[Pictorial] 40-Year-Old Shirley Yeung to Release Sexy Pictorial

Single mom, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) will be turning 40 in August. Winning six awards when she competed in Miss Hong Kong 2001, the beauty queen holds the record for winning the most awards. To celebrate her upcoming birthday and entering a new stage in life, Shirley decided to release a pictorial to showcase her most beautiful side. Preparing over 20 outfit changes, which include lingerie and sexy bikinis, Shirley said all the proceeds for Miss Szeki 2018 will go towards charity.

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  1. Hhhmm, no doubt about it. Shirley looks great!! Good for her, if she’s happy to take these photos and has no problems with her daughter seeing them as she gets older. That’s her choice.

    Personally, I lack a bit of respect for her. I question her character and morals.

    She was in a very long term relationship with a partner, who she cheated on and then had a child with another man. The father of her child turned out to be a questionable character and they separated.

    She’s been a single mother for some time, not sure if she is coupled now.

    I understand that raising a child is expensive and we need to work and in this case, the money is going to charity.

    I wonder as a parent, is this the sort of example I would like to set for my daughter? Would I be happy for her or her friends to see these pictures of me?

    I personally would prefer to be fully clothed and working really hard and hopefully teaching her some good morals.

  2. A skinny lady with huge bewbs. Some women have all the body luck.

    I think she should’ve hired a woman to do this shoot though. She looks a little uncomfortable here or maybe the guy is just a bad photographer. Didn’t capture her in her most mature and shekshi moments.

    I don’t know how to feel about Shirley and her scandal. A ten year relationship that she gave up…I don’t think for money because Gregory had no money and she didn’t mind. Maybe she was missing something in that relationship that she got on a whim from the baby daddy. Life’s complicated

    1. @coralie I agree. I think her biggest mistake was NOT living w/a dude for 10 years but living together w/his whole family I still found that to be miraculously absurb. haha LOL…They are not exactly rich too imagine the # of ppl she had to deal with daily during those years. What was she thinking? Sigh….

    2. @coralie
      She has only had 1 kid so her body should not be that bad yet. I have 2 aunts that had 5-6 kids each and both have thin and good looking bodies.

  3. Maybe I’m a bit more forgiving, but i treat her past scandals as mistakes, we are all human, we allowed to make mistakes and grow up from it. She took great care of her daughter, and for that, she has my respects. And she hasn’t really done anything else that make me dislike her.

    About the photos, sure it shows off her great body, but she didn’t do sexy poses, so I think she is thinking of her daughter. Last thing, wow I can’t believe she’s 40! She and Ruby is only 2 yrs apart! (Maybe because Ruby has been in the entertainment industry for so long, I felt like Ruby is a lot older lol)

  4. It’s fair enough that she made mistakes by cheating but she went on a lying streak afterwards which makes her personality more than questionable…

  5. woah,i wished i have this body at any age. so lucky, skinny and busty

    1. @anon
      for her size that’s pretty busty. you can’t compare w/ the super busty ones b/c they generally have bigger arms and legs. look at how skinny her arms and waist are. it’s all porportional

      1. @m0m0 That’s because her boobs are not naturally like that. She’s had work done. It was known when she did a similar bikini photoshoot about 10 years ago. She was a spokesperson for promoting treatments to make your boobs bigger.

        Also, if you watch her in when she was competing for the miss hk pageant, her chest was quite flat then. She also got a lot of invites to do bikini fashion shows after she made her boobs bigger.

  6. She looks like Ali Li in the 2nd last pic. They look almost identical from that side profile angle. They could perhaps pass as twins.

  7. If we can forgive Joel, we can forgive Shirley. Though I never liked her acting, and it was super dumb of her to throw away her career over a careless mistakes and train wreck cover-ups. SMH. With that said, it’s good that shes making an honest (loosely used and I’m giving her a benefit of a doubt here) to support herself and her daughter.

    If those are not overtly ps’ed, then she indeed looks great!!! She has this youthful face anyways. No change until she’s like 60s. Good on her.

    1. @jjwong who’s Joel? Joel chan? Guys always get to be forgiven faster than the girls. Look at Hollywood, brad Pitt is a star and Kristen Stewart is forever a cheater

      1. @littlefish Yes, Joel Chan.

        I don’t think there’s a need to ‘forgive’ in Hollywood though. Kristen is just a very limited actress so her chances to land a movie is much more rare than Brad. She’s also a newb and less established than Brad. Maybe that gives an impression that he’s forgiven and she’s not? Also, Angelina was at fault too and her career wasn’t impacted.

      2. @jjwong nah, it’s the media lol and the comments from the news site (various news sites etc). Brad Pitt got forgiven for cheating, Angelina was the seducer, but she is like a well known home wrecker but because of her humanity work, they all kinda not talk bad about her. But everyone knows if she likes any man, there is no stopping her from getting them. She has never been a cheater (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t follow her youth time), she has always been the wrecker/initiator though (so even though she’s at fault, her crime isn’t cheating if you know what I mean). And the highlight was when brad Pitt and Angelina were out for cheating, the whole world almost cheering for them (or the impression the media gave). I agree that in term of acting chops, Kristen can’t be compared with brad Pitt, maybe there is other better examples, but it seems to always be the case that if the woman cheats, she’s bad and should never be forgiven. But not the same as the man.

