Vincent Wong Begs on Knees in Asking Yoyo Chen to Marry Him

After his theatrical performance last night, Vincent Wong (王浩信) successfully proposed to Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) before the entire audience! As the couple shed tears of joy, their good friends and the audience could not hold back tears either. Good friends, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), and others sent their congratulations through Weibo.

Although the Oriental Daily exposed Vincent’s wedding intentions earlier, he revealed that he had not proposed to Yoyo yet. Declaring that he would seek a good opportunity to propose to Yoyo, Vincent took advantage of the stage spotlight to thank Yoyo in always supporting him, while walking offstage with a bouquet of Yoyo’s favorite sunflowers and an engagement ring. Vincent knelt down before the entire audience and proposed to Yoyo!

In that split second, Yoyo did not know how to react. The entire crowd cheered, while Yoyo smiled widely and nodded her head in acceptance. Vincent slipped the ring onto Yoyo’s finger, after which the couple kissed and hugged. The atmosphere was very warm.

Vincent Anxious Before Marriage Proposal

In a telephone interview, Vincent admitted that he was very nervous the night before the marriage proposal. His costars from theatrical production, Spicy Wife <辛辣人妻>, Joey Leung (梁榮忠) and Leila Tong (唐寧), encouraged him with the plan. Vincent said, “I asked them how I should propose. Joey advised that I should not think too much and that the proposal should stem from the heart. I asked two dozen of my friends to sit in different areas among the audience and not let Yoyo discover their presence. Afterward, my friends told me that they were even afraid to go to the restroom!”

Teased Myolie Wu in Finding a Good Husband

Vincent revealed that Yoyo was responsible in managing the household. Yoyo walked onstage and joked that she will not be a “spicy wife.” The couple accepted their friends and the audience’s congratulations. Vincent and Yoyo will hold their 20-table wedding banquet at the Island Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong. Since the couple had numerous friends, the most pressing issue was accommodating all the guests.

Numerous friends expressed their congratulations through Weibo to the couple. Myolie wished that the couple will grow old together and noted that Yoyo will be marrying a good husband. Vincent responded to Myolie’s message, “Thank you Myolie! Wish you the same!” Sharon Chan wished that the couple will grow old together in happiness and have a fat baby.



Jayne: Congratulations! What a dramatic way to propose, by asking the “world” and their close friends to witness Vincent’s proposal. A very bold and memorable way to propose; kudos to Vincent for coming up with the idea!

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  1. Congrats to the couple! Its glad to see her smile so happily, the hong kong audience are great, they showing such joy and excitement too

  2. Congratz to them! Hopefully they don’t expose anymore private stuff. Anyway, is it common for HK girls to wear the rings on their right instead of the left?

    1. Yeah it seems that they won’t care which hand it’s on – just the ring finger.

    2. No wonder asian guys always ask if I am married or not… I also noticed that they often wear the ring on the right hand instead of the left hand too.

  3. okay, i saw this picture on another web and this pics was cutted,cuz i saw yoyo mung on the side but it was cut.

    well congratz to them!!

    1. Yea I thought I saw Yoyo Mung too! But I wasn’t sure cuz half her face was covered by her hands. The lady in the blue shirt right??

  4. A bold proposal, only if you’re sure she is going to say yes. If not, could be the most embarassing moment ever.

    1. Funn,
      Yoyo knew that Vincent intended to propose to her. Actually, the wedding reception has already been set to be held at Nov. 13th at the Shangri-La, so the proposal was just to make it official and have witnesses.

      LOL, what is everyone’s ideal marriage proposal? Does the man really have to go on his knees to ask?

      1. @jayne

        yes, kneeling of the knee is a nice gesture and im somewhat traditional so i would like a real proposal (without my knowledge). i wouldn’t like for it to be in a crowded place though, since there is more pressure to say yes haha.

      2. “LOL, what is everyone’s ideal marriage proposal? Does the man really have to go on his knees to ask?”

        No, but must be something earnest and meaningful and not just “Errr we have dated 10 years. Let’s get married. Oh here’s the ring” sort of thing. And please no proposing in public. I am not that high profile.

      3. Congrats to Vincent & Yoyo! They look so happy.

        I’m old school, I think men should go on their knees and ask. It’s like a symbolic gesture showing the guy is really ‘asking’ instead of ‘hey let’s get married’.

        Noooooo for public gestures though. I agree with Lily that there would be more pressure to say yes. Reminds me of Korean series ‘Soulmate’ where the guy proposes to the girl in a subway train and she is pressured to say yes, and they end up breaking their engagement.

      4. Kneeling is romantic but yeap no public place please! In private is better! 😀

    2. Stephen Huynh’s proposal is even more bold. I was very elaborate and he proposed in the open too. He kept the preparation very secret. I wonder if they discuss marriage before his proposal. He only said in interview that he tried to hint it to the girl’s parents to see their response before proceeding.

  5. Congrats to Vincent and Yoyo ..

    Yoyo’s smile says it all..

    great proposal..

  6. Very romantic and touching… if they were regular people or if it was a movie.
    Sorry but such a staged proposal seems self-serving for celebrities that like the attention.

    1. Why is it only romantic and touching if it was regular people? Are celebrities not also regular people?

      1. 1. B/c it wouldn’t be a publicity stunt.

        2. No, they’re not.

      2. Without hidden camera and doggies to be invited, they are regular ppl.

      3. 1. How do you know for sure it is a publicity stunt?
        2. Oh? Perhaps they are aliens.

  7. So sweet of Vincent. Congrats to Yoyo, after what she’s been through, this is a happy ending for her!!! Wish them the best!

  8. I wish I will be able to do this when I propose my future wife

  9. Such a public proposal, great publicity for the couple! I do like that they’re very open to the rest of the world, unlike many who choose to hide….

    1. Too open, if they open the blinds up again to lure in sneaky worms.

  10. I have a feeling they going to get divorce someday…. not sure why.

  11. Congrats the wedding on six one day 111111. Yoyo is the pretty bride and Vincent is the happy groom. Their wedding looks like a very sweet moment

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