Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen Make Out for 72 Hours

Since Vincent Wong (王浩信)and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤)were photographed kissing by the poolside in their Tseung Kwan O apartment in 2009, TVB allegedly were dissatisfied with the pair high-profile relationship. Due to Vincent’s focus on his acting career, he neglected Yoyo. Although Yoyo moved out of their shared residence in the beginning of 2011, Vincent sent two thousand text messages to ask for reconciliation. Two months after their dispute, Vincent and Yoyo were back together again.

Dating for three years, 29-year-old Yoyo Chen and 27-year-old Vincent Wong were a passionate couple.  The long-legged Yoyo was a goddess in many netizens’ eyes. Vincent signed a management contract with TVB in 2008 and appeared in supporting roles in series such as Gun Metal Grey <刑警> and Home Troopers <居家兵團>.

Exhibiting Passionate Love

The paparazzi glimpsed into the passionate lives of Vincent and Yoyo by observing them in their Tseung Kwan O apartment. After completing Flying Tigers <飛虎> Vincent had several days of rest at home. At the same time, Yoyo had a filming break from Happy House, Hidden Dragon <樂府藏龍> at the end of May. In a 72-hour time period, Yoyo bought McDonald’s and cooked instant noodle. The couple often lounged on their sofa in the living room and often kissed and hugged. It appears that their passion has not dwindled.

Day 1: May 24th

Dating for three years, Vincent and Yoyo have lived together for two years. At 7:30 PM, after taking a shower, Vincent wore briefs and paraded in front of Yoyo, similar to a long-married couple. At 9:30 PM, Vincent was lounging in the living room. Passing by the living room, Yoyo sat on top of Vincent, who grabbed her waist. Yoyo bent her head to kiss Vincent’s chest. Realizing that Vincent was only paying attention to Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir> aired on the television, Yoyo decided to rest on top of the reclining Vincent. Yoyo protested and Vincent finally turned off the television. Yoyo treated Vincent very well. Purchasing the take-out meal, she also fed Vincent.

Day 2: May 25th

When the sky turned dark at 7 PM, Yoyo kissed Vincent fiercely. Passing Vincent on the sofa, Yoyo bent down to give him a two minute kiss.

Day 3: May 27th

At 6 PM, Vincent and Yoyo appeared before the window. Prior to dinner, Vincent rested on the sofa. Yoyo approached Vincent and kissed him on the face. Vincent returned the favor and kissed Yoyo on the cheeks.

Denying Living Together

Returning to TVB to film Happy House, Hidden Dragon on June 1st, Yoyo denied that she was living together with Vincent. “We are not living together. I stay at his house sometimes; this is quite normal for a dating couple. When there is no work, I will cook a little food. Marriage? Our careers come first….”

Vincent replied, “Living together? Haha; this is an open secret. TVB did not tell us to be low key. Our relationship has gone public for a long time. Dating for three years, both of us of have sacrificed in the relationship. Right now, our relationship is very stable and we are very happy. I think I am a boring person, always choosing to stay home.  I do not change in this regard and she trusts me. As for the future, let’s save some money first. We have not thought about it!”

Excerpt from Face Magazine #211

Jayne: Lol, the photos may look steamy at first, but they seem to illustrate Vincent’s penchant for lounging in his underwear on the sofa mostly. The couple also love to hug and kiss…but nothing too scandalous.


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  1. It is scandalous. Why? Surely they will know some nosy photographer is clicking away and yet the window or rather curtains are wide opened. passionate maybe but feels rather staged, like some publicity stunt. If this was hollywood, gossip columnists would have called this a staged publicity stunt. I don’t doubt their relationship but clearly both of them are in need of some publicity. it feels like it!

    1. Just from the pictures, I have a sneeky suspicion that both were seeking publicity. As veteran artists, they should know better to draw their blinds/curtains if they wanted privacy. They were probably cognizant that they needed to jump start their careers again by “posing” in front of the apartment windows to create news (scandal for those resporters who want to slant these photos). This couple are considered to be “B” or even “C” supporting artists only.

      1. They are a good looking couple for sure however their acting skills is even worse than ah Ron so which is pretty bad to begin with. Let’s face it there are alot of good looking people but only a few of them can really act. Maybe they should consider doing something else with their life.

      2. @exoidus: How bad their acting is? Curious, what is your standard for good acting. Mind give me example of good looking ppl that can act (now, not in the past).

