TVB Plans to Fire Coffee Lam After Sex Scandal

TVB actress Coffee Lam’s (林芊妤) public restroom sex scandal caused a stir in recent gossip headlines. Having a 30-minute tryst with heir Will Lam (林知譽) inside a mall restroom, Coffee was criticized for her loose and unethical behavior. TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), was pressed for comments regarding Coffee’s behavior at an earlier dinner event. Clearly displeased, Ms. Lok revealed TVB will likely terminate the 24-year-old’s management contract.

Coffee left for Mainland China soon after the scandalous tabloids surfaced, and will return to meet with TVB tomorrow. Ms. Lok announced, “We have spoken with the company, and have reached a consensus with the legal department. Everything will be discussed thoroughly with her tomorrow. Like I said before, an artiste’s personality and conduct are very important. This time, her situation is quite serious.”

Asked if this meant TVB has plans to fire Coffee, Ms. Lok stated, “We do have plans [to do so], but she will get a chance to explain tomorrow. However, it depends on whether or not TVB accepts her explanation.”

Ms. Lok added angrily that Coffee’s behavior is definitely problematic, “She never gave TVB a call after leaving Hong Kong. Our coworkers learned she is not in the city via news reports. All full-time contracted artistes must notify TVB if they are to leave Hong Kong, but she continuously defied what her contract states. She is not allowed to destroy her personal image or the company’s image.”

The TVB executive added that if Coffee experiences financial struggles, they will consider paying wages until the contract termination date.

When Coffee was asked to comment on TVB’s intentions to fire her, she responded, “I will try to find out from the company about tis decision. I don’t have any comments for now.”

Sources:; Ming Pao

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  1. good luck Coffee !! TVB suck dont worry about them!!

    1. Damn right! If not for this incident, I wouldn’t know her name. Tvb has done a terrible job in promoting her.

  2. it’s okay Coffee, you still have a bright future in the pornography business!

    1. Okay, somebody is using similar name as mine to give such a supportive comment. Hmmm.

      1. What? there can’t be more than one Lily?

        I agree with Lily, she’d do great in porn.

      2. Well…i did not say they cant be other lilies. Go on agreeing with comments as such, it reveals alot about your mentality.

    2. Doing porn nowadays is different than say…20 years ago? We probably consider porn (softcore obviously) in the old days classic, and porn actresses became famous as a result of being in porn business. Now if you’re in porn, you’re probably a nobody…it’s the sad truth. I hope she doesn’t turn to porn. (btw I HATE typing the word porn…)

      1. Porn? Would any of you guys would want to buy her porn CDs?

    3. I agree with Lily. Not the second Lily but the first and third Lily.


    4. You’re being really mean right now. What Coffee does in her personal life is none of your business. What she did was stupid but that doesn’t mean she deserves ridicule from strangers who doesn’t even know her true personality.

      1. Well by your logic then that means this entire site should cease to exist. The media’s sole existence is to report in on the lives of famous people. And apparently by your comment, it’s part of your business since you are informed and wanted to comment on it. Sadly, this didn’t go too well for Ms. Lam. She’s pretty much done. Back to the private sector for her.

  3. She should join HKTV if the opportunity arises!

  4. She should go into movies maybe she will have to do some sex comedy movies first but it’s ok

    1. Somewhat agree.. if u look into HK trend.. from soft porn –> ghost–> action comedy –> action/kung fu –> Stephen chow –> gangster –> Thirller / suspese –> now seems like porn comedy / vulgar comedy

  5. Contact Wong Jing or Wilson Chin for job opportunities.

    1. yes yes!! wong jin to her rescue ! ! make her the next chingmy yau or veronica yip!

  6. TVB is hypocritical. You know she has my sympathies. There were many fa dans who had sugar daddies but they were promoted heavily. Her problem was her indiscretion and that is due to her age. I feel she should be given a second chance. TVB needs new blood and they certainly need one who can be the sex bomb rather than virginise everyone so to speak.

    1. Funn,
      TVB wants their artistes to handle love lives more discretely. If the public doesn’t know, they may continue to carry on.

      If there were no video tape of Coffee’s restroom incident, perhaps her TVB career may be salvaged.

