Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, and Yoyo Chen File Complaints at Privacy Commission

Earlier, Face Magazine and Sudden Weekly Magazine took unauthorized, fully nude and half-nude photographs of Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Vincent Wong (王浩信), and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤)at their homes.  The artists filed complaint letters at the Office of Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) and petitioned for legislation to be established to further protect artists’ privacy. The artists were accompanied by TVB executive, Virginia Lok(樂易玲)and Astrid Chan (陳芷菁), who served as a representative of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild.

Commissioner Chiang acknowledged the receipt of the three artists’ complaints before the media. The artists were photographed at home in situations involving nudity and intimacy between a man and a woman. Based on preliminary assessment, Face Magazine and Sudden Weekly Magazine breached privacy rights. According to regulations, collection of personal data must be legitimate and fair. PCPD will investigate the matter further and if the magazines’ conduct were found to be illegal, an enforcement notice will be issued, requiring the two media organizations to correct [their conduct]. If they do not comply, this may constitute as a criminal offense. Since PCPD did not have the power to fine violators, it recommended that the victims file civil claims.

Bosco Wong stressed that the intent of the meeting today was the emphasis on privacy. “We wanted to take a stand today. As to further legal action, we will decide later. Perhaps it was a small matter that happened to me. However, I am also a citizen and hope that citizens’ privacy can be protected. After speaking with the Commissioner and listening to his explanation, I think that the situation is very optimistic. Of course, we hope to resolve the matter quickly.” Bosco stayed at PCPD for half an hour. Since the publication of his nude photographs, Bosco’s mood appeared to have stabilized. While filming The Fortune Buddies <勁抽福祿壽>, Bosco appeared in good spirits and joked with cast members Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), Fiona Sit (薛凱琪), and Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲).

Vincent Wong noted that their main interest was not compensatory damages. “I respect freedom of the press, but I would like to defend the privacy rights of artists at home.” Yoyo Chen urged the improvement of the conduct of society, “I think that the trends in society and the media industry are going downhill. This will affect the next generation and I hope this trend will not continue.”

Astrid Chan noted that the artists were accompanied by a lawyer at the PCPD meeting. Astrid revealed the actions the Performing Artistes Guild took after the recent intrusion in artists’ privacy, “We established a group after unauthorized photographs of the artists were taken at their homes. The group leaders include Sammy and myself. We have to report to the President, Eric Tsang (曾志偉). Not only are we interested in what happened to Bosco, Vincent, and Yoyo, we are also concerned about all Hong Kong artists, including Fiona Sit and Anthony Wong’s son photographed earlier in their homes.”

Myolie Wu Declined Attendance

Due to her work schedule, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) did not join fellow TVB colleagues in filing the complaint at PCPD. TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明), explained, “Myolie Wu was only visiting Bosco Wong at his home when the unauthorized photographs were taken. TVB respects her wishes and did not ask her to attend the PCPD meeting.”

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  1. Glad that they are taking some action and hope something will come from this so that the artists can protect their privacy outside of work. All of them made the mistake of leaving their blinds open, so hope it will be a lesson learned and will take better precautions in the future. But still, it is very unethical for the media to take nude or intimate pictures of the artists like that when they are off work.

    1. Yea it’s unethical for the media but an artist should know that he’s an ARTIST who’s under scrutiny of paparazzis and take caution 24hrs a day even at home. Closing the curtain is so simple.

      1. both vincent and bosco lives across an ocean or something , they didn’t know that the paparazzi could ACTUALLY find a spot to take photos that could shoot them , theyre artists, but they aren’t people in jail. i mean, if i were to be stuck at home with no sunlight all the time, i would die ;s

  2. What happen to the hot Vincent? Why he look ugly hee and looking out of proportion?

  3. While the media is unethical the artiste need to learn to keep their curtain shut during private moment too.

    1. So they’re going against Next Group? Bosco isn’t afraid of losing chance to get that Next award for next year? ROFL

  4. Seriously though, if you don’t want such photos, for heaven’s sake, use the curtains! Privacy is both ways. I agree there was infringement of privacy but what do you expect when you strut around naked or half naked with wide opened view?