      3. Well I think their acting are any good at all but again there are really few artist that can act properly nowadays among the artist in their same age group. To name a few Tavia, Linda, Raymond, Steven comes to my mind at first thought.

        Maybe she isn’t quite a KLF yet but believe me she is approaching that status fast unless she quits or undress herself in some movies.

      4. I also think this is a publicity stunt. But could it be that Yoyo was the one that was aware of it, and not Vincent?
        he seems to not like to create news, and if u see his weibo or previous blogposts he seems like a normal guy that doesnt like to seek attention.

        On the other hand, with yoyo’s history it does seem like she knew pple were snapping away pics and leaving the window open.

        it’s also a perfect timing since she is in Sister FaFa?

        really, which sick hk papparazi would kno B or C lists artist schedule so well that they go an monitor their window 3 days in 24h ??

        really think YoYo is the one that let out this news to pple… but just my gutt feeling..

    2. @Funn, I share similar thoughts. First thing that popped into my mind was “This is for publicity.”

  2. They seem like a cute couple. A normal loving couple. Nothing scandalous about that.
    And I don’t think it’s staged. Everything screams private anyways. I feel bad that their privacy was taken advantage of.

    And I think that’s great that Vincent is the type to relax and stay at home. Not boring at all, I think it’s nice actually.

    1. You know the paparazzi is taking photos, opening the curtains that wide is an open invitation. I think not so much as staged as in they knew, they let them be. Anyway not that they’re complaining so I think they just don’t care perhaps? But I feel this is staged for the papparazzis. Both of them certainly need some publicity since frankly they’re aren’t exactly a-listers.

      1. Funn,
        Yoyo and Vincent explained that their apartment window faced a hill, thus they let loose their inhibitions and opened the curtains wide. The fuzzy quality of the photos indicate that they were taken from a remote distance, so possibly neighbor noticed wide windows and alerted tabloids?

        If a publicity stunt, maybe Yoyo would have worn a little more make-up? She looks a little haggard in the photos.

      2. Make up has nothing to do with publicity stunt. It is an opportunity and she probably suspected someone is taking pictures and so went with it. Believe me, this is the only time I really do think these pictures were taken with full knowledge. No one can be THAT intimate in such a wide opened window for everyone to see and not suspect a thing.

      3. I still don’t think they suspected it. I doubt that they would keep living their lives in paranoia because of reporters. And I remember an article from Jayne, when they kissed by the poolside? They didn’t see reporters there either and they were being intimate.

        Also, I think we should keep in mind that most of these reporters do these types of things for a living. They can be pretty sneaky and what not. It’s also not the first time they’ve invaded someone’s privacy.

      4. Actually the conspiracy speculation comes from their activities took place beside a wide open windows for the whole 3 days.

      5. I actually think they’re a cute couple whether PR stunt or not and the good thing that comes out is we can all enjoy Vincent’s body.

        Poor Yoyo is showing her haggard makeupless face.

      6. Vivien,
        If you enjoy looking at Vincent’s figure, Flying Tigers is the series to look forward to. Both Vincent and Him Law will have extended shower scenes.

        Aside from Vincent in his briefs, the photos don’t reveal that much skin. Yoyo and Vincent have close body contact, but is is the aspect of voyeurism and the little that that makes it more steamy than it actually is.

      7. I agree with both Jen and Jayne, hahaa

        they’re pecking at each other randomly from time to time, but in my opinion, if they wanted to make news,
        im sure they would have just done “it” on the couch under a blanket or something to make BIG NEWS LOL !

        theyre acting like normal couples, being sweet to each other, and Yoyo, being the woman, always clingy to Vincent , feeding him and such : )

        i think theyre very natural ~

      8. I don’t think any celebrity would open their curtain no matter what way/where the window was facing, especially nowadays when the technology, plus years ago Leon + Gaile had something similar happen, both facing far from any residency/buildings/etc

    2. I agree with you, they seems like a lovely couple who just want to spent time together when they get a chance. They probably didnt think paparazzi were watchin them. These people are soo noisy and be judging for no reason.

  3. Poor Yoyo and Vincent, the hk papparazi surely needs to learn how to give some decent couple a rest for sake!, I also felt the same as Yoyo, is like being raped with pics taken by these papparazis.

    I don’t think that’s scandalous either due that their open relationship which almost everyone knew they’re an item. Nothing big issue like Ray’s pics kekek.

  4. Correction for my previous post: Ray’s pics wasn’t anything revealing either, I honestly don’t think bad of Ray’s personal life having many women sleeping besides was just that he constants deny in relationship that made me irk. Ray has the right to be with any woman he wants since he’s still single.

