Vic Chou’s Going to Be a Dad!

Vic Chou (周渝民) has confirmed today through his manager that his wife, actress Reen Yu (喻虹淵), is over three months pregnant. He will be the first F4 member to become a father!

Speculations of Reen’s pregnancy came about when a source reported that Vic and Reen went to visit a postpartum care center in Taipei earlier this month. Vic’s manager then confirmed today that the speculations were true, and Reen is currently over three months pregnant.

34-year-old Vic and 29-year-old Reen met on the set of the 2009 television series Black & White <痞子英雄>. Their relationship went public in 2013, and they registered their marriage in November 2015. Vic is the second F4 member to get married, and will be the first of the four to be a father.

Congratulations to Vic and Reen!

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Coming in six month will be the real-life screening of “F4: The Next Generation”.

      1. @aiya
        Perhaps b/c he’s not newsworthy? I feel like when they are not as popular they don’t get any kind of media coverage? He is the least popular among F4 I feel. Remember that kung fu dude who married that TVB actress a little while back? Fan Siu Wong? I feel like no one will even find out about his so called grown up kids he had w/that long long g/f of his if not for that bit of recognition from that TVB actress don’t remember her name now.

      2. @kiki and @aiya yes, heard Ken got married too. Only Jerry is not married right now. I think with ken is.. he’s the most private one out of the 4 and he’s been working more in China then in Taiwan. I think that is why there is not as much news about him.

      3. @aiya
        Yes, Ken did get married. I heard that he is semi retired but not sure how true that is. Maybe that is why we do not hear about him much. Glad that Ken has found his happiness.

        Glad that Vic is going to have a child soon. I actually hope that Vanness does not soon since his marriage does not seem happy. Now there is only Jerry left. I hope he finds his other half soon.

  2. Baby news are always happy ones. At 34, it is a nice age to start a family. At least the child will be 6 when he is 40.

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