      TVB seems to promote a “healthy sexy image” among its younger female artistes, such as Samantha Ko, Christine Kuo, and other Miss Hong Kong participants, but discourages controversial personal lifestyles.

      1. Jayne,
        I realized you respond to Funn Lim’s post more often compared to other people.

      2. “but discourages controversial personal lifestyles.”

        Some fa dans were mistresses who sold themselves to pay off debts of others etc and I never see such response when it was open knowledge. Others have persistent rumours being 3rd parties in relationships. All this girl did, and rather stupidly was to have sex in a public toilet. It can be explained as passion, lust, rash or immoral conduct but hardly unethical or career killing. 620’s first response did not help.

      1. The Joseph Lau stable of mistresses/gfs reads like a who’s who.

    2. agree,she did nothing illegal and deserve a second chance,but i doubt if she would have been promoted even without this incident,because she is not pretty at all,she only has boobs.

      1. was it really illegal to have sex in a public restroom?

      2. Yes because it is a public area. If it is illegal to walk around naked in public, the restroom being a public area, so is having sex.

      3. Also illegal would be one of them was actually in the bathroom for the opposite sex.

      4. no,if it was illegal,then why didnt the police charge them?

      5. It’s not illegal if she wasn’t moaning so much. Nobody file charges and the policemen were very busy with cheesecake. LOL! 😀

      6. BTW, she’s not bad looking and with those headlights flashing all the time they’re sure to attract baby men. LOL! 😀

      7. The police would have arrest them if they were right there catching them in the act. At best it would be a misdemeanor charge.

        Since they weren’t there and no one had filed a complaint or charge, there were no arrest.

      8. Moreover it is trivial so why waste taxpayers’ money?

      9. Coffee and the rich douchebag can afford it. Rich people don’t like to follow rule and same in this case. LOL! 😀

      10. “why waste taxpayers’ money?”

        Because taxpayers don’t want the inconvenience of public restrooms/places being hogged for so long by unintended/inappropriate activity.

        In the future, just call the police. Better to run out to grab the first cop spotted to decrease wait time. And, watch them get arrested.

    3. Is nothing different than a normal company firing 2 members of staff for having sec in the company loo. Obviously it is unacceptable behaviour. TVB is doing what is the norm. Forgiving her in this instance will only make the public question TVBs judgement, or in fact imply they are condoning this behaviour.

  7. I wish I can sleep with Coffee.

    Moderator, Cathay Pacific

    1. She has a boyfriend who abandoned her. You could take her to another gathering spot. C0ckpit area.

  8. What Coffee did was very stupid but everyone deserves second chances…

    Look at Sire Ma she was caught lying about being a lesbian & had ranted early on that she’s not & that she never kissed her, said the reports were made up trying to ruin her image… Only to get exposed as a liar. She only admitted after lots of photos were out on the news! Even then tvb forgived her!

    Yet Coffee Lam who admitted her mistakes pretty early on the scandal gets no redemption… I think firing her would be too much…

    I know the cases are pretty different but I’m just saying second chances don’t always turn out bad

    1. That because Sire Ma hook up a TVB executive to push her career forward back then. Coffee did not… unless she tries to gather higher management to the disable bathroom and making loud noises.

    2. What she did is not much difference from the many roles she played on tv. So it’s no big deal for her.

      She probably will get her second chance. TVB will not do anything drastic with her because it’s a waste of time and time is money. She’s still have some use to TVB. She should put on her listening ears from now on. LOL! 😀

    3. This is TVB here, so why are any of us shocked? But then again it is not only TVB. People play favorites, some are luckier than others,are treated better, some get away with things while some do not,etc…. That is life and life is just not fair.

      1. Too true HTS. TVB play favourites, people play favourites. It’s just life…

    4. LOL! “Caught lying about being a lesbian.”

      I like how you say CAUGHT LYING. As if that’s even crime or immoral to want to keep your sex life private from the public. Sire Ma tried her best to keep her sex life from the public; Coffee LITERALLY did not keep her sex life from the public. Regardless she deserves another chance and she’ll get it from some company if not TVB.

  9. Tvb is over for her. She should go work in mainland china.

    1. What makes you think Mainland China will want her? It’s not like she’s popular or a great actress.

  10. hi there

    1. if she is into porn.
    2. so so figure.
    3. honest, not hot enough.

