Virginia Lok: “Shirley Yeung Has Depression and Locks Herself Home!”

New mother, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), returned to Hong Kong two weeks ago with the intention of resuming work at TVB to earn “milk money” for her newborn daughter, Krystal Yeung. However, Shirley has not taken on any prominent work projects yet. TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), indicated that Shirley may have depression, locking herself home. Ms. Lok said, “Shirley is very pitiful!”

The intrusive nature of the Hong Kong paparazzi was well known, giving little privacy to celebrities. The mystery of why Shirley Yeung broke up with the baby’s alleged father, Andy Ng (吳帥), aroused intense public scrutiny. Since giving birth to Krystal in Los Angeles, USA and returning to Hong Kong on March 22nd, Shirley isolated herself home, unwilling to go outside to face the public pressure.

Ms. Lok stated that Shirley’s emotional state spiraled downwards, not wishing to see anyone. Ms. Lok was worried that Shirley may have postpartum depression. At a March 31st event promoting the upcoming 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Ms. Lok said, “Originally, we wanted to ask Shirley to appear at the event, to have her see other people. She got sick and was unable to attend. She did not even possess the strength in her voice to talk on the phone. I think she has postpartum depression!”

Although Shirley rushed back to Hong Kong with the intention of earning more money, she was unable to put her emotions aside and return to work. It was unclear whether Shirley entered depression due to her alleged breakup with Andy Ng, a point which Ms. Lok refused to clarify.

Although Ms. Lok arranged job opportunities for Shirley, she was unable to fulfill them. Wrecking Ms. Lok’s plans, Shirley may have irked Ms. Lok unintentionally. Ms. Lok said, “She does not wish to see anyone. She will not even meet for breakfast. Seeing her in this state, I am honestly a bit upset. At the same time, I feel that she is very pitiful.”

The incredibly busy Ms. Lok appeared as if she was short on patience with Shirley’s uncooperative behavior. Shirley did not even wish to see her own manager and requested her mother to greet her at home. Ms. Lok revealed that Shirley’s spirits continued to spiral downward after reading negative reports about her current state.  Ms. Lok stated, “Some things need to be spoken about and resolved. I do not know her mother well, so it is hard to start there.”

Ms. Lok felt that the best remedy to cure Shirley’s depression was to start working again and face the situation boldly. However, Shirley’s current work arrangements were on hold, due to the unclear date of her availability.


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Jayne:  Shirley had called Ms. Lok about returning to work. Ms. Lok rushed out to the Hong Kong airport to receive Shirley and advised her on what to tell the press. I think Ms. Lok did try to give Shirley a chance.

However, it was Shirley rushed going back to Hong Kong too soon, perhaps too concerned about earning money quickly to pay her 3 mortgages. If Next Magazine sent out reporters to hunt down Shirley in Los Angeles, even photographing her brother’s ranch house and spying on her in-and-outs, of course the Hong Kong public will be even more intrusive!

Shirley should have taken a longer leave from work to rest. I can sense Ms. Lok’s impatience with Shirley’s situation, in which Shirley had sent mixed signals, first asking to return to work and now being unable to work. 

Ms. Lok is Shirley’s best card in having future work opportunities at TVB. If Shirley doesn’t utilize this card wisely, Shirley is throwing her career down the drain.

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  1. Agree with jayne that if Shirley didn’t listen to 620 advice and start working fast, she might get replaced.. With current stage where tvb is promoting their 2nd line artists to lead roles.. I think Shirley shouldn’t demand too much..

    1. I also agree that Shirley should have taken a longer break before coming back to work. I don’t feel that she is ready and what a bad move to come back and then not be able to work. 620 may lose her patience and replace her. If that does happen, then her career is gone for good. 620 seems to be her only hope now for any kind of work at TVB. Maybe 620 can do something good for once…

      1. LOL @ “620 can do somthing good for once”. Well TVB isn’t a nonprofit organization and good for exactly who? It can only be good for her fans, family and herself.

        For TVB it would be another waste of resources that could’ve been put it into better utilization in artists that are way more talented and hardworking.

