..

      After heading WI and Bread Tree, Bosco come back to TBB to be greeted by a drama which he will share with Michael Miu and Michael Tse..He’s now 30 something, cramming three first-liners in a TBB drama where he’s the most junior doesn’t smell good opportunity in my POV..TBB does not know how to use resources to full potential..(ah..but these 3 men will have fun among them to work together :P)…

      1. Maybe away from TVB? To rival stations? To China where the market is huge but the competition is even bigger?

        I like Bosco but I am afraid I won’t want to see more of him. He should consider going away to rival stations which have yet to prove themselves. TVB is currently a safe haven.

      2. Funn, we have the same ideals with different takes. I do not like TBB but I want to see more Bosco in non-TBB-production. I like him as an actor. TBB is a safe haven but the opportunities to be a highly accredited actor with remarkable characters is slow; good scripts are scarce and he cannot choose his scripts yet..and there is the long contract with TBB….

      3. There’s another factor that ticked me: the new drama will be a “medical drama”..Hand me some grenades, please..Damn you TBB…There are too many medical dramas lining up in line already! And damn with TBB’s oath to cultivate younger generation..(>_<)

      4. Medical dramas never get old. LEgal dramas as well. Why not a series on dog catchers eh? Anyway TVB is still stuck in Qing dynasty. So why do you think they will move on from medical dramas, etc?

      5. Once a year for a profession is acceptable..but the lineup so far: 仁心解碼2, On Call 36小時2 and lemme add this new “medical drama”… summed up to my disappointment..other than TBB surpressing Bosco under the veterans..>_<

      6. If they do 1 series on surgeons, 1 series on nurses, 1 series of A&E and all the these will get sequels so just imagine, we will get medical dramas every single year. And not to count the possible reboots.

        Then there’s police dramas. We have forensics, we have detectives, then SWAT, etc and again a sequel for each and possible reboots..

        Quite possible every night 7-8 is 1 medical drama, 8-9 police drama, 9-10 a Qing dynasty woman fighting for something drama and each of these slots will be replaced by another set of other similar dramas.

        This will never end/ Did you ask for grenades? Here, take 2. I just stock up.

      7. Being co-lead or sharing the lead or be second lead is nothing special in Txb. Unless the true biological sons, the other biological sons are like this. Dont feel strange at all.

        I blv rite now Txb is still safest place for Bosco. He isnt established in China or movie yet. His singing career is also up to nowhere. If he left Txb rite now, his opportunities shall be shared even more.

      8. Heh..I knew already, Bosco’s career development is pretty slow moving..He’s already 32..Nicholas Tse has got a HKFA by this must be hard to be an actor and to get the “audience fate” before they can be successful :(..

      9. Cant compare this way. Bosco started as TV actor and he isnt in many movies, nor having big movies. Nic started as a movie actor and he appeared in a number of big movie. Does Nic win any TV award? I know it’s more honor of a movie actor or Nic dun need TV award, but just think it this way :p. If Bosco wanna movie award, he still have to wait. Shaw stuffs at this moment wont go to anywhere.

        But I find the treatments to Bosco isnt that terrible. At least he has WI where he is the only male lead. Hmm, I think 620’s fave often have more of outside exposures while on series, they will have to share. Fair game?

      10. But among all the siu sangs, Bosco is the least promoted. He has the least first lead roles compared to the others. Even wooden Ron ron has more than him. LOL

      11. Rather say that he has slow promotion than less promotion because we can use MM as example for later leading role. But MM is really promoted very fast recently. Ron was promoted soon but stepped back now.

      12. Nicole,
        “But among all the siu sangs, Bosco is the least promoted.”

        I think Bosco was pegged as “sunshine boy” in the beginning of his TVB career, in which TVB may have set his career track in comedies, especially after the ratings success of “War of In-Laws.”

        Bosco’s looks may hinder his career the most, in which he looks too youthful to play professional roles. In addition, his off screen personality is so colorful, sometimes his personality may overshadow his onscreen performance. I see him acting in a role and naturally my mind shifts to his real life personality, thus he never truly embodies the character he plays. I am still very much aware that Bosco is acting.

        Also, he is still a bit shaking in heavy drama, such as “To Grow With Life.” This was the last role in which I felt he was given a truly acting challenge other than “Lives of Omission.”

        Dabbling in film and music also takes time away from his filming in TVB. Although his TVB career may look as if it is not progressing, he is doing very well financially. While Bosco enjoys acting, he seems to have other things he wishes to accomplish, as displayed by his business interests.

        In this sense, Bosco reminds me of Michael Miu, who while well loved by fans, may not always be the most convincing or best actor out there.

      13. My biased POV, I think he did very well in LOO, Racecourse and WI…and ILHK2012…

        Of course this can be an unpopular opinion hehe.

      14. Masaharu,
        Kenneth Ma seems to have surpassed Bosco Wong in becoming producers’ go-to man. That’s because Kenneth did not dabble in music or film, only focusing on TVB.

        I think Bosco is versatile and has enough social connections to do well outside of TVB. I don’t think he should wait his turn and hone his skills at TVB, waiting to be promoted to be the top siu sang. He can continue to maintain his presence at TVB, but fighting to win the Best Actor Award should not be his goal. This race for BA at TVB depends on fickle politics and takes too long anyway.