    1. This is why I don’t like Bosco. I don’t get what right he wants to uphold when what he should do is just to admit that he was the one who strut naked in his house with the curtain not shut.

      1. I bet Vincent and Yoyo are just following orders from the company. They were quiet before when their photos published but suddenly went along with this privacy right thing when Bosco comes up.

      2. That’s not what I mean. I mean they have a right to lodge the complaint but practically he should observe care next time in strutting naked even in his own house if he intends to open the curtain that wide.

      3. Did he deny strutting naked in his house with the curtain not shut? No.

        Admitting it does not mean his privacy is not infringed. He still has every right to complain.

      4. Well since you don’t like Bosco, your opinion of him will be very negative and bias.

    2. As artists they know that their privacy is different than normal people. It is not like he lives on the first floor of the condo complex and have his curtains wide open. Doesn’t he live on the 14th floor or something? In order to have those kind of photos the paps must have set up special lens/cameras. I think the artists want more privacy where the paps cannot take pictures into their homes. There is a difference of standing outside of an artist home, waiting for him/her to come out and setting up cameras to take intimate pictures of the artists while they are inside their homes.

      I don’t think it is right to say you are an artist so you cannot lead your own private life. They are human beings, its just their jobs/careers are making movies to entertain people. They are allowed to have a life outside the job.

  5. That photo… Evil 620 looks happy. Bosco looks like he crap his pants. Yoyo posing as young innocent girl. Vincent is out of style. Loosen it up TVB employees!

    As Funn Lim says. closed the curtains.

    1. Totally agree with you. They should close curtains if the do something like that…

    2. Definitely agree on Yoyo’s image at the Privacy Commission looking very deceptively innocent and all, super ROFL!

      “Not only are we interested in what happened to Bosco, Vincent, and Yoyo, we are also concerned about all Hong Kong artists”

      When I was reading this, I was wondering what kind of statement is this? They didn’t read the magazine reports and saw the photos? If they didn’t know what happened to Bosco and trio, then why accompany them down to file a complaint?

      Felt a tad disappointed especially since this came from one of my favorite bilingual actress and host, Astrid Chan, and also considering that she knows a little about law since her husband and her brother are lawyers ):

      “Myolie Wu was only visiting Bosco Wong at his home when the unauthorized photographs were taken. TVB respects her wishes and did not ask her to attend the PCPD meeting.”

      Are they serious lol! Only visiting?! Who visits a person when the host is naked?! Haha sounds more like someone probably banned her from coming, to prevent reporters from forcing them to admit their more-than-just-neighbors relationship 😛

    3. ROFL about Yoyo absolutely agree! What’s she trying to do? Her posing as the young innocent girl is crappy.

      1. Yoyo only make herself look cheap and look deceptive

      2. Bosco in that black outfits and glasses look like those hidden villain who might secretly attack you with hidden schemes

      3. Vincent look stiff and uncomfortable! He look like he don’t wanna be there. 620 must’ve forced him to go and give him crappy looks to make Bosco look better.

    1. Agree. Some people just non-stop blaming the victim. Even when they are aware of and agreed that privacy is infringed, they still continue to the victim.

      1. Well this is the nature to some people. Can’t help it. If a sexy person got raped, it’s undeniable that some or many will admit that the rapist is wrong but at the same time blame her for dressing sexily and getting the rapist’ attention; instead of emphatising, no? Welcome to the real world hehe 😛

      2. At first I want to post my long “compilation of thoughts” about this whole incident, but after reading majority of the comments, suddenly I got lazy(I don’t want to fuel war). Haha.

      3. @Masaharu:

        Agree with your comments to a certain extent but of course no one wants and asked to be raped, it would be most unfortunate if it happened to anyone.

        However, I would reckon it to be more like some women who wear sexily clad outfits or really short and tight mini-skirts to a club.

        Obviously they are not asking to be raped or anything, but one cannot deny that their main motive is to induce guys to look at them in a sexual way, no? But can it be avoided? Yes it can!

