Vic Chou Wants to Bring Girlfriend to Vanness Wu’s Wedding

At a recent promotional event, Taiwanese actor Vic Chou (周渝民) was full of congratulations for fellow F4 member Vanness Wu (吳建豪), who married longtime girlfriend Arissa Cheo (石貞善) on August 13. When asked if he planned to bring his “other half” to the upcoming wedding ceremony, Vic responded in the affirmative, thus indirectly admitting to his rumored relationship with Taiwanese actress Reen Yu (喻虹淵).

During the event, the media asked Vic if he would be influenced by Vanness’s impulsive marriage and hurry into married life himself. Vic, who turned 32 this past June, replied, “Not at all,” and expressed that he would still follow his own tempo. Nevertheless, he added that he was very happy for Vanness and revealed that the first thing he did after learning of the good news was to send a personal message to wish his friend the best.

Despite his low-key answers, Vic was surprisingly forward when reporters asked if he planned to attend Vanness’s wedding ceremony with his “other half.” He generously responded, “Yes! I want her to experience that atmosphere.” Although he did not provide a name, his answer seems to be a confirmation of his relationship with actress Reen Yu, whom he met in 2008 when they filmed Black & White <痞子英雄>. The two have been rumored to be an item since 2010.

Vic’s love life was not the only source of excitement that day. After F4 successfully reunited for a Lunar New Year performance earlier this year, fans have been hoping for a second reunion. Vic seemed to be in high spirits about the possibility of F4 making an appearance at the wedding ceremony. “It’s been a long time since the four of us appeared together,” he said. “If we can do it, I’d be quite interested!”


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  1. It is great that Vic is more open now than he was in the past and that he is going to be going to Vanness’ wedding. It would also be great if all 4 of them appear together again at his wedding.

    1. Good for Vic. We live once and though he said very little, his few words said a lot. He was open and he let his GF know he loves and values her without putting her in an open, public. And acward position. Good for Vic.

  2. Vic chou looks really cute here. ….so lucky his girlfriend

  3. Vic Chou is the cutest F4 member and also his acting is more natural than the rest. He has never been that secretive about his love life though, when he dated Barbie Hsu everybody knew.

    1. he might be the cutest but Jerry Yan is the best looking out of the group.

      1. U R SOOOOOO…right haaha… Jerry Yan is def the most good looking among the group.
        To be honest, I never think of above Vic Chou as cute. To me he’s just regularly ordinary but he’s been dubbed as the cutest due to him being the youngest. If i have to pick cute, i will pick Vanness even w/his hideous hair from b4, still he can be cute.

    2. Agree again w/Barbie Hsu.. I don’t remember them hiding their relationship, they said to be moved in together at the very earlys stage of their relationship and it was never really a secret. I never thought Barbie will date Vic Chou but oh well…. She’s married to a rich dude now.

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