TVB Promotes Upcoming Dramas in 2015 Calendar

TVB has unveiled the posters for its upcoming 2015 calendar. Unlike previous years, in which TVB would round up some of its most popular artistes to pose in themed background settings, the station decided to modify the format and promote upcoming dramas instead.

The calendar photoshoots, designed to resemble official movie posters, gained a lot of interest online, creating additional noise and hype for TVB’s 2015 drama line-up.

January 2015 – Young Charioteers <衝線>
Featuring Sisley Choi, Him Law, Lin Xiawei

TVB Calendar 2015 february

February 2015 – Come Home Love <愛·回家>
Featuring Lai Lok Yi, Joey Law, Tsui Wing, Lau Dan, Yvonne Lam, Florence Kwok, Kenny Wong

TVB Calendar 2015 march

March 2015 – Rogue Emperor <流氓皇帝>
Featuring Benjamin Yuen, Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Brian Tse

TVB Calendar 2015 april

April 2015 – Madam Cutie On Duty <師奶Madam >
Featuring Edwin Siu, Priscilla Wong, Raymond Cho, Mandy Wong

TVB Calendar 2015 may

May 2015 – Smooth Talker <以和為貴>
Featuring Kate Tsui, Elena Kong, Joe Ma, Johnson Lee

TVB Calendar 2015 june

June 2015 – Limelight Years <華麗轉身>
Featuring Alex Fong Lik Sun, Damian Lau, Liza Wang, Linda Chung

TVB Calendar 2015 july

July 2015 – Eye in the Sky <天眼>
Featuring Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Kevin Cheng

TVB Calendar 2015 august

August 2015 – Under the Veil <無雙譜>
Featuring Sonija Kwok, Kristal Tin, Wayne Lai, Bosco Wong, Eliza Sam

TVB Calendar 2015 sept

September 2015 – With or Without You <東坡家事>
Featuring Vincent Wong, Joey Meng, Bobby Au-yeung, Alice Chan, Jacqueline Wong

TVB Calendar 2015 oct

October 2015 – Captain of Destiny <張保仔>
Featuring Tony Hung, Ruco Chan, Grace Chan

TVB Calendar 2015 nov

November 2015 – Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>
Featuring Anthony Wong, Kent Tong, Wayne Lai, Helen Ma, Louisa So, Ngo Ka Nin, Ron Ng, Alice Chan, Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Jade Leung, Natalie Tong, Eddie Kwan, Lau Kong

TVB Calendar 2015 dec

December 2015 – Ghost of Relativity <鬼同你OT>
Featuring Kristal Tin, Moses Chan, Nancy Wu


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  1. Hmmm alot of series seems to be interesting for 2015 except the one with Sisley Choi not a fan of Him law as well

    1. agree, don’t know how she won the pageant. she’s not attractive or charismatic.

    2. When will people aim for more than just the cast? There is way more any series rather than just the cast. I am disappointed that TVb has seem to lose the power and resources to make a good/ decent wuxia series.

    3. yeah me too..not looking forward to that drama as well…does not look attractive at all 🙁

  2. The dramas next year looks horrible! Can’t even choose which one I want to watch. Maybe just July for Ruco, Tavia and Kevin. That’s about it!

    1. The only one I am interested in is the one with Tavia. Glad that is it Tavia with Ruco, giving them another chance after the Other Truth.

      1. Yeah but Tavia’s role seems plain and stupid- she looks horrible in it 🙁 I prefer her original role as the cool assassin. Plus Ruco is the villain so obviously he doesn’t end up with Tavia again…

  3. all these shows are about completely different things but tvb has to change their style and the way they tell stories…its just all the same, not creative enough, lame dialogue, poor cheap sets…same crap all the time

  4. wow the come home love one makes me a bit sad because I watched the series mostly for Alex & John, but now that Queenie is gone…

    1. Totally agreed! all thru the series now ,600+ eps, I’ve been always looking forward for them to be together!

  5. Everything looks boring except Eye in the Sky and Lord of Shanghai.

    1. Wasn’t taken by John and Alex at first but later, thought that they were a good pair. The other good pair which hopefully they can develop meaningfully and not take away is Richard & Xia Jie but both were not in the picture. Know that the rest: the father, aunt, big brother, sis-in-law …form the background but they are so boring. Why are they still there if TVB wants to take away people. Glad Zini is no longer there though. She gives me creeps. Don’t know what these sitcom shows are for. They build up a relationship, then break them. Is life like that? If not, then the show which is supposed to reflect on life is meaningless and directionless.