    1. Well, you think Selena is hot don’t you? Coffee’s younger and has bigger boobs than Selena.

  11. One word: Pornography
    Will change your life, Coffee

  12. Seriously would u want to watch her on tvb anyways? I’m not interested at all. She’s not pretty… She can’t act at all and a horrible liar!!! All she can do is use her career line in a drama lol. Even if tvb give her a second chance, she will never be a supporting actress and definitely never a lead actress.

  13. She is hot and who cares! Probably the only hot chick on this damn island.

      1. Yes. Look at Lin Chiling. She become an A-lister even she is flower-pot.
        Scandalous and loud us the way to go.

        Coffee should study Lin Chiling career path and imitate her.

      2. @Joyce – Lin Chi Ling is a very tactful and intelligent woman who also has the body to match her other enviable traits. That’s why she’s famous. Not ONLY due to her physical assets.

      3. Lin Chi Ling apparently has the backings and connections through her mother’s network. her mother is apparently an influential woman in the politics. that was what the tour guide said when i was in taiwan for holidays. of course i won’t know whether this is true or not, but this is an indication of how the locals see her. that said, i’m not sure if coffee can copy that

      4. Comparing Coffee to LC is an insult to LC. Coffee’s resume is having sex in a sh1t hole. Stupidity doesn’t sell. LOL! 😀

      5. Comparing Coffee to LC is an insult to LC. Coffee’s resume is having sex in a sh1t h@le. Stupidity doesn’t sell. LOL! 😀

      6. Comparing Coffee to LC is an insult to LC. Coffee’s resume is having sex in the toilet Stupidity doesn’t sell. LOL! 😀

  14. I think she should try to stand up and face the music.
    Yes, it might be scary and the world of HK may judge harshly; but at least people can’t call her a coward for running away.
    You can’t undo this kind of mess… you may as well ‘roll with it’….

    Alternatively, go get a makeover in Korea and change your English name = start over 😛

    1. Yes and it is like the saying, one wrong move and you lose the whole chess match.

  15. Use your break to think of a better english name 🙂 It’s never to Latte, hehe….

  16. Use your break to think of a better english name 🙂 It’s never too Latte, hehe….

    1. Who knows, maybe she will cash in and marry some filthy rich humsup loh like Veronica Yip.

  17. Just curious wondering how many men could be bidding to become her sugar daddy now. She is not ugly, young, nice boobs, daring (from the sex news) and maybe not too smart (also assumption from the sex news) so maybe there is high demand for her now since she got famous overnight. Then she wouldn’t need to give a damn to what people are saying. People are too busy to remember for long. It will be soon forgotten.

    1. Yupz, I was thinking the exact same.

      Though this Coffee person is no outstanding looker … I don’t think she will lack for other influential men knocking on her door, now that they realise her potential.

      Some rich men may even find her short clip with sound effects a huge turn-on. These men are desensitized, because they can have whoever they want. Whatever gives them new kicks – be it doing the forbidden in a public washroom or whatever, it brings on the novelty of high.

  18. She should do porn with Edison, they will make tons of money. Just make sure she shaves her armpit & beef curtain hair.

  19. She will probably end up doing soft porn like Veronica Yip and end up marrying a rich homsup loh and live ever after just like Veronica. She has a bright future ahead of her at least doing porn will be much easier than series. Just spread and make sound.

  20. Why didn’t Coffee and Will just offer to pay off the paparazzi? Saw the video on Youtube – there was only the cameraman and ‘reporter’ at the scene to begin with. Will & Coffee could’ve just composed themselves and offered to buy those 30minutes of film… would’ve saved them both a lot of mess!!!!

    1. You kidding right? That rich douchebag is too cheap to even book a hotel room and chose to do it for free in a public toilet!

    2. Because paying paps could also ruin her image.

      Imagine if one of them decided not to accept and THEN send out an incriminating footage of her bribing them AND her culpable tape.

      1. Her image is already ruin and paying the paps would be admitting to wrong doing. The girl is an air head. LOL! 😀

      2. It’s not incriminating to buy footage…

        It’s only incriminating for the paparazzi to extort money.

