[Pictorial] Ady An’s Maternity Photos

Married for two years, Ady An (安以軒) and her husband Ievo Chan (陳榮煉) are expecting the arrival of their baby next month. The couple recently flew to Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam for three days to take maternity photos. Especially choosing a beach setting, Ady prepared numerous bikinis and showed off her sexy curves while Ievo wasn’t shy in going topless either. The results are beautiful, capturing the couple’s adventurous and tender moments together.

Source: On.cc

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  1. Why do women like doing maternity shoots? If it were me, i think taking photos is the last thing I want to do, especially when i’m bloated and feeling ginormous.

    1. @coralie Yeah, personally I dont appreciate looking at woman with big bellies, no matter how “beautiful” having a baby is. Its not beautiful for me to look at. I wish they would stop exhibiting them.

    2. @coralie To rich people, they probably just want to show off because THEY CAN & FOLLOWING THE TREND. This couple also managed to show off their beautiful mansion or it’s just a mansion for picture taking. lol…. I personally don’t like them either not sure what’s so nice to seeing a big belly dressed up no matter how beautiful motherhood can be.

    3. @coralie

      gotta ‘thank’ Demi Moore for starting this trend back in 1991 with that nude and pregant Vanity Fair cover shoot.

  2. @megamiaow @wm2017 agreed. something about big bellied women photos kind of creeps me out lol. it’s one thing if they’re just documenting the progress of their stomach extension, ’cause it’s good for reference. but it’s another to do shoots to beautify that image of a preggo momma/stomach. i mean, i don’t wanna see that, even if i was their kid!

    1. @coralie You know, if my mother whipped out an old picture of her bulging belly pregnant with me, I think Id feel sick 😀

      Those pitiful next generations will have to deal with this haha.

  3. Nope. I find these photos beautiful. Pregnancy is not something you do a lot of times in your life. Taking a pics like this is definitely okay and cute. If I found my mom having a pic like this while bearing me. I will tease her and have a good laugh at the same time being grateful how hard it have been bearing me for 9 months. That we strengthen our bond. Let them do what they want. As long they are good parents. Don’t judge and don’t jealous cause you did not get to do this

    1. @joojin disagreeing with your POV doesn’t make people jealous -.- your POV is just as valid as other who don’t find these maternity photos cute.

    2. @joojin Why on earth would we be jealous? Its not as if we dont celebrate pregnancy but Im sorry you cant just post imagery of your body and expecting everyone to like it just because of the sentimentality behind it.

  4. By all means, couples can take all the semi-nude pregnancy shots with suggestive poses that they want, but please keep them private! No one wants to admire someone else’s pregnant belly except perhaps the hubby.

    1. @passingby2 agreed. and she’s having a boy, too. so…even less possibility he’s interested in seeing her glamorous preggo photos when he’s older.

      although ady and other moms who take these photos are still very beautiful even when preggo…i just don’t see the point of taking them.

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