      A good series turn to dust, the goose that lay the golden eggs killed, so sad especially when it happens after 500 – 600 episodes, waste all our time following up this series.

    1. She is on the cover (together with about 25 other artists) which is not shown here.

  6. I’d rather they do a theme than promos. Some people get to appear multiple times in the calendar, even when they’re not the biggest stars. We already see drama promos anyway.

    1. i agree! wish they would stick to themes now they’re just using posters for calendar…..

      1. Yes so it’s Wayne, Ruco, Kristal and Mandy appear twice. Not Ruco having the most like someone above claimed.

  7. lol tony hung looks so epic in cheung po tsai poster,but still i dont have much expectations from him,miscast of the year.

    1. No! I think it looks really good as well! I am pretty excited for a few of these dramas.

      I’m going to miss seeing my Raymond Lam this upcoming year =/

      1. haha oh good! i am looking forward to next year dramas too!

  8. I’m looking foward to Ghost of Relativity, the poster reminds me of korean type dramas, and I like who’s starring in it, hope it does turn out well!

  9. Young Charioteers looks very boring to me…the Lord of Shanghai poster is really cool!
    But the one I am definitely watching is Under the Veil.

  10. waaaaait, all these promos are real dramas?!?!

    Heh, my dad was like to me, “if you were a long time old tvb biggest fan that went on hiatus for years, coming back to look at these, you be saying to yourself…..who the hell are all these people? I don’t even know half of these people here on tvb now!”

    Btw, Nancy looks very pretty! Tavia look pretty pointless with just her face! Prob save heaps on wardrobe! And wth happen to myolie?!?! Why such a small photo?!

  11. The biggest eyesore is seeing Moses with that awful uncle perm looking like a cabbage sitting on top of his head. Next is horsey faced Joe Ma trying too hard to look like a cool gangster.

    1. i totally agree. like joe ma? what the heck? how can an old actor like HIM try to pair up as a couple with Kate Tsui? He’s trying too hard to look young… first he pairs with Linda, then now he wants to be with Kate. Oh my god, match up with somebody more of your age!!! Old perverted man…

      1. Are you serious? Most TVB dramas has older guy and younger girl pairing. If you said Joe is old then how about Bobby Au Yeung who is much older pairing with Joey Meng. You just dislike Joe Ma.

      2. Joey and Bobby’s age difference is 10 yrs. Nothing worse than Lawrence and kate pairing IMO.

  12. Does anyone notice that Ron Ng and Myolie Wu has a very small part on the poster of Lord of Shanghai? if you don’t look closely you won’t even notice that they’re there.

    1. Except for the three male leads, everyone is small not just Ron and Moylie.

  13. Lin Xia Wei looks really awkward!

    I like Feb, March, Nov and Dec. Nancy looks stunning and cheeky at the same time. She’s one underrated talent and TVB really should promote her more.

    I’m not a Tavia hater, but why TVB calendar always managed to make Tavia look bad.

  14. I see that tvb has finally dropped that stupid title of the kenneth drama from “adventures of zoo” to “rogue emperor”. The new title makes more sense. The COD poster looks interesting with Ruco looking very regal and majestic.

    1. But ‘The Misadventure of Zoo’ is the english title of the original series starring Adam Cheng.

      1. That’s a really stoopid English title. Glad that the new one makes more sense.

      2. I think most of them havent watched the original series to know why its name is ‘The Misadventure of Zoo’. I think the original name is very creative with the word trick. It likes well with the content and suitable for a comedy. The new name, absolutely make no link to the content.

      3. The KM drama is a comedy? I thought I saw a snippet of the original drama long ago on some program and it was kinda sad (parting scene between Louise Lee and Adam Cheng? Hope I didn’t confuse this with another drama). The new title is a literal translation. Nothing wrong with it.

  15. I happen to like the 2015 calendar. The past few years their themed calendars have been photoshopped so badly. At least next year’s look presentable.
    However some stars appear twice like Mandy Wong, Kristal Tin and Ruco Chan.

  16. i really doubt that grace chan will do well in her first drama. don’t know why they don’t wait till she has another year of experience to promote her to lead.

