TVB Releases 2017 Calendar

It is that time of the year again for TVB to produce its official calendar for the following year. 2017 is TVB’s 50th anniversary, and like in previous years, TVB has decided to have their upcoming drama releases be the focus of their official calendar.

The 2017 calendar features over a hundred TVB artists and nine television dramas, all which will be airing next year.

Check out the official photos from the calendar below!

January 2017 — Natalis Chan, Wayne Lai, Johnson Lee, Kenny Wong, Ben Wong, Selena Li, Raymond Wong, Grace Wong, Elena Kong, Raymond Cho, Joyce Tang, Carlo Ng, Vivien Yeo


February 2017 — Provocateur <與諜同謀> starring Gallen Lo, Fred Cheng, Ali Lee, Jacqueline Wong, Jonathan Cheung, Roxanne Tong


March 2017 — Destination Nowhere <迷> starring Kevin Cheng, Kristal Tin, King Kong, James Ng


April 2017 — The Unholy Alliance <同盟> starring Ruco Chan, Nina Paw, Nancy Wu, Joel Chan, Elaine Yiu, Ngo Ka-nin, Oscar Leung


May 2017 — The Unlawful Justice Squad <踩過界> starring Vincent Wong, Sisley Choi, Owen Cheung, Ali Lee, Tracy Chu


June 2017 — Mandy Wong, Grace Chan, Rebecca Zhu, Moon Lau, Jinny Ng, Kelly Cheung, Stephanie Ho, Louisa Mak, Rosina Lam, Natalie Tong, Samantha Ko, Kelly Fu, Gloria Tang, Mayanne Mak


July 2017 — Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2> starring Michael Miu, Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Priscilla Wong, Pakho Chau, Benjamin Yuen, Hui Shiu-hung


August 2017 — Oh My Grad <老表,畢業喇!> starring Roger Kwok, Ada Choi, Wong Cho-lam, Louis Cheung, Joyce Cheng, Mag Lam, Bowie Wu, Helena Law, Ram Chiang, Bob Lam


September 2017 — Heart and Greed <溏心風暴3> starring Bosco Wong, Ha Yu, Louise Lee, Michelle Yim,  Susanna Kwan, Vincent Wong, Eliza Sam, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen, Priscilla Wong


October 2017 — Deep in the Realm of Conscience <深宮計> starring Steven Ma, Nancy Wu, Annie Liu, Alice Chan, Kenneth Ma, Edwin Siu


November 2017 — My Ages Apart <跨時代> starring Bobby Au-yeung, Moses Chan, Kristal Tin, Maggie Shiu, Louis Cheung, Sammy Leung, Hui Shiu-hung, Ali Lee, Eddie Kwan, Katy Kung, John Chiang


December 2017 — Liza Wang, Tony Hung, Mat Yeung, Jason Chan, Hugo Wong, Brian Tse, Alfred Hui, Lai Lok-yi, Hubert Wu


Source: IHKTV,

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  1. I’m looking forward to Destination Nowhere, Line Walker 2, The Unlawful Justice Squad, The Unholy Alliance, My Ages Apart, Provocateur and Heart and Greed. The rest doesn’t seem that interesting.

  2. So they’re really making a HOG 3. One and two – yeah, okay but a third? Seems too repetitive for another! Even then, it’s not the same with only a few of the cast from the original are in it. Good luck to that.

  3. Nice calendar! I am looking forward to My Ages Apart ,
    Line Walker: The Prelude ,The Unlawful Justice Squad , The Unholy Alliance and Destination Nowhere.

  4. Would be interested in Unlawful Justice Squad if Tracy Zhu is the leading actress pairing with Vincent but looking at the poster, I think Sisley is the lead.
    Not very eager with the productions next year, probably My Ages Apart and Deep in the Realm of Conscience although if Deep in the Realm of Conscience turns out anything like Beyond the Realm of Conscience then I will drop it.

  5. most interested in Provocateur because Gallen Lo and Ali Lee is my fav TVB artist. Also like My Ages Apart. Next is Unlawful Justice Squad because Ali Lee in there.If she is the 1st lead sure it will me 2nd priority but too bad she is only 2nd lead.other especially those xxx2 or xxx3 no interest because too many repeat story now.

  6. Ruco only have 1 series next year? Omg…. Why uncle Kevin still work in tvb? Isn’t he in China please focus only in China. Him paring with Kristal Tin is funny. Since we all know he liked young grass. How to have chemistry?

    1. @dramadrama
      Kevin seems to have one series next year too, so why are you complaining like a whining baby?
      Kristal Tin is not that old and she is much younger than Kevin. Kevin doesn’t need to be paired up with very young actresses or Grace Chan all the time.

