Twins Celebrate 16th Anniversary With A Kiss

On May 20, affectionately known as “I love you” (520), Hong Kong pop duo Twins stopped by Guangzhou for their LOL Live Concert. The duo, consisting of Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) and Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), released their debut album 16 years ago.

The girls broke down into tears when they performed “Six Years’ Love” <相愛六年>, touching their fans. They then expressed their wish to stay together for another 16 years, and for as long as they can.

Charlene said, “Ah Gil, I’ve known you for 17 years, and we’ve worked together for 16 years. Thank you for staying by my side all this time. I love you.”

In tears, Gillian said, “You’ve changed me a lot. From when I disliked color to liking black, to making my own life continuously more colorful. I am happier and happier. From what I disliked talking, to now talking about everything. I am laughing more and more. To be honest, I really, truly love you, so much!”

Charlene said, “Alright then! Let’s continue for another 16 years, 26 years, 36 years…”

After their heartfelt speeches, fans urged the girls to kiss. When Gillian and Charlene kissed each other on the lips, the arena erupted with cheers.

Their LOL Live Concert will head over to Malaysia in June. In late 2017, the girls plan to perform at another leg in Mainland China. According to several reports, Twins’ agency have already applied for another performance date in the Hong Kong Coliseum; the encore concert is slated for May 2018.

Source: Mingpao

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