        I prefer if he continues to film in mainland and make films. Although the films he has filmed have been produced by Shaw Brothers; it would help to branch out as well.

      15. Personally, I like his brand of acting..particularly what he showed in FTL(yeah..that 2003 drama), DB, LOO, ILHK2012, Racecourse and WI…This can be due to my peculiar cup of tea, because I don’t go ga-ga over other TBB actors, besides Bowie whom I appreciate too. Oh, can also add Tony Leung and Dominic Lam.

      16. Honestly, Kenneth Ma is not my cup of tea so I won’t comment much(Personal taste matter, I know I’m taking an unpopular side) butI do analysis showed that he has good future in TBB.

      17. Nothing to ensure the future. MM can do singing and movie later on after official place a seat in Txb’s real biological son. Moses planned to be a singer but cancelled, MM might have the same treatment.

        Bosco, if at this moment he is only sticked at Shaw, it might be a shortcoming to him. Shaw productions are still not welcomed. Maybe he should try to convince East Media to cast him. China can be a good place to dig gold but not a good place to establish name. Too many competitors and Cantonese speakers wont never be treated as good as Mandarin speakers.

      18. Are you serious, Fox? MC planned to be a singer? He couldn’t really act well and planned to be a singer? And I don’t think MM can sing?

      19. Can sing or not isn’t really a matter to Txb :D. Moses had a plan like this, but luckily he gave up. Thank you Moses.

    1. True..sometimes i find Kevin to be rough, have angry looks, wooden when it comes to acting..Bosco more playful and natural..dont know why Kevin’s has gotten 2 best actor awards already..within the last 6 yrs??

      1. stmlw20,

        Because the award is given based on your relationship with TVB instead of your acting skill. Many people assume that when a person is famous in entertainment industry, it is because of his/her ability to act/sing. Well, that’s not true anymore. Those famous persons were from 20th century. Now, it’s based on how well you treat those who have power in TVB, such as Virginia Lok. You have to buy gifts for her, go to her birthday party, wash her shoe, and sometimes you even have to sleep with her. Treat her as your gf then you can get as many awards as you can!

  13. TVB politics can be boring and cause so many unwarranted rumours and speculations and perhaps even ill feeling among actors because of the alleged favoroutism of TVB on certain actors. That aside, the airing of the the Olympic Games at the same time with TVB series will surely affect the number of TVB viewers unless the Games are not popular with most of the media. As for TVB boosting Kevin over Bosco is just childish speculation. At this stage of his career I do not think Kevin needs that ‘special’ treatment any longer.

  14. Bosco has no need to worry… Myolie is still a #1 daughter and making the gravy.

    1. still A number one daughter? isn’t she THE number one daughter now?

  15. Oh HK Journalism :P..

    1. Mr producer has stated that the drama is planned for 20 episodes.

    2. There are 19 episodes because episode 19 = episode 19+20, due to WI was cancelled on 6 July to make way for another drama’s ending.

    3. Bosco did not attend the photo-shoot because he is in Shanghai and he has a filming schedule to fulfill.

    4. Bosco is not in HK at all during the airing of WI. He came back to HK a few days ago but rush out again out of HK. He only attended the first promotion before the airing date. Therefore all promotion and interviews need to be counted upon other cast.

    5. Err..isn’t there a time difference of 8 Hours between Olympics and HK?

    1. You’re right, I believe Episode 19 is theoretically the combination of episode 19 and 20… which means it IS a two hour finale.

      Also, it’s 7 hours (not that it makes any difference).

      1. It is confirmed to be a combination. I have seen the TBB Weekly scans.

    2. The Woman Above the Bread Tree

      Why, why China has such funny English titles? Why? WHY?!

      1. It’s the literal translation of the chinese title.

      2. The series will explain the title. China series now having Eng tit. Wait until the name is out.

      3. Hopefully it’s a temporary/working/unofficial title and there’ll be a better translation when the series comes out.

    3. 7h only because uk is using summer time. After Aug or Sep something it’ll be 8h again (winter time). Annoying, right. But it’s traditional. Hate how the sun is available at 10 pm.

    4. LOL that means this rumour is made up like hell

    5. Heh, it must have been a slow news day in HK. 🙂

  16. WI is such a good series n i can’t believe they going to cut it short 🙁 disappointed. I am looking forward to GJ2 but please don’t cut short WI.

    1. No cut. Still 19+20 in 19.

      If counting this way the rival 3K is also cut. Finale before King maker start and GJ2 lacks a day. It’ll have a 2 hours ending, too.

  17. Who cares for this WI series? I don’t feel like watching at all

    1. Btw viv, if you are skipping WI because of Linda, is really a pity, because Paul Chun and Ram Tseung have really large and prominent roles in this one. Linda does become more tolerable as the show goes on.

  18. Even if it is only 19 episodes, it still ends on Friday. It will be better if they didn’t cut all the good action and keep it as 20 episodes with 2 hours finales. I mean the rating is good.

  19. Confirmed. 3K will go from eps 11 to 14 this week and leave Friday for a full night of WI.

  20. I am tired of watch Linda!!! so didn’t watch WI… This year series after series has Linda in it! 3k isn’t that funny either [email protected]@

  21. Well I prefer Bosco over Kevin…why does everyone dislike Linda? She’s talented and pretty! 🙂

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