TVB Releases 2016 Calendar and Teases Upcoming Dramas

TVB has finally unveiled the posters for the highly-anticipated 2016 calendar. Like last year, the calendar introduces the upcoming TVB drama line-up for 2016. It also features the artistes who will be covering the Rio 2016 Olympics next summer.

2016 TVB Calendar cover

2016 TVB Calendar cover
Features Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Vincent Wong, Joey Meng, Mandy Wong, Jaqueline Wong, Jason Chan, Ben Wong, Maggie Shiu, Michelle Yim, Nancy Sit, Lau Dan, Kenny Wong, Elaine Yiu, Alice Chan, Louis Cheung, 2015 Miss Hong Kong Louisa Mak, runner-up Ada Pong, and 2nd runner-up Karmen Kwok.

TVB Calendar January 2016

January 2016 — Fashion War <潮流教主>
A comedy-drama about Hong Kong’s fashion industry. The poster features Moses Chan, Him Law, Sisley Choi, Vivien Yeo, Veronica Shiu, Becky Lee, Ali Lee, Jeannie Chan, Roxanne Tong, Koni Lui, Jacquelin Ch’ng, Lisa Ch’ng, Whitney Hui, and Jennifer Shum.

TVB Calendar February 2016

February 2016 — Come Home Love <愛·回家>
A spin-off of the original sitcom that aired from 2012 to 2015. The spin-off will air until March 2016. The poster features Owen Cheung, Katy Kung, Lai Lok-yi, Max Cheung, Mak Cheung-ching, James Ng, Quinn Ho, Helen Ma, Geoffrey Wong, and Li Fung.

TVB Calendar March 2016

March 2016 — Blue Veins <殭>
A fantasy drama about vampires and a sacred human species. It was previously featured in TVB’s 2015 calendar. The poster features Kevin Cheng, Kay Tse, Grace Chan, and Joel Chan.

TVB Calendar April 2016

April 2016 — Short End of the Stick <公公出宮>
A comedy drama about exempted palace eunuchs who struggle to live a normal lifestyle. The poster features Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu, John Chiang, Edwin Siu, Rosina Lam, Natalie Tong, Raymond Cho, Jack Wu, Power Chan, Toby Chan, and Grace Wong.

TVB Calendar May 2016

May 2016 — Presumed Accidents <純熟意外>
A detective thriller about insurance fraud cases. The drama stars Lawrence Ng, Lai Lok-yi, Sisley Choi, Selena Li, and Joyce Tang.

TVB Calendar June 2016

June 2016 — K9 Cop <警犬巴打!!!>
A comedy about police dogs. It stars Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Tracy Chu, and Oscar Leung.

TVB Calendar July 2016

July 2016 — House of Spirits <一屋老友記>
A supernatural comedy about a haunted house, and stars Bobby Au-yeung, Nancy Wu, Joyce Tang, Jonathan Cheung, Koni Lui, Wu Fung, Law Lan, and Lau Kong.

TVB Calendar August 2016

August 2016 — Olympics
The poster features the artistes who will be covering the Rio 2016 Olympics, including Nat Chan, Chin Ka Lok, Eliza Sam, Oscar Leung, Priscilla Wong, Tony Hung, Sharon Chan, Samantha Ko, Stephen Wong, Kelly Fu, and more.

TVB Calendar September 2016

September 2016 — Brother’s Keeper II <巨輪II>
A direct sequel to 2013’s Brother’s Keeper. The drama stars Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, Louis Yuen, Grace Chan, Hugo Ng, Jade Leung, and Mat Yeung, with guest appearances by Ruco Chan and Linda Chung.

TVB Calendar October 2016

October 2016 — The Last Healer In Forbidden City <末代御醫>
A grand-production drama about the final years of the Qing Dynasty. The drama stars Roger Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Ngo Ka-nin, and Rebecca Zhu.

TVB Calendar November 2016

November 2016 — A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>
A martial arts drama about a team of heroes protecting the citizens who reside in the dangerous Kowloon Walled City. The drama stars Ruco Chan, Benjamin Yuen, Nancy Wu, Philip Ng, Yuen Qiu, and Moon Lau.

