Vic Chou Sells Sports Car in Anticipation of Marriage?

The Taiwanese media reported that 33-year-old Taiwanese actor Vic Chou (周渝民) had sold his cherished Mercedes-Benz sports car, estimated to be worth 30 million NTD. The news sparked suspicions that he is preparing to tie the knot with his girlfriend of four years, 27-yearold Taiwanese actress Reen Yu (喻虹淵).

Vic had asked his older brother to help him sell his silver Mercedes-Benz SLR sports car. The surprising sale caught the attention of fans and netizens, since Vic is a well-known car fanatic, and the loss of his beloved sports car would leave him with only a sports utility vehicle and a recreational vehicle. Moreover, Vic easily brought in more than 30 million NTD in earnings last year, which meant the sale was most likely not a result of financial hardship.

As a result, netizens surmised that Vic is preparing to settle down with Reen. The actor previously stated that he had not ruled out the possibility of a “lightning wedding.” However, in response to the current rumors, his manager said that it was not convenient to talk about an artiste’s personal matters and thanked fans for their concern.

Vic and Reen met while filming the police drama Black & White <痞子英雄>, which was broadcast in 2009. In the four years since they began dating, they have enjoyed a steady and low-key relationship. When Reen was recently accused of lazing around at home and getting fat instead of taking on more work, Vic publicly defended her by saying, “Health is the most important thing. Everything else is fleeting.”


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  1. What a moronic extrapolation! Selling luxury car is a sign of impending marriage?

    Has it ever occur to these yoyo’s that people generally don’t keep their cars forever?

  2. VC is so handsome in the above picture. He needs to work on his posture a little (what I saw in his “Home” drama). Congrats to them if this news is true.

  3. Yeah congrats to them if true! But i also dont see what has selling a car to do with getting married ?

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