Vic Chou Is Officially Married!

Vic Chou (周渝民), the youngest member of the legendary Mandopop idol group F4, has announced on social media that he has tied the knot with his girlfriend of four years, actress Reen Yu (喻虹淵). Vic is the second member of F4 to get married.

“Mrs. Chou is really beautiful! Yes, we are married. Thank you for all the blessings!” wrote Vic on his Facebook on Tuesday, November 10. Reen made the same announcement on her Facebook soon after, sharing two pictures of the couple holding up their engagement rings. “Thank you for being by my side. Thank you everyone,” Reen said.

34-year-old Vic met 28-year-old Reen on the set of the 2009 Taiwanese television drama Black & White <痞子英雄>. Vic acknowledged Reen as “his other half” in 2013, when he received the Best Actor award at the Golden Bell Awards for his performance in Home <回家>. Before Reen, Vic famously dated his Meteor Garden <流星花園> and Mars <戰神> costar, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛), and late actress, Beatrice Hsu (許瑋倫).

Reen’s manager shared that Vic “proposed” to Reen in a very casual manner while they were eating a meal at home one day. Vic suddenly asked Reen if she wanted to marry him, to which Reen happily said yes. Vic and Reen decided to register their marriage on Tuesday, November 10 because that was the only day when both of them were free from work. After registering, the couple immediately shared the good news to their fans on social media. As for whether they will hold a wedding, Reen’s manager said, “There aren’t plans for that at the moment.”

In May of this year, Reen was spotted visiting a traditional Chinese medical clinic, leading to rumors that she is preparing her body for pregnancy. Vic also admitted in an older interview that he wants to have a family of his own. However, Reen’s manager denied the pregnancy reports, and revealed that Reen plans to return to acting very soon.

Congratulations to Vic and Reen!


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  1. I guess he has come to grip that his idol career is over and come public with his marriage. Not that anyone was surprised by it. It was the worst kept secret for the past few years.

    I must say the girl he has married is the least attractive among his paramours (Beatrice Hsu was the prettiest). I had seen her in some dramas and movies often as extras or bit roles and she had no screen charisma. And at 4ft11, she looks more like an old girl friend of Wong Cho Lam. LOL!

    1. @aiya Yea, Reen is rather plain looking! Is she really 4’11? Lol her profile said she’s 5’3? Damn that’s a lot of inches! But I also agreed that of Vic’s 3 girls, Beatrice was the prettiest.

  2. AND congrats to another happy couple. While I never found Vic to be that physically attractive, he is aging rather well that he almost looks the same age as his wife. Guess women really do age faster than men…

    1. @riceball120
      I never thought so either. If not b/c of MGs popularity I doubt anyone will give him a second look if he’s just walking down the street. I don’t know the girl at all, both average. Congrats!! Jerry and Vanness were the cuter ones back then but thenJerry is always the same roles and haircut, he gets boring and uninteresting now.

      1. @kiki tbh i do not find any of the F4 guys from Meteor Garden to be eye-catching. not bad, but just comparing them all, yea Jerry is the better looking one. I would have considered Vanness the other good looking one but IMO, his eyes throw off everything.

      2. @riceball120
        Yes, I know but if I have to pick, Jerry and V would still be my choice compares to the other 2 that is. But Jerry’s roles are so similar and his haircut jesus lord it’s like he’s still living 15 years ago since it’s like always the same. He’s not very popular in the film industry right as I only see him on TV here and there and never really finish much of his series either. Vanness only like him in Autumn’s Concerto, watched nothing else. Vic Zhou, never know why ppl calling him so manly an cute b/c I never thought so. Ken – don’t remember anything at all? LOL..haha…

      3. @kiki jerry = best looking of the batch, would definitely be my first pick…vanness = second pick like you said but that’s just stretching it a bit because not a fan of him or his acting…vic = nope…ken = tbh, actually prefer him over vic…nothing against vic, just he most definitely doesnt fit my cup of tea. but i got to say, ken is not aging the best…the poor underrated guy

      4. @riceball120
        We have the exact same pick from former F4. hahah…LOL…
        I can never for the life of me u/s why the media always says VZ is hot and such such I mean I never felt it even if he was an ok likable character during his MG days. He’s just so boringly average that I never got the hype. Ken-Back in the days yes i will still p him over Vic but i have never seen anything of him or much of any of them for that matter after MG. I know Vic’s black and white i saw a bit but that was cuz of other guy that won an award and Vic was pissed but even then i didnt really finish it. The first pic bride looks ok but 2nd one is weird and looks older but whatever both averagely compatible.

      5. @kiki agreed, this couple is averagely compatible (making them perfect for each other in look compatibility) i find it funny how we have the same taste from the former F4! lol I recently saw stills of Ken portraying Xishi’s other lover Fan Li in Kevin Cheng and Ying Er’s version of Xishi and Fuchai, thought he pulled off the ancient look really well.

      6. @riceball120
        lol….I feel like digging up some other stars who the media says GREAT n HOT but I beg to differ.
        陳柏霖 / Chen Bo Lin – People say he’s HOT material? Seriously? Perhaps it’s my eyes? You see tons of this look in china or Taiwan or anywhere you see Asians? What’s the deal w/him really? haha lol…
        But the again, I guess looks are subjective and when they see a role or a character that they play, automatically they think that actor/actress is HOT but in reality a lot of the times, it’s not true. Just like Moses Chan – Anyone who can say he’s handsome is really something? lol…I mean really? I don’t get it sometimes w/the view on beauty and ugliness. lol…
        Really haven’t watched anything of Ken at all but I did see clips here and there on utube after that time n his personality the way he sounds seems OK. I don’t find him like cocky like Vanness. lol…..

      7. @kiki (many days later) well like some people on here says, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. you and i just happen to be the few that doesnt agree that vic chou is hot. Chen Bo Lin is not exactly hot in my opinion either because he looks a lot like everyone else, but still better looking than Vic (sorry Vic, i just really dont find you attractive) but yes, i do have a feeling that Vanness got cocky due to fame (hence why i barely watched anything that stars him now) and find Ken a little more down-to-earth.

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