        So my point is if they knew that the paparazzi is on their heels and anywhere and everywhere, they should have just took the necessary precautions and close the damn curtain!

        I mean if Andy Lau installed CCTVs all over his house and Sammi Cheng has said before that she never ever opens the curtain when she’s at home then shouldn’t this tell them something?

        But of course, maybe they are tired after a long day of filming and laxed up on these precautionary measures (giving them benefit of the doubt)

  6. These “artists” are acting more like idiots. If you don’t want your neighbors or strangers to see certain aspects of your life, then shutter up, close up or check around you before you do what you want to do. Otherwise, don’t do it. So simple but these idiots want to make news for themselves. Since the press did not trespass, they have every right to photograph what they see. Now, whether they should publish it or not depends on the public’s desire to know and apparently, the public wants to know based on the number of papers, tabloids or magazines sold. If the public did not care, these photos would not be news-worthy at all. Did I hit the bulls-eye on this?

      1. Exactly! My sentiments exactly!

        You flashed yourself in front of the window then you expect people not to see?! It’s kind of like “asking for it” what! Super inconsiderate if your neighbors have a kid in their home!

        But wow, if Bosco tried doing that in my country, the neighbors would have called the cops on him straightaway! We have a legislative here that walking around naked in your own home is considered against the law lol! 😡

      2. Quick opinion: You can’t just charge someone without looking at the underlying facts.

        He can’t be complained, because no neighbor can see him; no house in viccinity is facing that bedroom window 😛

        Unless you count that “photographer” with the long telelens “lived” in the mountain facing his window as his “neighbor”..heheheh.

      3. @ Ah Ka

        Does your country requires people to make love with their clothes on?

      4. @Kidd: Absolutely not but what’s your drift here? 🙂

    1. Totally agree with you. They are a hypocrite to cry over this. They are all know the papparazzi lurking around and always looking for a great moment to take pictures. Why strut around naked without closing the curtain. Regardless of you are in your own home.

      I know others will say they are in their own home for goodness sake. The people who took their pictures are violated the privacy law if the curtain is closed and they just trespassing their house to snap those pictures.

    2. @Masaharu:

      Please kindly read my comment properly, I wrote, “IF your neighbors have a kid in their home.”

      Thanks (:

      1. Ah K, yes I get you, but he has no neighbor in the viccinity of the bedroom – except a hill/mountain.

        Oh wait, unless the paparazzi bring kids to hunt and spy celebrities on the mountain and equip their kids with long telelens. Why not?

        So that later on he can teach his kids and other Hong Kong kids that while it’s unethical to take the photographs, just go ahead and publish them because most of the blame will just go to the victims who lax in covering their windows.

        Hey, the material published might be indecent and defaming an individual; but the Hong Kong clamor for gossips so it does not matter if we did something immoral/unethical to get it; Hong Kong law has no legislation or jurisdiction that can convict us and the public will just blame the victims for their lax; and we-the magazines and paparazzi got the $$$$$ :).

      2. @Masaharu:

        Pardon me but your comments seem to reek of strong sarcasm but it’s alright, to each his own.

        And although I had already read and knew from earlier reports that Bosco lived opposite a hill/mountain, thank you for pointing out to me it again but perhaps you have missed my meaning of “if your neighbor have a kid in their home”, I was referring to the general assumption that if he had a neighbor who lived opposite him and had a child in their family. But anyway, why must it be such a huge issue to you leaves me perplexed.

        And about your vivid imagination of the paparazzi bringing their children alongside them to work, it seems rather out of context and highly impossible to me unless it so happened that that paparazzi is out of his mind. Besides, in a normal world like ours, most of us would definitely not bring our children out to tag along to our workplace because 1. They might prove to be of hindrance to our work 2. For their safety concerns

        Furthermore, if you really feel that averse against the magazines and their actions, then why are you still reading the gossips and tabloids that they printed? It’s one thing to criticize others being immoral, unethical and unscrupulous but when you continue to read the works drafted and photographed by these people? I don’t think so.