  5. First to say: I like Yoyo.

    But isn’t it too coincident to Yoyo to have this matter with both bfs? First time is with Vin Choi (where their pix after have sex are revealed when he lost his cellphone on a taxi) and now with Vincent.

    1. Agreed. Looks to me pr stunt. Not that it is staged, but she knew, he knew, but went on with it. Either that or she’s very very careless.

  6. I can’t believe that they managed to take such private photos of them. Boy, you can’t hide even in your own home…

    1. Well, not that they’re making any real attempts to hide. When you’re very famous, you avoid being photographed so intimately. When you’re essentially a d-lister, this is actually quite a publicity. Bad publicity is better than no publicity

      1. Lol.

        On the other hand, dun need to cover too much. I rmb I laughed like crazy when TY said to reporter such thing: “I told my family members to cover faces by masks and use long-sleeved shirts when going out to avoid the paparazzi.” Lol, it’s really needed? And family members? Even her shouldn’t do such thing when going out.

    2. What a way to gain publicity… Can’t they find other ways of doing it?? I think that is kind of a shameful way of gaining publicity.

  7. How did they take the first photo? It looks like he is inside the bathroom and he’s smiling at the camera. Weird, looks a bit staged.

  8. Has the paparazzi crossed the line? It’s one thing if they were kissing on the street and paparazzi filmed it. But, this is spying into their home, which should be private.

    1. No they didn’t. Because they are inviting pictures by doing so openly. They know the risk, and they took it.

      1. funn, i’m getting tired of scrolling down and seeing your replies to EVERYONE who suspected this isn’t staged/intrusion of privacy. You act like you KNOW for sure it is what it is. Girl, chill.

      2. Don’t you know? Because I know. Skip if you wish or don’t read.

      3. Not trying to get into a debate or anything, but I think you should be a little more open about it. You said they know the risk, but maybe they didn’t (since you think it’s a stunt, lets say for example if it wasn’t). Would they know? I come across things like this everyday, and sometimes I do think, “geez don’t they know,” or “shouldn’t they know.” But they don’t and I get that.
        And I think you should keep in mind the quote that the thing about common sense is that it’s not so common.
        Another metaphor, it’s kinda like walking down a street full of people. Should you really be carrying your purse at all? There’s always the risk of it being stolen, but not everyone’s thinking that while walking down the street.

        There’s a risk in just about everything isn’t there?
        So basically I think we should keep in mind about certain things when said about people knowing the risks.
        And people keep mentioning how they’re not A list stars so the publicity might be good for them. This can also work the other way around, since they’re not as popular as other stars, they probably have more freedom to go around without being followed by reporters all the time.

        We’re not them so we don’t know the truth, but we can still make our assumptions and have opinions.

    1. I noticed that too, that dog looks absolutely beautiful and adorable! Aw.

  9. WOW… 2000 text messages for reconciliation?! I wonder what was the time spam for all these messages to be sent, lol.

    1. 2000 can seem like super dedicated or that of a very mad woman.

      1. It’s Vincent who sent the 2000 sms, not Yoyo.

  10. Hopefully it was not a publicity stunt because althought not scandelous but very private moments share between two lovers in the privacy of their own home. If you look carefully at picture #9, the one below where they were cuddling, that looks kind of kinky, from that angle that LOL.

    1. lol wait i thought that’s exactly what she was doing.

  11. Yes I had a feeling this was a publicity stunt too. The things they were doing were not that private, very PG.

  12. Its not that scandalous but however anyone in the right mind will close their windows when being intimate.

    3 days and they forget? Not to mention they know how invasive the HK paparazzi are. And with such advanced technology and the super zoom cameras avail, I think they should know better.

    Anyway, they do need the publicity, however may not be a stunt since they did something similar while lazing in the swimming pool before.

  13. LOL love the part about Vincent parading around in his underwear.

    THe paparazzi are so nosy, they are a couple, so what if they kiss and cuddle.

    They look cute though 🙂 I always thought Yoyo was going out with someone else from TVB.

  14. Seems like a publicity stunt to me as well. Seems they would know about their lack of privacy in their apartment complex after the 09 incident in the swimming pool. But whatever rocks their boat.