    2. @dramadrama wahaha, so many top notch actors next year. Your ruco dream longer can get TV king la. His standard not there yet…hehehe…Bobby, gallen, kevin, moses surely fight for tv king. hehehe…

  7. That’s not a calendar, that’s a collection of posters.

    Deep in the realm of conscience? I got the name of 2 sequels already. Deeper in the real m of conscience. Deepest in the realm of conscience.

    Starting to sound like a soft porn movie.

  8. Very excited for Deep in the reach of conscience and heart and greed!! I dont care if its a rehash! Loved the stories of both originals and the genre.
    Hope they dont disappoint!<3 Dream come true

  9. I am looking forward to Destination Nowhere, The Unholy Alliance, Line Walker 2, Heart of Greed 3, Deep in the Realm of Conscience, and My Ages Apart.

    I realized that Kenneth Ma doesn’t have a leading series although I thought he is one of the top first line actors after many Siu Songs left TVB. Anyways, he might get some small productions playing stupid, nonsense roles later. In “Deep in the Realm of Conscience”, I doubt he would share the lead roles with Steven Ma by 50%, 50%.

  10. By the way, in the “Provocateur”, Gallen Lo needs to babysit so many inexperienced actors and actresses, and some third or fourth line artists. Some of them I don’t even know who they are. Not attractive to watch even if Gallen is there. What a waste of hiring him back for one series.

    1. @rainbow28 ya, so long never watch gallen lo hopefully the story line is good. My ages apart confirm superb. So strong actors wei. hehehe…I hope my ages apart is 40 episode long long, dun 20 only,zz!

  11. So many unknown female artist… TVB is in a new era which I can hardly name anyone now lol

    1. @vodka Yeah, I’m starting to understand why my dad didn’t like watching dramas with me during the era of Myolie/Linda/Fala. He didn’t think they could compare to the actresses of his generation.

      I feel the beauty and acting of each generation just gets worse 🙁

      But I still have hope for Katy Kung, Grace Wong, Gloria Tang, Moon Lau, Tracy Chu and Rebecca Zhu.

      They are not as good as the previous generation but they do have potential.

      1. @iciel I’m not sure which generation your dad belongs to but I totally agree that the actresses have been getting worse and worse with each passing generation and there is simply no comparison to those from the old days. Even the MHKs (and beauty pageant people in general) have gotten way worse, whether from a beauty, talent, or just overall “MHK feel” perspective (which makes it all the more annoying when TVB chooses to promote the pageant people the most). At least with the actors, there are still quite a few good ones left at TVB whose performances give us something to shout about as well as provide good competition in the TV King race….in comparisons, the TV Queen race has been dismal for years.

        In terms of the calendar, some of the actresses are unrecognizable also because of all the photoshop done to the posters…and it’s not just the females – some of the guys are also unrecognizable too. Whoever TVB hired to do the calendar this year did a horrible job – everyone looks “plastic” and fake, some of the posters look like they were pieced together from individual pictures, the layout makes no sense (either feature series for all 12 months or groups of artists each month using a theme that makes sense – instead they do this mish-mash of series + random group artist pictures). Pretty much the only thing I like about the calendar is the front cover (the big 50 with scenes from past series in it) and maybe the back cover with TVBuddy + the robots (gotta love TVBuddy, lol!!)

        Overall, for a 50th anniversary calendar, this one is definitely a letdown!

        P.S.: Not interested in any of the series featured in the calendar. As it is, I’m already kind of pissed that TVB is choosing to go sequel/spinoff/sister series/remake crazy next year – I mean, sure, we all know that TVB lacks creativity, but for such a huge milestone as their 50th anniversary, I would expect more than just piggybacking off past successes. More and more, I feel like TVB is becoming to the TV industry what Wong Jing is to the movie industry: constant rehash of old stuff with little to no regard for quality, productions with a lot of hype but no substance, using and re-using same ideas / material / dialogue over and over again, complete lack of regard for what audiences care about or want to see, etc. etc. The list goes on and on….

      2. @llwy12 you lacking critical thinking. You cant compare to the past. Nowdays a pretty girl can choose to be a teacher, businesswoman, model, or marrying a rich guy. But in the past the only way to get money quickly is by becoming an artist and less opportunities. Its not tvb’s fault but the environment that cause it. You need to be very hardworkning in the past to succeed by nowdays you dont need to be that hardworking and creative like in the past to earn even more than the past actress. And by the way who cares if you not interested in tvb drama? lol

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