  17. so happy to see Ruco in the middle for Captain of Destiny 張保仔

    1. Yeah but it’s such a pointless drama with stupid rubbish “actors and actresses” aside from Ruco…

      I hate how tvb is randomly putting new miss hks in big roles. All the current actresses and actors e.g. Ruco, Tavia, etc work from small roles to big roles. These newbies don’t deserve all these leading roles 🙁

      1. yup, i agree that the ms hks should start with small roles. Not looking forward to seeing Grace in the COD drama. Wish TVB would give Ruco better co-stars and not get him to babysit so often. It’s so unfair for him. However i think COD is going to be quite an interesting drama with modern day Ruco acting as an assassin and the Qing dynasty Ruco as his ancestor. So Ruco will play 2 roles. That’ll challenge his acting skills which is something to look forward to.

  18. July, August and November. Woohooo!!!

    So is Ruco the lead in Captian of Destiny now? They’re really promoting Him huh? Is Priscilla playing a madam/cop role? Eeeek!! I thought Vincent has a lead series… i figure Bobby is the lead in With/out You.

    1. That Charioteers series look boring and lame. Him as the lead? No no no. Why is LXW in the calendar but not the second lead Sammy Sum? Why is Him and Sisley’s lead series got featured in the calendar but not the series where Vincent and Selena is the lead? Double standard!

      1. So what? Niki is the first female lead in the Rogue series but do you see her?

      2. Niki is not TVB managed. But Sammy, Vincent, Selena are all TVB managed.

      3. That’s why it’s unfair. Him isn’t even TVB managed but got overly promoted, but not Vincent or Sammy who are better than him.

      4. I know that’s why just commenting on the unfairness again of the calendar.

  19. Very smart of TVB to do this from a financial perspective. They are killing two birds with one stone.

  20. Like Ruco in Eye in the Sky (subtle evil eye and smile) and in Captain of Destiny (so extravagant, powerful and handsome… He should be the lead). Eager to own this calendar.

  21. Where and what is the price can I buy TVB calendar in Hong Kong?

    1. Yes, i am keen too!! Pls advise on how we can own a copy of the calendar. I will be in HK 2 weeks from now, any chance of bringing it back?

  22. Design wise they look pretty nice. Glad that Ruco ones are not bad. btw where are those police dramas? No more something-2 or andundercovers for this year?

  23. TVB is cheap this year. But I’m happy with the positions of Ruco in both EITS and COD.

  24. Can’t wait to watch Ruco’s dramas.
    @Toby: I am very happy with his position as well. Glad that he did not withdraw from COD as many people suggested.

    1. I’m happy that he’s in the middle of COD and not the other two he’s currently babysitting and teaching. Grace and Tony are so lucky to be able to learn acting from Ruco.

    2. Agree. Tbb finally did the right thing this time. Grace said she’s grateful for
      Ruco’s teaching.

      1. Grace was practically drooling all over Ruco. Of cos she’s having a good time. How many girls have such good fortune as her to land the lead role even without a proven track record and get to co-star with TVB’s hottest siu sang?

      2. “How many girls have such good fortune as her to land the lead role even without a proven track record”

        Kenix Kwok.

      3. How many girls have such good fortune as her to land the lead role even without a proven track record and get to co-star with TVB’s hottest siu sang?

        Michelle Ye, Sonija Kwok, Linda Chung, and so on. The list is quite long.

      4. I agree. Grace is so lucky to get Ruco to teach her at the beginning of her career. I’m not surprised Grace is grateful for Ruco’s teaching since what more can she ask? Ruco is the hottest TVB actor now and with one of the top hreatest acting!

      5. “How many girls have such good fortune as her to land the lead role even without a proven track record”
        Sheren Tang, Michelle Reis just to name two of many

      6. “How many girls have such good fortune as her to land the lead role even without a proven track record”

        One more. Kiki Sheung. She got lead role right out of acting class.

      7. Just wow! You peeps seem very well versed with HK showbiz. Not sure how many of these you mentioned really land big roles from the start but i know Linda didn’t get lead roles as fast as Grace. She was in many supporting roles before getting lead roles unlike Grace.

      8. Linda Chung:

        – First role: Virtues of Harmony II
        – Second role: Always Ready – leading after Charmaine in female side
        – Third role: The Biter Bitten – co-lead

        So only Virtues of Harmony II can be considered as a supporting role for her, but for the episodes she was in, she appeared a lot. Starting from the second and third series, she stepped to lead status.

        Grace isnt the fastest or the only one.