        And I don’t mean to target you but it seems like you are a person who refuse to back down without a fight or let others have the final say, which I find rather interesting for someone who proclaimed in earlier comments that “…but after reading majority of the comments, suddenly I got lazy (I DON’T WANT TO FUEL WAR). Haha.” and “Oh boy…but since there’s a “freedom” to voice opinion, can just say that I RESPECT EVERYONE’S PERSONAL OPINION…hehe” Hypocritical much? 🙂

      3. Ah K, with all due respect I do respect your opinions; if I didn’t I would’ve hurled blood hurling insults earlier..just kidding.

        Call me hypocrite if you want since I can’t help what others will think about me, I just suddenly decided to change my mind about commenting 🙂

        Perhaps it was fault, I didn’t convey my “sarcasm” above clearly. Please don’t take my sarcasm about the paparazzi taking kids to work seriously, it was just something that I thought after combining your comment and some other commenter’s imagination(from other news)..hehe.

        Nice discussion. No, this is far from the WAR that I was talking about. My “essay” is not suitable for this public portal, it belongs elsewhere.

      4. @Masaharu:

        Hope I didn’t startle you in a bad way, I re-examined my tone and realized I was a little too harsh and was getting abit personal-attacking in my previous comment.

        That said, you have earned my respect for carrying yourself well and being gracious (:

  7. Hahaha. As usual sometimes I’m speechless at the quality of some comments in this portal 😛

    Oh boy…but since there’s a “freedom” to voice opinion, can just say I respect everyone’s personal opinion..hehe.

      1. Stupid 620 always manage to make her artists being hated more.

  8. All said and done ! I would like to admit that Bosco sure looked hot while naked. Hehehe ! As for keeping the curtains pulled 24 hours a day, it becomes too dark and gloomy in the house. Normally, you would like natural sunlight and fresh air entering one’s home. The reporters are wrong if they try to look into someone else’ house through the window by standing on the terrace of another building holding a camera. The basic rights of privacy should be protected.

    1. To me, Bosco’s naket body not attractive at all, too skinny as I said before, Bosco please put some clothes on. TVB and these so called “victims” are so annoying now, they’re trying PR themselves. CHEAP

      1. They are still victims, even their actions are for PR purposes.

      2. @fox: you never know if they are real victims or not. They may just enjoyed getting photographed. They may created their own shows and now being enjoy on headlines.

      3. @anya

        That was my suspicion for Yoyo earlier because this isn’t the first time she got into some exposure like this! Besides her photos with Vincent are safe and only PG rating if we’re to rate it ROFL. She’s fully clothed and not naked. Yoyo acting as if she’s some naive innocent girl in front of the media made her more suspicious!

      4. @anya: Even if they enjoy to be photographed, since the paparazzis took their private pix without their permissions, they are still victims.

  9. If they find it too dark to close the curtains…can they not put up some type of window tinting like they do with cars? You can see out, but no one can see in?

    Seriously…artists are people and deserve their privacy, but the day they become entertainers, they become people of interest to the public….so the fact that people all clamour to read the gossip and buy the magazines…means that they need to be more careful with their personal antics.

  10. i do agree w/ them filing a “complaints at privacy commission”. but they should always keep their curtins down when they are doing privacy stuff/things.

  11. I honestly question if I as a normal citizen would even dare to strip naked and walk around my home with the curtains open?? But as a celeb?? of course not…

    1. In my opinion, not many women want to go around in the house without clothes but many men do.

  12. Who is the woman next to Bosco Wong? Virgina Lok? She looks younger than I thought she would be.
    I think they are over-reacting. Seriously people, close the door if you going to be naked or do some personal business. Even as a normal citizen like myself, I would not open the windows. Celebrity been in this industry so long, been chase around by many reporters, they should know better.

  13. I have very mixed feelings about all this. Its true that even artists are human beings and obviously want privacy like everyone else. However, they should understand that the paparazzi are always lurking around and so they should be more careful. They choose to be artists and one of the drawbacks is that once you are famous, your privacy goes out of the window. They should have expected that. Its tough but that life!!

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