    3. Bribing paparazzi will only encourage them to chase after celebrities (especially those who pay them $$$$) even more.

  21. Hong Kong and Hong Kong People need to grow up. Amazing Prudes.

    1. I agree. What is the big deal here? Get over it already. Yes, they had sex in a public bathroom and yes, they should not have done it in a public bathroom. However, I do not think that it is justification for TVB to fire her. If TVB is willing to give AMIGO Chui a second chance after he physically abused his girlfriend, which in my opinion is much much worse than two consensual adults having sex and getting caught. Also, TVB also forgave Joe Ma and Benny Chan for sexually assaulting Rose Chan. Sexist much??

      1. Haven’t you heard, TVB actresses are a dime for a few dozens. There will always be other hoes in the horizon to replace the undesirable.

      2. Both of Joe Ma and Benny Chan are not TVB artists at the moment of the scandal.

        As for Amigo, he has been frozen for a long while. You should take Him Law as example because it is a way clearer example of second chance or even third chance. But in here, there is person who said that Him Law only wanted to stop his girl friend by beaten her, hence the favourism is played everywhere. Coffee is not famous enough for Txb to save her or give her a second chance.

    2. @What?

      I could not have said it better. A thousand thumbs up. Stupid, fairy tale backward prudes. When people can’t even say or write the word sex says a lot about a culture, so sad.

    3. Because HK people think someone having sex in a public handicap bathroom in a mall is a prude??? Most readers here need to remember that TVB image is more of a family friendly type of station. To put this into perspective, if a currently contracted Disney actress did this, she would be immediately fired. Those other comments about other actress and actors being mistresses or have other scandals, they are probably lots of rumors and not enough evidence to really justify the scandals the Papz write. There is a video of this Coffee incident and she apologize meaning she admit to it, therefore TVB should fire her. If she can’t control herself as an unknown, then she can’t control it when she is famous.

  22. I think you great,TVB(suck).Tvb programs
    is so bad the four womens run it should get fired.They make a mistake to fired Coffee Lam.Let HKTV run it

  23. who the heck name their child “Coffee”? smh

    1. She probably named herself? haha Most HK women not only celebs like giving themselves weird names.
      I have a distant cousin who’s name was CARRIE or something and she insisted everyone calling her CAT?????????? or naming themselves SAM when she is a girl? Weird much? YES haha lol..

      Anyway, I saw the video on utube and when she came back, i think she uttered “S..T”???
      Did anyone hear this or is it just me? I mean she probably really is a bit sl_tty to have done this and in a public restroom? sigh… sympathetic that sucky TVB is like this but she also brought upon herself.

      1. Cat and Sam aren’t weird names, really. Cat is used when a girl prefers a less feminine form of Catherine, as opposed to Cathy. It’s kind of the same deal with Sam for Samantha.

      2. Cat,and Sam are are actually just shorten form of Catherine and Samantha, so they are actually normal names.

      3. You can tell a lot people writing on this board can write English but do not have an English background so there really isn’t a sense of the culture per se.

    2. Many artists pick their English names themselves. I actually had a classmate named Happy which really shocked me. I had another classmate named Gassy!, I was even more shocked.

  24. I’ve seen her nose a couple time before from HK actresses. One example is the main actress from sealed with a kiss.

  25. I think if TVB sacks her, she can still let other rich kids screw her for free and bear a children for them later.

  26. TVB, please fire her. At least there’s a glimmer of hope that we will get to see her nipples in some CAT III film rather that the teasing that se gave us in TITS2

  27. she has a bright future in porn and will probably end up like yammie lam. haha

    1. Uncalled for. Make jokes but please refrain from targeting those with mental illness. You need read up on mental illness and it’s challenges before you toss your daggers.

  28. Coffee may be a household name if she is selected to star the following movie series. One is the Sex and Zen series. This movie can be titled “Sex and Zen – Ecstasy in Forbidden Places”. The other movie series is called Jin Pin Mei-The Forbidden Legend Sex and Chopsticks. This movie can be called The Forbidden Legend Sex and the Missing Lipstick.

  29. I just watched the video of the scandal. The look on her face as she opens the door and sees reporters is hilarious.

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