      9. According to Wiki, Linda got second lead role in 2006 in Biter Bitten. That’s her fifth drama since debut. Grace got her first lead role only after Over Achievers. Who’s faster?

      10. Dont trust wiki but the series itself. Linda and Shirley co-lead in it and it was her third series, not the fifth.

      11. I’m not the expert like you so Wiki is my source. Doesn’t change the fact that Grace has the super fast track to first lead, faster than Linda. According to you, Linda was co lead in her third drama which happened 2 years after her debut whereas Grace got first lead barely one year after her Ms HK win and in her second drama.

      12. In her second series, Always Ready, her role is only after Charmaine – the most promoted actress of that moment. And Bitter Bitten was after one years since her contract with TVB, not two. The date the series is filmed is different to the date the series is released.

        Grace, are you sure that she will lead over all in that pirate series? I mean even its trailer hasnt been released. The calendar is merely a calendar. You can see that some series like Smooth talker looks nothing similar to the real outfit in the actual series, therefore Grace might not the first lead in that pirate series overall.

        Talking like that, Eliza and Tracy Chu are faster promoted. Eliza is first lead in first series.

      13. Whatever it is, it’s undeniable Grace’s career is super duper fast. From the character intro and poster Grace leads over the other female costars. It’s pretty obvious.

      14. Eliza is also super fast track but she wasn’t lead in her first series. I remember her in Ghetto Justice 2 in a small role.

      15. Good for her although it doesnt change the fact that she isnt the only girl who has lead roles in the first roles of career. Hope she wont reprise the history of providing terrible acting like her descendants.

      16. Sheren Tang got a lead role straight out of TVB acting class partnering Alex Man

      17. Agreed with anon. Linda path to leading role is not as fast as Grace. Linda’s debut drama was just a sitcom while Grace was put in anniversary drama (overachievers). Then Grace climbs immediately to the first lead while Linda was co-second-lead with Shirley(after Charmaine) and kept being either co lead or second lead in several dramas after that such as Forensic Heroes, Biter Bitten… Only biased people wouldn’t be able to accept the obvious answer that Grace is crazily promoted by Tvb

    3. I think he should’ve withdrawn- he should be cast in better roles, better dramas… Not only does he have to shave his hair, he has to deal with annoying bad acting from newbies and paired with that annoying girl… Plus he’s forced to work in terrible working conditions 🙁 At least he’s sort of lead?

      1. haha, i agree, that girl is annoying. Plus his beautiful thick hair was sacrificed. Hopefully the sacrifices will all be worth it.

      2. @ Natalie – From your point of view, you are right but as an actor, he can’t just withdraw from a drama due to newbie co-stars. I don’t want Ruco to be criticized like Moses Chan when he withdrew from Brother’s Keeper to work with Wayne Lai and BK was great without Moses. Ruco is a versatile and professional actor, therefore, shaving his hair, dealing with annoying newbies co-stars, terrible working conditions would not be a problem 🙂

      3. ‘Captain of Destiny’ is a big production. Why should Ruco withdraw from a big production where he is the lead?

      4. @Kidd At first most of us aren’t sure if Ruco is the lead since the title is based on Tony’s character and it looked like Ruco was just there to help promoting Grace and Tony, but now the poster confirms his position. Thank god.

      1. Do you mean Ruco Chan is a terrible actor? You must be kidding. What a pity!

      2. You don’t know what you are talking about or you are just a blind hater.

    4. Charmaine got promoted fairly fast as well, She was the second female lead in Time Off and then became first female lead in her second drama, Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain. Although she did get criticized for her acting in the early stages, look at her now TVB big sister! Sorry don’t know if this post was relevant or not, but love Charmainee lol

  25. Where Michael Miu aka 3 gor, Raymond lam and Charmaine the line walker peeps, their officially done with TVB I assume… Is Myolie and Ron down promoted to “Kei Lai Fai” … Tavia looks lost.. Where Roger Kwok, Chilam, Benz Hui and much of the popular actor from last year?!? Omfg this idea seriously is stupid many people are missing. Doesn’t make any sense at all what an insult to many actors and actress.

    1. Charmaine only signed 2 yr contract with TVBC (China) and will only be filming 1 TVB series per year.

      I think she haven’t agreed on filming series for 2015 (to date) and since her contract will be expiring by then, TVB most likely will focus on their existing contracted artistes.