        This is yet another example of 620 putting personal relationship before the interest of TVB stakeholders.

      2. THat’s why I said “maybe”…. You took the maybe out Exoidus and that makes a big difference…

      3. Ok I realize my mistake and humbly ask for your forgiveness, LOL

      4. @exoidus: 620’s decision, maybe will become a very smart move in the future. Lol, I guess if she dun decide to promote many ppl at first place, now your idol even exists.

      5. It is ok exoidus and I do agree with you that TVB is not a nonprofit organization or anything like that. They just want to do what is best for them.

  2. Shirley, it is time to become mature. You will have to face reality eventually and a daughter to look after (physically, mentally, and financially). There is no point to lock yourself up. It is better for you to forget about the past and start all over again, and you will still have a bright future. There is no use to cry over spilled milk.

  3. Shirley, you know you will have to face reality once she decide to come back to Hong Kong and to the entertainment industry. Just be a brave woman.

  4. Despite Shirley’s negative rumors, I think she does not have it the toughest among celebrity single moms.

    Nancy Sit’s husband abandoned her with two kids. She waited and waited for a month (?) and he never came home. She had no money and literally had to start from scratch after taking a decade long hiatus from acting. Nancy had no other skills other than being an actress. She had to work in order to survive.

    1. And thanks to Lydia Shum she became even more popular than she was before. But Nancy Sit is different. She was much older than Shirley, she probably faced some tough time before that. Shirley is new to all these tough times. And shirley doesn’t even have the skills as an actress.

      1. Funn,
        Nancy Sit’s older age also made it more difficult for her to start from scratch. I believe her husband ran away from home, leaving her with his financial debts. She had no money. She was middle age and she had to start all over.

        Imagine at age 45 or so, going bankrupt, husband ran away, and there are 2 kids to feed. I salute Nancy for being such a success story. Hopefully Shirley will make sense of her current muddles.

        As for Lydia Shum, she was already very popular after she had Joyce and Adam left it. Wasn’t it always rumored that Lydia had more money than Adam?

      2. No I mean for Lydia she helped Nancy. SHe was of course much more successful than Adam. I believe Adam was frozen when he left her for another woman.

        As for Nancy she had a harder time, yes but she was from an era where women survive. Shirley is from an era where they high maintenance sort of girls, break down easily sort of person.

      3. I also really admire Nancy’s courage and strength. She is really a strong person and mother… She is a good example for single moms.

    2. W/ all of the unhappiness and chaos before her daughter was born, i think she probably has postpartum depression, even women with happy pregnancy have it. W/ her situation i bet it is even worse. It is tougher on her because she just gave birth, with new transition and all of the chaos in her life, don’t think she is ready for coming back yet.

      Have 1st hand experience of postpartum depression and it ain’t fun. Hope she be able to pull herself together and do it for the sake of her daughter.

    3. Agree with you totally Jayne! I’ve always admired Nancy because she’s a very strong n independent woman and Shirley should do the same.

      1. Hope her family and good friends is beside her and really help her get over this problem. Really wish she can come back to work.

    4. Nancy Sit actually had the sympathy vote from audiences. The audiences actually loved her return and were accepting towards her. Nancy was actually responsible for her own actions and were honest about her situation. Whereas Shirley attempted to hide the pregnancy from the general public. She lied on public television about the pregnancy. And to be fair, Shirley isn’t as seasoned as Nancy as an actress. So even if you take away the personal aspect of an actress, Shirley isn’t a great/good actress.

    5. Nancy is old of my fav “auntie” actress. I think she is a riot and very funny although sometimes irrating. But still you would like to have her in your family as your aunt. Would definately liven up the house.

      Didn’t know she had such a sad past with her jovial attitude and smiley face. I salute the auntie!

      1. Canto,
        Nancy’s jovial attitude reminds me very much of Lydia Shum. Despite their failed marriages, they remained positive in life, working even more harder for the love of their children. Nancy and Lydia’s laughter is what makes them so special.

        They never complained bitterly about their husbands leaving them behind. Their personalities were a big component of their success, particularly beloved by female audiences.

