Twins Wish Leo Ku Reach Another New Career Height

Twins were delighted upon hearing that Leo Ku (古巨基) had renewed his contract with their management company, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), and had received a exorbitant price for it too. Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) shared the same tone and said they have collaborated with Leo Ku for two years now.

Charlene and Gillian highly praised Leo Ku for his good attitude at work, “Working together for concert performances and shooting of movies, Leo Ku is extremely serious at work. We are very happy that he will still continue to be under the same company (EEG) as us! Hope Leo Ku will reach another new career peak!”

Twin’s Time Reversal Theme for Upcoming Mandarin Album

Twins will be launching their new Mandarin album,<3650>, the day after tomorrow. The album was launched in commemoration with Twins’ ten years in the industry. On that day, a dinner will be thrown and a press conference will be held at the 101th story of the inaugural International Commerce Centre of Hong Kong. This arrangement was to show that Twins have reached yet another new level in their career.

In the new mandarin album, Twins played with the theme of time reversal, re-enacting their thirteen classic images from the past and even included photos of them when they were still an infant and a student. Twins expressed, “The image stylist really spent a lot of effort on the image styling. Even the image when we were still six years old was followed closely, from the hair and to the makeup. It was extremely intricate in all the details.”


This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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    1. I also wish nothing but the best for both girls. I really admire Gillian courage to continue in the industry after that embarrassing scandal.

      btw, I like their new song “3650”

  1. The name 3650 is creative. 365 = 1 year, 1 year 0 = 10 years.

    lol, the first pic implied that Twins are bad students?

    1. Me too… I never really liked Gil and I think after the scandal, the bad image of her will never be gone…

      1. Even if I prefer Charlene over Gill, Gill’s voice is better compare to her partner. If you listen their songs, you’ll heard Gill has better voice. I think Charlene is better off playing in movies as she can gives so much expressions compare to Gillian who is still stone likes acting.

      2. I heard both of them sang live and in my opinion, Ah Sa has a better voice than Ah Gil. Ah Gil’s voice is soft but she can’t keep the tone. She is kinda similar to Stephy.

      3. @ Veejay @ Fox

        When they were still Twins and did a lot of duets together, I listened to them. Personally, I think Charlene has a better voice, but, Gillian is a better singer.

        How they did now, I don’t know. My opinion was based on their first few albums and performance early in their career.

      4. @Kidd: Different to you, I heard them in recent years, so I don’t know how they were in the past.

    2. It took me a min to assume who is Cha :P. So you are talking about Ah Sa aka Charlene?

      1. LOL, Actually i wanted to type Char but my finger slips and accidentally keyed Enter, hence…the Cha came out..

  2. Twins still able to find work after the sex scandal with Edison????? I’m sorry but people are just plain stupid.

  3. Char is definitely the better singer (and performer) and she can control her vocals much better than Gill. I heard both of them live during their early years and then again recently, and Char performs so much better. Her quality of singing is similar to the CD but Gill is often off-tune and struggle to control her vocals. Many times, I hear her struggling to catch her breath and it become quite annoying. Any singer can sound great on CD but it is the live performances that prove if they can actually sing. Gill sounds ok in CD but she is terrible live, and I think her vocal got worster after the sex scandal. Personally, Gill can’t carried a stage all by herself, she just look lost most of the time and off-tune also. Just like Stephy, she can’t hold a tune live. 😐

  4. i am not a fan of both of them..i think charlene is a lousy actress and gillian is maybe only a little bit better..can stand charlene’s actingcos she can’t act

  5. So glad to know that I am not the only person in the world who is not a fan of theirs.

    In fact I can say I dislike them, especially Gillian after the scandal….

    1. I am not a fan of Twins. I have never understood how they can ever be famous, when they can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t act, can’t even handle their personal lives properly without making a mess of things. ANd just saw them on TV, Gillian looked like she gained weight, and as usual the quiet one whilst the other yap away and I was yawning because talk talk talk and no substance. They’re most interesting when in scandals.

      Leo Ku… again surprised at his supposed worth.

      1. what they are selling are the illusion that you do not need any talents whatsoever to succeed in HK entertainment circle.

        Just act cute and everything will be fine.

        They will hopefully go away when their fans leave them for somebody new with talents or not.

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