    On another note, Vincent looks HAWT in his briefs… though I prefer boxers > briefs 🙂 hehe

  15. Lol, in a few of the photos looks like she’s on top of him or her face is above his crotch.

  16. they have no acting skills whatsoever so this PR stunt might help the guy. the girl will stay however as a KLF unless she is willing to film some soft porn for Wong Jing haha

    1. Wong Jing has soft porn? Uhm and Yoyo isn’t really a kelefe.

    2. @exoidus, I don’t like Yoyo, but she is doing fairly well in My Sister of Eternal Flower. Like Fox said, she isn’t in KLF roles and her roles has actually gotten more significant in the last few years. She’s second supporting actress in MSOEF.

      1. Third supporting actress, Chriselle. You forgot Toby. She is second, Yoyo is third.

      2. @Fox, Haha… I didn’t forget Toby. Toby is first SUPPORTING actress. So Yoyo is second. Or you can say Yoyo is third lead actress.

  17. Look like PR stunt too because it’s so PG and they should’ve learnt from the 2009 incident rofl.

    Vincent has a hot fit body anyway and I dont mind him strutting with it so I guess this stunt is working and not a bad rumour!

    1. =.= not shame? She said she felt like raped by these pix. It’s not shame?

  18. Eh, a couple people said they should learn from their mistakes (the pool incident). Yeah, it’s happened before (a couple years ago too), but I don’t think it’s any way to start living all paranoid.
    It’s kinda like small theft, if someone was robbed, they might start being more careful from then on, but after a while, they’ll just start falling back into the normal routine before the theft.

    And I’m not saying it’s true for everyone, and that’s the thing, everyone’s different. But I know there are some people who aren’t super worried about everything all the time.

    Oh, and I also want to make a comment that why is it that a couple needs to have the shades closed if they’re just cuddling or giving each other a small peck on the face? It’s not like it’s necessary that they have to do it in the dark or with shades drawn.

    1. Maybe it is normal for your place to have your neighbours walk around in their underwear with the curtains wide open. But not where I am.

      1. I agree. I mean even though YOU feel comfortable to walk around in your undies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about the outside eyes. They might find it disgusting or find it hot and might even spy on you. So no matter what you have to think about the outsiders eyes and not just think about your own comfort.

      2. Whatever they like to wear inside their house is their right.

      3. Kidd true, but when someone does that in full view of a very opened view, doesn’t that mean that person may be an innate exhibitionist? His body is nice, she is pretty, so nice to look at, and in HK buildings are quite close, very easy to see but not everybody wants to see. As much as it is your right to strip in your house and do whatever you want, outsiders have a right to be shielded by such exhibitionist behaviour. So yes, strip all you want, but please the curtains are there for a reason. Funny is they never cried their privacy being invaded, am I correct? Therefore my initial and continued conclusion.

      4. “Kidd true, but when someone does that in full view of a very opened view, doesn’t that mean that person may be an innate exhibitionist? “

        Vincent said the window is facing a hill.

        “Funny is they never cried their privacy being invaded, am I correct? Therefore my initial and continued conclusion. “

        They did. But, it won’t matter. You will just say they are faking it ala Gillian since you are so convinced that it’s stage.

      5. I can fault them if they are on the ground floor and the window is facing the street/sidewalk and everyone walk by can see, or of the window is very close to the next building where the occupants of the next building can see inside with naked eyes. If it neither case, I can’t fault them. If the window is facing somewhere that no one is supposed to be able to see inside unless they use spy camera/binocular, it’s not the responsibility of the person inside to shield the public eyes.

    2. In New York City, all you have to do is walk around apartment buildings at night to see men strutting around topless at night.

      We even have the infamous Naked Cowboy in Manattan, who wears nothing but a pair of well padded white briefs and a wide brimmed hat, strumming his guitar and singing his Western tunes. He did this for a decade and got famous for showing up in only briefs even in the middle of winter.

      Again, it is not the amount of skin, but the apparent voyeurism that makes Vincent and Yoyo’s photos steamy.

      1. Skin and that as well because HK is still conservative, but less than Malaysia. We don’t have people french kissing anyone on the street openly, and even in own home, not in front of an wide opened view.

      2. Funn,
        What about at nightclubs in Malaysia? Do people dirty dance? After a few drinks, people can get pretty wild. Not the manner of dress, but the amount of grinding at dance floors can make you feel like a voyeur.