      3. @littlefish Brad Pitt forgiven? haha Lol…I am not sure about that but yes hollywood media seems like they don’t care as much as they still give them so much attention like anything out of their lives is worth broadcasting. You are so right on the Angelina home wrecker thing. haha lol…That older ex hubby did break up w/the live in g/f Laura something before this seducer AJ took him away for good. I don’t understand why people like her even bother getting married as it seemed she did it what twice and 3rd w/BP and it’s divorce land why did they bother really. Kristen Stewart she has always been a CHEATER I think and now a lesbian. But if you ask me she’s not really a lesbian if you go w both ways in such a short time, if anything shes bi”. Before the twilight series hit big, she was dating this first love of hers or something for a long while and dumped the guy quickly for this on screen and became off screen w/RP. So that woman you can say once a cheater always a cheater? hhaha

      4. @wm2017 and this is why I’m saying for the girl, it’s harder to move on lol. Kristen steward did met Pattison while she was in a relationship with her first love. However, between feeling the sparks, realising your first love is not it, break it up and be with the guy you think you love is not really mean she did cheat on her first bf? There was no concrete evidences that she cheated on her first bf apart from the fact that she did move on quite fast? Second one was concrete, and even so, she was very very young, like less than 24? But everyone would always go “she’s always the cheater”, even with the press, not knowing the details of her relationship, so as soon as she hook up with a new person, and didn’t release a public statement she has ended her last relationship, they would go “KS cheated on her partner again!”, with brad Pitt, do you see anyone say that? They would go he has the famous whirlwind romance with AJ lol or BP has moved on to the new girl, the last one is just a fling, not BP cheated on his partner again!

        Anyway, same with Shirley, it has been what? 10yrs? During that time, did she cheat? Or have any bad press? No, not really, all the press has been about how hard she worked for her daughter, and if 10 yrs is not enough for people to move on, and have a different perspective, then I think it’s a bit harsh. After all, we only have like 10 10yrs the most lol.

      5. @littlefish Yup, double standards. 😀 Just like how a woman marries a guy 20 years older, it’s normal. But if a guy is younger than the woman 10 years, it’s shockingly eye opening. This Shirley girl, who knew what she was thinking when she moved on from a 10 year relationship to a guy who was supposedly rich but was not. I feel people were definitely harsh in labeling her as gold digging if she was she wouldn’t be with a non-famous kind of poor child star who only has cameo roles when she was a lead at some point in her tvb life. I would say she made some very bad choices but definitely not a gold-digger. Ironically, a colleague once told me BP is a person who follows the trend. Just like how at one point Jennifer Aniston was the IT girl during the FRIENDS era and BP was right there. AJ has been an IT one in hollywood ever since the TOMB RAIDER or whatever movie and then somehow they were in MR&MRS and the rest if history. LOL…I kind of get she’s saying you know like followed whatever it is at the moment kind of thing. Wonder which one he will be after next. haha lol…

      6. @wm2017 lol probably thats why he’s so lost currently. Currently the only IT girl is Jlaw but she’s full of attitude and possibly laugh at BP if he tries and possibly make fun of his fail attempts to flirt with her xD. Your theory of BP following the trend is quite interesting

      7. @littlefish It was my colleague’s theory on BP. Lol..haha as she was a super fan of BP and when he divorced JA for seductive AJ she was pissed like it was her hubby. hahah lol…So her thoughts were like what a shameless follower which she had a bit of point as there are people like that whatever race they are. JA was IT back then and went to the one who loves adopting kids all of a sudden just cuz they did a movie together? Sigh…. shameless. JLaw? Oh man, that one does have a bit of attitude but hey it seems she loves older men so you never know? ahhaa Lol…

  8. I agree with jjwong!!

    Everybody makes mistakes and maybe one day her old news will subside and give her a chance to come back on the tube with tvb she not all that great in acting but she’s a whole lot beta then some for the newbs there promoting nowadays

  9. @littlefish Funny thing. I googled cheating famous celebs in Hollywood to see if I can find a better actress that may support your claim besides KS. 9 out of 10 are male whom cheated… idk whether female celebs are more faithful hence no news or media doesn’t explode om cheating female as much, lol. Either way, I still think Hollywood and western audiences don’t give a rat’s butt about cheating. I’m not saying there’s no double standards in H. There most definitely is; just not on cheating taboo because they don’t care.

    1. @jjwong for sure, there are more males cheating it seems in Hollywood than females. However, my point was if you are famous male, they will let it slide, the case of BP. You could argue KS is not famous enough and she’s famous for that cheating scandal so they will always bring it up every article. But to this day, there are still so many bitter netizens (one of them most likely Trump x”D) convince that she will always be a cheater, and as soon as she hook up with a new girl, news media would go click bait “KS cheat again!”. Meanwhile BP, who also cheated once, has the tag: “new fling”/“new gf” instead of say “BP cheated again!”

      I do agree that Hollywood/westerners don’t care much about cheating, if they do, we wouldn’t have that many TV show on cheating/mistresses xD and just look at their daytime daily drama (I’m looking at you, the bold and the beautiful >_>) xD slow news this week? Haven’t seen a new article for a good 7days at least now…

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