TVB Calendar December 2016

December 2016 — Variety
The Christmas-themed poster features variety starlets Liza Wang, Johnson Lee, Lawrence Cheng, Maria Cordero, Astrid Chan, Carlo Ng, Jerry Lamb, Anderson Junior, Sammy Leung, Amigo Choi, King Kong, Kitty Yuen, Michael Wai, Luk Ho-ming, Albert Au, Leung Ka-ki, Alfred Hui, Hubert Wu, Fred Cheng, and Jinny Ng.


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  1. is there just one drama a month? a fist within seems promising,looking forward to some good fights.

    1. @kolo: No, I think TVB picks the more anticipated dramas to front the 2016 calendars. I am only looking forward to Ruco Chan’s A Fist Within Four Walls. He looks so good in the poster…as if he is a real martial arts exponent. He is so agile in his moves that I’m sure he won’t disappoint. I’m glad Ruco is in the center of the poster which means undoubtedly he is the male lead !!

      1. @lml1977 Ruco has only 2 dramas to film this year , that is, as guest in BK2 , Walled Hero . ICAC will be the next but with only a few espisodes to showcase.
        Am still worry that he will has very few dramas to go about and this would be a loss to fans like us.
        Glad that he was featured prominently in the TVB calendar and this show that TVB value him.
        Hopefully , they start to know his Power , the power of drawing audiences and cast him in big role and well written script .

      2. @thpk: I’m sure TVB will cast Ruco in more dramas after he finished filming AFWFW, BK2 and ICAC2016. They won’t let his talent go to waste….esp if he wins Best Actor in the Astro awards later this month. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. TVB knows his drawing power and popularity in South East Asia. In ICAC2016, he is again cast alongside 1 of the 2016 Miss HK runner-up. As usual, he’s made to babysit newbies 🙁

      3. @lml1977 The real martial art exponent in the series is Philip Ng. Lets hope Ruco Chan won’t look too bad if he has to fight against Philip.

      4. @kidd yeah that’s true. But on the other hand, can philip act? Ruco’s martial arts moves aren’t too shabby. He can do action roles very convincingly so I think he should be OK.

      5. @isay and kidd: Yes, Philip Ng is the real martial arts exponent but he is only in a supporting role. Philip has finished filming while Ruco is still filming till 20th Nov. Ruco did say in an interview that he and Philip will be fighting together against the baddies in this drama. And I saw some video clips of Ruco in this drama…he is very agile and totally not shabby at all…thanks to his lean and athletic physique. This guy can do no wrong 🙂

  2. im excited to see roger in The Last Healer In Forbidden City, house of Spirits and Blue Veins!
    Short end of a stick looks like the other eunuch drama? most of the cast are the same

  3. Wah. Hope they can show Fist earlier!!! Have to wait till November NEXT year???? I wanna see Nancy and Ruco!!!

    1. @dramadrama: I think this A Fist Within Four Walls may be an anniversary drama. So earliest will be end Sep/early Oct next year. Hopefully, it will be shown before the Starhub TVB awards and we can vote for Ruco again. But I seriously doubt Ruco will win Best Actor 3rd time in a row.

    2. @dramadrama: And I love this Ruco and Nancy combination as well. Both are great actors…though looks-wise, I think the Ruco-Linda is more pleasing to the eyes. Ruco and Linda just looks so much like a real couple on screen !!!

      1. @lml1977 Yeah. Ruco and Linda is the best so far. I really hope Ruco can fill in for Raymond Lam if raymond cant make it. I wanna see how is Ruco and Charmaine combi….

  4. Samantha Ko in August 2016-Olympics looks a bit off with the photoshop. Her hair at the side is slightly blurred and her arm and head looks kind of disproportionate?

  5. Looking forward to blue veins and k9 cop havent seen dramas about dogs for awhile. yay

    is the original cast gonna come back for come home love?

  6. Cant wait to watch
    K9 COP
    House of Spirit
    Short End of the Stick <公公出宮 The LAst Healer and BLue Viens

    IDK know if to watch Presumed Accident cause of Sisley!!!
    In a way i wanna watch cause for Kai Wah Selena and Joyce but with Sisly I may have doubt of watching it

  7. I really don’t see what is the big deal with Sisley. Her acting is so average. To think she is the female lead in two dramas.

  8. next years drama looks promising and potentially great compared to last year. I barely recognised Tracy Chu in the K9 Cop poster! There’s a very Korean/Japanese looking vibe about her on in the poster.

