Vic Chou Believes in Love at First Sight

In his latest movie, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 <單身男女2 >, Taiwanese actor Vic Chou (周渝民) portrays an eccentric designer who recently moved from France to Hong Kong. Although his character may come across as the ideal partner for many female viewers, Vic admits that in real life, he does not quite understand how to be romantic. However, he is a believer in love at first sight.

“It seems like [love at first sight] happens more often when you’re a student,” mused Vic. “You see a girl who is your type, and you don’t know anything about her background or her personality, but you just really want to get to know her.

“One time,” he continued, “I got out of class, and the other students were walking around. I discovered that one girl suddenly shone in my eyes, like she was the goddess of my heart. But I didn’t have the courage to get to know her, and the only thing I did was write letters to her.”

Since then, Vic appears to have become more courageous about expressing his admiration of a potential partner. He shared that if he really liked a girl, he would act exactly like his character in the movie, who is infatuated with Hong Kong’s “Goddess of Stocks” (Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅) and frequently attempts to woo her.

“I have to let her know about my sincerity toward her,” explained Vic. Nevertheless, he added that, unlike his movie’s character, he would rein himself if he knew that his crush already liked someone else, since love triangles are “very troublesome.”

Not in a Rush to Get Married

Vic turns 34 next year, but he is in no rush to tie the knot with girlfriend Reen Yu (喻虹淵). “Having a family is something I have to do, but as for when, I really don’t know!” he said. “My family isn’t rushing me, since my older brother already got married and has a child, so there’s no pressure to continue the ancestral line.”

Vic also shared that he is inclined to like girls who are more carefree, since this type of personality can balance out his own quiet nature. He praised Miriam Yeung for her cheerfulness, saying that when they first met, she was easily able to talk to and laugh with him, even though they were still strangers.

In contrast, Vic fears “crazy girls” the most, especially those who believe they are helping someone but never communicate this properly. Though he has yet to see this trait in a potential partner, he has seen his fair share of crazy fans, including one who would wait outside his house from morning to night.


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  1. He sort of look like an Asian version of Johnny Depp in that pic 😀

  2. Surprisingly, his girlfriend is a bit on the unattractive side. She must be only about 4 feet tall and with enough weigh that makes her looks like a bowling ball. LOL!!

    1. His girlfriend does not look that bad but there is more to anyone rather than just looks. I just heard that her feet stinks. No,she is not that short. But it us up to Vic who he dates or marries,not anyone else.

  3. Vic looks better and better as he mature… good looking for sure..

  4. Any girl would be lucky to date Vic! It’s cute how he finds love triangles too messy, very realistic.

    He’s so down to earth and low key about his love life which is really nice to see as a celebrity.

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