Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen’s Adorable 8-Year-Old Daughter

QQ has inherited Yoyo Chen’s big round eyes.

Married in 2011, Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Yoyo Chen’s (陳自瑤) daughter QQ (王靖喬) is already 8 years old. Making a rare appearance in Yoyo’s Tiktok videos recently, QQ impressed netizens with her adorable poses and ready camera presence.

With her fair complexion, double eyelids and long hair, QQ looks to have inherited both her parents’ good looks and knack for performing.

However, as the video featuring QQ has since been deleted, some netizens wondered if she had accidentally uploaded it while using her mother’s phone.

Netizens: Yoyo Deserves Better

Intensely private, Yoyo usually shares only her personal photos on social media without mentioning much about her personal life. Celebrating her daughter’s birthday earlier this year, Yoyo posted a handmade cake on Instagram, but Vincent was nowhere to be seen. The husband and wife have also not been photographed together for a long time, further fueling divorce rumors.

In an earlier interview, Yoyo mentioned that she “has not been wearing her wedding ring for some time.” She added that she does not want to be known as “Vincent Wong’s wife” but hopes to be remembered as Yoyo Chen. Refusing to divulge more about her relationship matters or address her divorce rumors with Vincent, she wants viewers to pay more attention to her career instead and has been giving more layered performances, such as her well-received role in  Life After Death <那些我愛過的人>.

However, many netizens have pointed to tell-tale signs of marital trouble, such as Vincent leaving Yoyo’s name off his property title, and concluded that the couple are no longer together, saying that Yoyo deserves better.

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Vincent Wong Leaves Mom and Wife Off of Property Title

Yoyo Chen Deletes Photos with Vincent Wong on Instagram

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  1. He either a workaholic don’t have time for his family or it could be they’re divorced already that we don’t know about it since he’s not seen anywhere or she haven’t wear her wedding ring for a while. Just feel sorry for their daughter and I think she looks more like Vincent.

  2. Cute little girl. I see both her parents in her but I learn towards her looking more like Yoyo.

    I hate how shallow news reporting can be and their emphasis on Western features as ideals for beauty.

  3. I think she looks more like yoyo definitely has her eyes.

    I think they’ve separated or are working through their issues. Yoyo posts some really cryptic messages sometimes and they refused to talk about the other party in public. But then again they’ve both been pretty private for many years now. Either way I like them both and wish them happiness. I think netizens are annoying when they say she deserves better as if Vincent was wrong in those whole situation. You don’t know what happened and it could be that they just didn’t work out, completely fair and normal. Anyways, this news is getting old and they should focus on how well both of them are doing in their careers right now.

  4. Not wearing a wedding ring is okay. Doesn’t mean the marriage is in trouble. Some people just don’t like to wear jewelry; it can hinder movement sometimes.

    1. @coralie especially since they are actors, they can’t be wearing their rings often for their role/ events/ photoshoots. Wedding rings sound like an outdated tradition.

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