  9. Love Mandy Wong dress she looks gorgeous.
    I’m looking forward to any dramas as long it’s not going to be boring.

  10. The only dramas I look forward to is “A Fist Within Four Walls” and “Brother’s Keeper II “.

  11. Joey Meng, where can you find a woman 40 still looks so fine? haha lol…wow, the vampire poster looks awesome!!!
    All these same actors/actresses are getting so damn boring just like those plots/scripts.

  12. wow looking forward to next year dramas! Esp
    Blue Veins , K9 Cop ,House of Spirits , A Fist Within Four Walls Ruco looks extra sexy in that poster <3

  13. I’m going to watch ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ for Philip. He’s the only one in the poster who truly knows martial art. His fight scenes will be awesome to watch.

    I know someone will point out Yuan Qiu to me. But, what she knows are more acrobatics for the opera, and she herself said she can’t even do one complete somersault now (she used to be able to do 7 somersaults at one go) at her current age.

  14. Another series I’m looking forward to is ‘House of Spirits’. I like the cast in it especially Mr.Fan and Log Leg Crab,.

  15. Joey Meng should star in Blue Veins. How many 40 plus ladies can look like her? She should be the vampire queen!!!!

      1. @isay Between Joey and Grace? I will not even compare the two. Grace is miles miles away from veteran Joey. Even though Joey’s acting is far from other veteran in their 40s. At least to me, Joey don’t give me irritating feel. lol.

        As for Kay, at least she sings well. Hope she will be the one singing the theme songs!

      2. @dramadrama lol! To me joey is super irritating in her acting her voice and the way she speaks. Guess we hv to agree to disagree. Well kay may be a good singer but whether she can act remains to be seen
        Otherwise this drama is sunk cos we already know grace can’t act.

      3. @isay Grace can’t even hold a candle to Joey in any way. I also agree Joey should star in Blue Veins aka “My date with a Vampire” part 2.

      4. @arc78 meh! Much as i dislike Grace i think i prefer her to Joey. At least Grace is “real young ” and not “pretend young ” like Joey. Joey acting as a young woman really makes my hair stand.

      5. @isay Joey “pretend young”? Which actor or actress doesn’t pretend in some way small way or other? Grace is such a horrible actress that I don’t know where to start. She is not ready to be first or even second female lead yet imo.

      6. @arc78 “pretend young” in her roles I mean. The way she tries to speak like a young girl, the way she tries to act as a young girl, really makes me cringe. Not her fault cos she’s given such roles meant for someone much younger; I’m just saying that it makes me want to switch off the TV. Not a fan of Grace either but at least Grace’s roles are suitable for her real age.

  16. Haha. Pretend to be young is ok for me, compared to acting cute. Joey did not pretend to be young to me. She just pretend to be virgin. Lol. But i like her face, body, dna. And her acting is not bad. I like to see her in drama.

  17. I watch the ‘Blue Veins’ trailer a few days ago. Turns out the series got a lot more actors I like in the series beside the 4 in the poster. I especially like Wong Yau Nam. He was in some ‘Blue Veins’ related articles before, but, his participation slipped my mind because he’s not in the poster. I was surprised to see Hubert Hu in the trailer too. I think this is his first TV series.

    I’ll put this series in my ‘to watch’ list too.

    I hope that this calendar poster is not the official poster yet. Put more people in it. You got an award winning actor (Wong Yau Nam) in the series and you don’t want to put him in the poster?

    1. @kidd Maybe special guest star? Like surprise appearance?

      I will be watching also. Premise is interesting. Fear is that it may be a tad pretentious.

      Right now absolutely enjoying With Or Without You which to me is a series about nothing in particular. Still am not sure where it is heading but very entertaining. Bobby really can pair with anyone and it is obvious his female co stars really like him.

      1. @funnlim It will certainly be stylish and cool, like all current vampire movie/drama. Gone is the era where vampires are jumping corpses in Qing Dynasty attire.

      2. @kidd because modern vampire have emotions and feelings,those jumping ones do not. They also have to keep it PG rated and not too much of an horror.

      3. @kidd Actually, I kinda miss the Qing dynasty jumping vampire…… Long long time since tvb had Qing vamp drama. I remember the one starring Sammi Cheng. And another one starring Daniel something…..

  18. Looking forward to Kevin in Blue veins. I must say he looks much better in the poster above than the goatee he sported when filming this drama.

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