      3. Jayne, not a nightclub person but generally been to a few and whatever happens in nightclubs stay in nightclubs. I did see some like you said grinding action, but nothing I would avert my eyes from but I suppose the clubs I went to were of the decent reputation kind. There were those where girls dance on table tops with mirrors, etc. So for all I know there may be very very open sort of nightclubs out there. There are those who kisses, groping and all in private areas, the amount of voyeour videos of young ones making out on the stairs of university building is a lot, or at some quiet place at some park (plenty!), however open for all to see, none unless they want to be arrested. The house thing I understand is their own private home BUT open curtain for all to see, extremely rare. We are just not that open even if privately we may be.

      4. @ Funn: It’s HK we are talking about. HKers are quite open. I rmb I saw a man with nothing in front of a window. If you feel annoying with that, better for you to close your window.

      5. Are they THAT open? I did see teenagers hugging closely, and perhaps like Singapore they show their affections openly, but not to THAT extent.

  19. Not to mention one of the pics looks like she’s doing you know what to his crotch lol.

    1. That’s what I noticed too. I thought the pictures were fine (nothing too surprising or ~scandalous) until I saw that photo, lol.

  20. There was another headline that says Yoyo felt that being photographed was like being raped. That’s a big over the top with that remark. I think it’s a good publicity for them, as they are a bit under-rated.

    1. LOL it’s the only way they can gain some PR. By saying those words will have a bigger impact. The whole thing is planned out and executed carefully. They might have tipped the newspapers themselves.

      1. If it was stage, then she’s so cheap to make that claim. But, if it was not, then it still to their advantage that they got publicity since they are not that popular.

  21. I feel sorry for these two. It is their private joyous moment happening inside Vincent’s house. A man should never have to worry about what is taking place inside his house, yet, the HK media uses a ruthless method to sell their stories. This is not the first time that happens to HK celebrities, there should be a written law against reporters using this kind of tactics.

  22. No matter what, I still think it’s not right to spy inside people’s houses. It’s an invasion of privacy. Paparazzi also did this to Fiona.

  23. Wow! One of those pictures definitely show a little more than (I’m sure) they intended to… if this was done intentionally.

    1. The oral sex one? Yeah, it totally looks like it. Publicity or not, she’s been caught in intimate photos before with her ex.

      1. I did not know that. Who is her ex? I’m surprised that she’s as open as other typical TVB artists

      2. @ Cythia

        “Who is her ex?”

        Vin Choi.

        Haha. Yoyo has a thing for guys with ‘Vin’ in their name?

  24. Invasion of privacy = Voyeurism = sensationalism which lead to trashy news.

  25. It’s not a “bad” publicity I suppose since many comments here are praising Vincent’s sufer-bod and Yoyo’s hotness hahaha. Besides while there are some who think this is just a gimmick there are others who feel sorry for their violated privacy. So all in all it’s a good publicity for them.

  26. I’ve got to agree with Jayne and Lacey, voyeurism is the selling point of these photos. Heck, I’m not even such a big fan of these two but I looked and liked what I saw haha! Yoyo is pretty, but if I wanted to seek publicity, I’d wear something sexier and let my hair down instead of her grandma getup.

    If my apartment faced a hill with no neighbors, I’d also walk around in my underwear…and I have with no apartment facing a hill. Honestly, I thought everyone did that…until lately, especially now hahaha. For some of us, our home is our sanctuary, where we are at one with our natural selves.

    I’m not sure how the two responded to the news…but if it were me I would be peeved at the paparazzi. However, I’d probably reply with, “OMG, Now all of HK knows how hot n sexy my man is..but remember, he belongs only to me!!!!”

    It’s all perspective.

    1. Yoyo is so lucky her boyfriend is fit hot and tall. He remind me of a younger and nicer looking Joe Ma.

  27. Too bad she’s not photograph in lingerie outfits.

    DAMN 🙂

    1. If she did she might get called for Sex & Zen sequel casting rofl. This is small matter before this there’s some leaked topless pics of her when she was with Vin Choi.

      Yoyo always end up having steamy pics from her relationships leaked this is fishy

  28. I’m surprised they didn’t go further than cuddling and kissing. Does this normally lead to something else LOL? especially for a couple that has been together for three years? 🙂

  29. this report is so stalkerish and creepy….

    also…so everytime theyre by the window they make out? sounds posed to me.

    and why are they just showing yoyo seducing vincent?? that is such an embarassing pic of what looks like her giving him oral.

  30. who cares what they do, they work hard and they are just like a normal couple who gets time and want to enjoy their days off, just let them. people are so noisy and make such a big deal over this. Who cares if yoyo wears make up or no my gosh… give thaem a break people!!! she is at home, why does she care, if Vincent doesn’t, why do you people care!

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