Virginia Lok Does Not Know if Aimee Chan is Pregnant

TVB has been under fire for its uninspiring prime time dramas, and is facing a shortage of quality actors as many of its top artistes flee north to film for the more lucrative mainland market. The company is also making headlines due to recent scandals, most notably Sheren Tang’s (鄧萃雯) grievances regarding working conditions while filming Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>. In addition, several first-line actors, such as Raymond Lam (林峯) and Moses Chan (陳豪), garnered unwanted attention due to marriage rumors. To set the record straight, TVB executive Virginia Lok spoke to reporters on today and shared her thoughts on current rumors.

Raymond Lam Did Not Get Married

Earlier, reports claimed that Raymond Lam and girlfriend Karena Ng (吳千語) had secretly married during a trip to the United States. Ms. Lok quickly denied the claim and expressed that Raymond had planned his trip a year ago, prior to going public with Karena. Ms. Lok insisted that Raymond was simply there to attend his younger brother’s graduation ceremony, and believes he would announce his marriage publicly.

Ms. Lok also spoke about Moses and girlfriend Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) marriage rumors. Aimee recently backed out of her role in Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon <寒山潛龍> to fly home to Canada, citing personal reasons. Many speculated that Aimee is pregnant and that she is planning to marry Moses during her vacation.

Reporters asked Ms. Lok regarding Moses’s absence from TVB’s recent photo shoot. Ms. Lok explained that TVB had reserved a spot for him at the event, but he was likely trying to avoid media confrontation. When asked about Aimee’s possible pregnancy, Ms. Lok stated, “I don’t know. She simply said she must go home because of a family emergency. Her manager phoned her, but no one picked up. I don’t think [the rumors are true], but personally I hope Ah Mo [Moses] would marry her and have children together.”

Regarding Sheren Tang, who was rumored to have been frozen by TVB, Ms. Lok agrees that not having a timely, completed script is a serious issue that must be addressed. Earlier, TVB’s Assistant General Manager Peter Au (區偉林) announced the company’s new requirement that scripts must be at 80 percent completion before filming begins. Many believed the new rule serves as a compromise after the recent scandal. Ms. Lok however insisted that the rule is not a result of Beauty at War‘s poor performance, and promised to invite Sheren to film again despite her public outburst. “Some artists speak in a straightforward manner. There is no grudge between us, so I hope things will be okay soon. We would ask [Sheren] to film again if there is a suitable script.”

Ms. Lok also denied dropping Sheren from the upcoming series Aerobic Girls due to recent events. She explained that Sheren had already turned down the role prior to negotiations, citing conflicts with her mainland filming schedule.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. oh pleaszzzzz…..pregnant or not? what’s the concern?

      1. I’m not fed up with tvb though. I am ancipating their other series, especially the ones produced by amy wong.

      2. Good for you. TVb now has some supporters……. lol

      3. Dramas that are produced by Amy Wong usually generates good ratings and drams produced by her are usually easy to understand dramas. That is why I am ancipating for her dramas.

        And being fed up and supporting tvb is completely different.

      4. No, you think I dont understand the difference?

      5. Well if you did, you wouldn’t write that “Good for you. TVb now has some supporters……. lol”

  2. that picture of aimee is very pretty.
    and it seems that bubblez has truly taken a break (:

  3. Moses has an event in Reno, Nevada this weekend, so I expect even more rumors about Aimee being pregnant since it’s most likely he will make a stop in Canada as well.

  4. Amiee and Moses 2013. TVB married couple.

    Raymond and BB 2013. Divorced.

    1. If Virginia Lok is telling the truth, it means that Raymond Lam is not married since he told her in one year ahead of time or something like that. Unless Raymond knew Karena and started dating one year ago.

      1. Well, I don’t know. But most people lies once or twice in their lifetime.

      2. Of course, everybody lies. Why would I lie to YOU.

      3. why the caps? And I know..
        Am I your new target?

      4. NOOOOOOOOOO….. why????????? You dont LIKE this??????

      5. Because it seems you get tons of fun by targetting at people and making fun of them.

  5. To be honest!! Aimee & Moses will get marry! Karena & Raymond I doubt it, Karena is just 19. I don’t think they will get marry anytime soon if they do lol then Karena must love Raymond for his money.

    1. Raymond can pull out a surprise. Wait and see if he cries again.

      1. Who doesn’t shed tears when a couple break up? It’s not like they are immune to not tearing up!

      2. You and other people can be the ones who reminisces that incident.

      3. I miss the commentary the writers would give at the end of the articles.

  6. So one exec is saying they froze Sheren, another is saying they’d have no problems inviting her back. can’t even get their stories straight, no wonder they can’t produce good scripts

    1. I think personal perspectives are kicking in. and technically it’s two execs against one.

    2. Yeah it seems the execs don’t agree with each other about Sheren. Not surprised.

      (The reports of Sheren being “frozen” or “suspended” in the first place seemed ridiculous and exaggerated; she’s not even on contract anymore so she can’t be suspended.)

    3. @miriamfanz: Haha! So true! And of course this isn’t the first time that TVB’s management gave conflicting remarks and it won’t be the last either. How embarrassing! Looks like TVB should just stick to letting Tsang Sing Ming respond to everything and the rest of the execs should just shut their mouths to avoid looking like fools to the public (especially that Mark Lee guy — he’s like the Jackie Chan of TVB or something…he always ends up putting his foot in his mouth when he speaks and the other execs have to clean up after him…).

      With such buffoons running TVB, not surprised that they are spiraling in a downward direction so quickly.

      Between the clowns at TVB and the monkeys at ATV (I’m referring to the management teams, not the artists), the HK television industry is quickly turning into a circus!! Too bad….


    Virginia Lok… doesn’t know everything!

    1. you might as well add:
      The media nor polls doesn’t know everything.

  8. By the way nice picture of Aimee. Like some japanese manga girl.

  9. She has a beautiful smile in that picture.
    I think something major happened to one of aimee’s family members if she’s taking a yearlong break. Hope she can take good care of herself and whatever issue that made her flew back to hk.

    I doubt that she is pregnant though.

    1. a year long break, huh? aimee is 99.999% pregnant then, good job moses!!

      1. Yup, pregnant. And probably married somewhere along the way.

  10. Once they’re officially married all these silly rumours will stop, I hope.

  11. Update, the replacement of Amiee’s role in Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon is Raymond Lam’s cousin… Lin Xia Wei.

  12. “several first-line actors, such as Raymond Lam (林峯) and …”

    If LF is considered a 1st-line actor by TVB, I’ll say “no thanks” to TVB. 🙂

    “Raymond had planned his trip [to USC] a year ago”

    A year ago, maybe LF didn’t want to attend the USC graduation solo so he just picked someone who he knew would be available to attend with him (and put his money to work)?

    Maybe little brother, Rockefeller Lam, will be running the family business and LF will be sending the rich clients from the entertainment industry to the family business?

  13. “Regarding Sheren Tang, who was rumored to have been frozen by TVB,”

    It doesn’t matter, Sheren can always film with much better rewards and personal time in China. Forget TVB, the slave drive rin modern day HK

  14. Huh? Who screwed Aimee? I wonder, hehehe

  15. If HK government is to restrict other free TV licenses, it will be the greatest mistake and biggest sin to stop better quality programming.

    TVB has monopolised too much, too long, too often, and its coming out with crappy series without competition.

    Do HK people want that?

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