Twins Take Vacation in Maldives

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Ringing in the Lunar New Year, Hong Kong pop duo Twins reunited to go on a relaxing vacation together. Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) shared photos taken at the airport with Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼), as they waited for their departure flight to the Maldives.

Inside the airplane, Charlene again took a snapshot and wrote, “We’re setting off! So happy!”

Charlene and Gillian debuted as Twins in the summer of 2001 to skyrocketing popularity, becoming one of the most successful pop acts in the Chinese music industry in the last decade. The duo’s careers were impeded when Gillian got involved in the controversial Edison Chen (陳冠希) sex photo scandal in 2008. After two years of concentrating on their individual careers, the women reunited for a new album and world tour in 2010.

Charlene and Gillian have since found new success as solo artistes. Charlene is earning Best Actress buzz for her acclaimed performance in Sara <雛妓>, while Gillian is pursuing a successful career in Mainland China.


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Twins Take Vacation in Maldives

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  • 7 comments to Twins Take Vacation in Maldives

    1. Tess says:

      I thought they have disbanded? Move over twins!!

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    2. JK says:

      Wow! There bonds seem pretty strong. Glad they are still talking with each other unlike other groups.

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    3. Hannahh says:

      good to see them!

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    4. jjjxxx says:

      They should disband already. No one wants to see aunties trying to act cute especially abalone Gil.

      Login or Register before you can reply to jjjxxx
    5. Eddie C says:

      Hey, the Aunties female duo! I like that. And sequels of their movies:

      1)My Wife is 38.
      2)The Tamiflu Effect 3 & 4
      3)Gangster Payday 2: Mai Opens A Hello Kitty Store with Ghost

      I think they’re still fun, still plenty cute and they don’t take themselves all that seriously which gives them plenty of charisma left.

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    6. Rose says:

      To be honest they can pass for being in their early 20s.

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    7. Lol says:

      Twins actually looks younger than many of the way younger starlets today.

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