[Pictorial] Vic Chou Still Handsome at 36

Since the days of Meteor Garden <流星花園> , Vic Chou (周渝民) has been known for his brooding eyes that spoke volumes. Vic still looks handsome at 36 while modeling casual menswear in a March issue of In Style magazine.

Source: Sina.com

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  1. His face is so dreamy xD love him and love the flame’s daughter 🙂 hope to see more of him soon

  2. Certain angles remind me of Tony Leung. He looks better in modern wear than ancient costumes.

    1. @mangotango

      I agree with you that he looks better in modern wear than ancient wear – especially in “Frame’s Daughter”. They made his hair & face look bad.

      1. @msxie0714

        That is true. That hairstyle is sooooo ugly!!! It makes even handsome guys look ugly. Whoever came up with that style should have been heavily punished for it.

      2. @dramas4me
        You can thank the Manchu rulers for imposing that awful hairstyle on Han males under threat of death. That style is the root of the worst racist caricatures of Chinese men in the west.

      3. @dramas4me I think it’s mainly the white powder. They make him too white, that he lost his jaw line. In beauties in the closet, he’s a lot tanner, and you can see how sexy his jawline is lol.

        So even though the hair and makeup does decrease his hotness, I still love his face in TFD, and I don’t think Wallace Huo fair that much better in HQG, though this is my personal view.

      4. @littlefish

        You are right about the white powder. I think it was the same make up artist who had done the make ups for both Vic Chou & Wallace Huo in HQG.

  3. Vic Chou still has his wholesome, boyish next door look. Joe Cheng will also be 36 in June and he stll looks good and youthful. Speaking of Taiwanese pretty boys, expect big news from three of them in the year of the dog. There will be a divorce announcement too.

    1. @bubbletea divorce announcement??? Who? Surely not Vic! They just had a baby! And it doesn’t seem to be problem in paradise?

      And who’s the third one?

      1. @littlefish I said speaking of pretty boys, which means other Taiwanese pretty boys. One will announce his beard, right now he is testing his fans through his weibo. This will kill his lovesick girl fans who fantasize about his alleged big…uh hmmm, never mind. No wonder they fantasize about him, lol. It will also devastate those who are still waiting for a certain mermaid to divorce her wonderful husband and marry Mr. Big Long, hehe. Another will become engaged to his beard, and and one who walks tje straight and narrow path will announce his relationship. Ther e will be a marriage split announcement, but no one will be surprised.

      2. @bubbletea I see, thanks for clearing it up! But I’m a bit confused by your word choice, “engage to his beard”? And who is this Mr Big Long? Sorry I don’t keep up with Taiwanese news

      3. @littlefish Mr big long is right under your nose, hahaha. The othet one who will get married or engaged soon just celebrated a sort of anniversary. A beard is a man or woman who is dating, or married to a gay or bisexual person to make that person look straight to the public, and also to keep their popularity and ricebowl going. The beard is given an extravagant lifestyle of riches,beyond their dreams. Taiwan entertainment has a lot of that.

      4. @bubbletea -.- are we still talking about Barbie and Vic lol? Didn’t know Vic’s nickname is Mr Big Long 0.o where is this come about. Do you read Taiwanese news in English or Chinese? If English, what’s the website lol

      5. @littlefish no, I am not talking about Vic Chou. He already is married and he is not testing his fans through his weibo to introduce his beard. As far as I know he is straight. Mr Big Di.k is not married. He is around Vic’s age and in the thread right under our noses. Don’t want to call his name. The other guy just celebrated a kind of anniversary with his beard. Don’t want to call his name either. I have my sources in Asia.

  4. First time watching Vic Chou and really enjoyed his performance in The Flame’s Daughter – not so much in the beginning, but loved him as the series went on. I think he has a mature handsome-ness to him and is quite adorable the way he speaks. Love his eyes. 36 is not that old and for most male, it’s their prime. Though, I think in Flame’s Daughter the styling made him look much older… maybe that’s because he’s over 100 years old. 🙂

    1. @khoobunny it does make him a bit older, yet you still love him and the two of them together is quite cute 🙂 I love that drama and I love Vic’s performance as Yin Xue 🙂

  5. @littlefish Cannot see how white powder can make one lost one’s jawline. I don’t think Vic has strong jawline. Yan Kuan comes to my mind when it comes to strong jawlines.

    1. @mangotango Vic’s jawline isn’t as strong as Yan Kuan, but it’s not bad, the white powder makes it less defined, so it looks worse. Because there is some scenes, Vic looks gorgeous, and other is not.

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