      1. I think it was also why Myolie has a very small place in the Hero something poster. She announced her intention to leave right now.

      2. But Charmaine and Myolie have a big part in the front cover. Linda, Tavia and Kate weren’t even there

      3. It seems like many but some of them actually still have contact with TVB but just focus somewhere else ie. Kevin, Bosco, Myolie. It’s good actually because it makes TVB has no choice but to promote the second line artistes like Selena, Vincent, Nancy to leads.

      4. I believe that they should promote those more mature actors instead of the newcomers. I think that they could actually let Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee be the lead instead. The newcomers need more experience in my opinion.

      5. I think they should promote more mature actors instead of the newcomers. The newcomers need more experience in my opinion. I think that they should let actors like Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong and Johnson Lee take on the lead roles.
        As for Selena maybe Kenneth requested for it. Haha.

      6. Posted two same comment I thought the first comment was not posted due to some loading error so I posted another one. Haha.

  26. I think they should star Kenneth and Raymond Cho together in a drama as lead actors. I think it would be nice if they both lead the drama. Maybe together with Roger and Johnson Lee would be nice too.

  27. TVB is being lazyyyy! I prefer themes…where’s Charmaine?

  28. Love the July and October ones. Ruco looks amazing especially in the (Cheung Po Tsai) Captain of Destiny poster. He looks very haughty mighty and imposing with an air of royalty and authority. I’m now actually looking forward to this drama after seeing this poster. And yayyy, he’s in the centre which means he’s the lead.

    1. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! He ought to be the lead. It’s ridiculous if Tony leads over him.

  29. You would have to argue that they are promoting the shows instead of the stars because tvb no longer has many stars of note. How else do you explain why such raw and untalented artists get placed into lead roles.

    Until the tv monopoly is broken and tvb is challenged, they will not be able to arrest their steady decline

  30. I love this new concept for the calender. All the posters look great. My favourite are the ‘Smooth Talker’ poster and the ‘Captain of Destiny’.

    Looking at the poster of ‘With or Without You’, I think Jacqueline Wong will be playing Su Xiao Mei in the series. Good casting choice. She’s the smart one in the 2012 Miss HK Pageant.

  31. If there’s any doubt, look at Captain Of Destiny poster; Ruco IS the lead. Yeah? Yeap!

  32. OMG! Ruco is to-die-for gorgeous in the October calendar! Just look at the expression on his face! So regal and majestic! He definitely suits this role. The July Sky Eye calendar has a futuristic feel to it. Looking forward to both dramas.

    1. I think Raymond Wong is sick when they are taking the pictures.

  33. Happy to see Kevin back! Too bad Ruco is appearing in the same drama.

  34. Quite nice retouched pictures, although some looks misleading to the actual content of the series (as announced). Smooth talker looks the best and it seems to be the only series I will give a try next year.

  35. ‘No Reserve’ was so hyped up last year, why is it not in the calendar? Is TVB going to warehouse it? I was looking forward to the series. Or is the series going to be aired end of this year?

    1. Kidd,
      Perhaps there is some truth behind the rumors as to why “No Reserve” has been put on back burner. Perhaps the rape scenes were sensitive and the station is interested in immediately boosting ratings due to end of year. I don’t think local audiences will favor the WWII drama, in which too many series have carried similar themes.

      1. Jayne,

        You could be right. But, it is a pity. The series look interesting.

        Maybe if Sire Ma got favourable reception for her role in the Ann Hui’s movie, TVB will air this series.

    2. Wasn’t the director or someone from No Reserve has a court case active and that’s why they postponed the series? I’m not that keen because Wayne looks like what he is in NR.

  36. I would have liked the ancient comedy starring Ron, Myolie, and Him to be on the calender.

    Tvb is just trying to save money here photoshoping instead of spending all that money on costumes and props. Scheduling is the hardest part of it all.

  37. next year’s line-up looks weak in terms of star brand power and action dramas. there’s no more Raymond and Charmaine is absent.

    the only dramas that slightly appeal to me are Madam Cutie on Duty and Eye in the Sky but not familiar with any of the actors.

    1. It’s time you get familiar with Ruco. He is simply adorable and fantastic.

  38. WOW! October d best!!!!!!!!!!! Move over Wayne Lai its Ruco Chan taking over yayyyyyyyyyy

  39. Nothing really seems interesting next year.. I hope I am wrong though. I wish they would have some fun shows. Missing a lot of starpower at TVB.

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