Yoyo Chen Spoon Feeds Vincent Wong Dessert

Since Yoyo Chen Chi Yiu and Vincent Wong Ho Shun started dating, the couple have been living together at Vincent’s Tseung Kwan O apartment. Last year, tabloids published photos of Yoyo and Vincent frolicking and kissing passionately at the pool within their building grounds. It was rumored that Yoyo and Vincent broke up last month.  Allegedly, the pair was drifting apart and had frequent quarrels, with Yoyo moving out of the apartment. With their three-year romance threatening to come to an end, Vincent put forth his greatest efforts to win Yoyo back.

The night before, Yoyo and Vincent were spotted having dessert together with a friend. Vincent dropped Yoyo off at the dessert shop to find parking. To avoid exposure, Yoyo and Vincent sat with their backs to the door. Throughout the meal, the pair appeared sweetly in love. When their dessert arrived, Yoyo was very thoughtful and even spoon fed Vincent.

After the meal, Vincent’s urge to smoke a cigarette took over. He and his friend stepped outside the restaurant for a cigarette break. Left alone and waiting for Vincent to return, Yoyo played some games on her cell phone. After ten minutes passed and there was no sign of Vincent’s return, Yoyo appeared sour faced. Finally, Vincent came back and apologized. The couple paid their bill and left for home.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong make a cute couple. Both of them have faces that don’t seem to age!

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  1. “Last year, tabloids published photos of Yoyo and Vincent frolicking and kissing passionately at the pool within their building grounds.”


    1. Anywhere online. Just search for their names.

      @ Jayne. LOL, they are only in their late 20s. I think it’s too early to tell if their faces won’t change much though I agree that they both have very youthful faces.

      I wonder which one of them will make it (first)? Vincent seems to be on a roll after GMG (and most likely, more importantly signing with TVB) but Yoyo was also praised for her stint in BTROC last year.

      1. Advo, I think Vincent has a better chance to work himself up to more prominent supporting roles than Yoyo does. Male actors always have this advantage; they can still lead in their 40s.

        Female artists in TVB series are promoted primarily based on looks. Talent is a low factor these days, as acting is learned on the job and takes a long time to develop. Virtually all of the recent young TVB female promoted artists are from Miss Hong Kong or Miss Chinese International. These beauty contests are a “safe” way for TVB to promote new female faces, as the media has already generated buzz for the contestants during the run of the pageants. Since viewers tend to demand that the leading ladies are good looking versus our more tolerant acceptance of leading males that are not, looks are much more important for female artists.

        That being said, I think Yoyo’s days of making it big are very slim. Each year presents more competition in the form of new beauty contest pageants. If she is devoted to acting, then it will take a long time to develop her reputation as a strong character actress along the lines of Mimi Lo.

      2. I also think Vincent will probably make it big first. He has good looks, and has gotten a rise in popularity since GMG, and he’s still really young-has a long future ahead of him. As for Yoyo, I think she’s cute as well, but there’s nothing outstanding about her looks and acting that will help her stand out from the crowd of actresses. Defintely there’s an advantage for actresses if they came from a pageant since they have already gained some attention and populartity from the audience. Unless she suddenly has a really good role that will help boost her popularity. But even so, she will need to keep it up. She doesn’t give the impression that she is very ambitious in her career, not that she isn’t hardworking, but just lacking some drive.

      3. @ Advo

        Agree that Yoyo is at a disadvantage. She did not come from pageant and TVB didn’t seem to be promoting her much. Even if one have a breakthrough role, it still depends on TVB whether they want to continue the momentum or not. She was praised in BTROC. But, TVB didn’t continue the momentum. Her role was pathetically small in CBML.

      4. Never say never 😉

        Although, I’m not a fan of Yoyo, with the right role her luck could change. I’ve always felt that e.g. Fala’s career changed after she got her MR role. Before that, she wasn’t very liked by the public or (it seemed) by TVB.

        I do agree though, that TVB didn’t build on her momentum after BTROC. Yoyo fares well enough in the bitchy (not complex) type of roles (but they rarely endear an actress to the audience) but I’ve yet to see versatility from her. Of course, the problem might just as well be with TVB for not giving her any different characters.

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