        Emotional heartbreak and unfortunate circumstances will strike everyone’s lives at one point, but if it doesn’t kill you, hopefully it will make us into stronger people.

    6. As for Nancy Sit, she’s luckier in the sense that the whole industry was supporting her come back. People loved her.
      Shirley on the other hand is pledged by really bad press. I hope she’ll come out of it. She needs more support from her colleagues.

  5. I understand her depression, could be emotional, could be clinical. Her best remedy now is not to start work immediately but seek therapy and some time out to figure out her own future.

    1. When I gave birth to my bb 2 years ago, I thought I will have severed depression due to husband not always at home as he has to work, mom taking care of my bro’s bb and I’ve to take care of my own bb alone while i was still recuperating from my ceaseraen operation. I used to cry alone when I need someone badly to assist me while I’ve to endure the pain i had from c-section. But I told myself, that I shouldn’t become like this and I’ve learn how to handle the situation alone..and most important is I’ve keep remind myself to stay happy always…

      Maybe you’re right about shirley that she used to be posh who doesn’t have to worry much and a high maintenance girl therefore, handling a bb alone is tough..hence the depression happen?

    2. I’m not sure working immediately would be the best remedy. Imagine how the media would be microscopic towards her every move. That can’t be good for her current state of “depression”.

      1. I think Funn got it right, it was Shirley’s attitude that has been living a high maintaining lifestyle that’s why she felt so depressed now.

      2. Maybe this is just part of her comeback plan-generate some news, get some sympathy and voila, in a Tv series in no time. My feeling is this is all PR.

  6. Is she the first single mom in the history of Miss Hong Kong pageant?

    There’s noway she’s going to raise her kid with her current state of mind. She needs to buck up and secure her future for the sake of the kid the day she made this decision. Don’t even hope that the useless father to come back, just move on already for goodness sake.

  7. Could this be one of 620’s strategy to make audience feels sorry for Shirley and accepts her. I smell the sympathy card.

    1. It maybe is, but I won’t feel pitty for a two timer. never ever in my life. Sherily have taken the wrong decision and so she need to pay for her wrong move and learn from it. I do feel pitty for the child to have a mother like her but that’s it. “meng gee gam jat hau bit dang chau leh”

      1. If people could predict “meng gee gam jat” nobody would ever do anything wrong, la 🙂

        Otherwise I agree with you completely.

      2. Ditto, and once again proves that 620’s PR skills are non-existent. She should know that it is way too early for the public to feel sorry for Shirley. Everyone feels sorry for her daughter, maybe, but not her (yet).

    2. sympathy card! maybe! 620’s always have something up her sleeves. Try to make the target turn into a victim so ppl feel sorry for her. I bet it was her who leaked the news (or made up the news) about Andy Ng leaving Shirley and baby behind.

      But I’m curious why 620 tries hard to resurrect Shirley’s career. She usually just dumps or leaves those with bad rumors to rot to dead.

      Eg. During Kevin’s downhill, she was completely out of the picture and didn’t support him as much as she originally used to until one day when he became popular with GJ and BBJX that’s when 620 started showing up at events and functions with Kevin and even pulling strings to sign him with EEG.

      I remember she used to like Shirley a lot when she first won Supporting Actress award? But then after she started dating Gregory, Shirley was kinda pushed down to crappy roles and 620 was nowhere in sight. So for 620 to come out and help her is really surprising for me.

      1. Shirley was already together with Gregory back when she took the supporting actress award so your statement doesn’t really make sense that 620 was out of sight. She helped Shirley but the truth is this actress got no talent and didn’t survive as first line actress.

      2. Oh okies. Thanks Jupi for clarifying that. Guess I got it wrong as to when she and Gregory started.

        But yeh I agree, Shirley was never up there. She doesn’t have any memorable roles and she doesn’t really stand out. Her acting isn’t very good either. What was her last series? I don’t even know. I feel like I haven’t seen her on screen for 5 years.

  8. Blah blah blah blah is all I hear.
    Still feel zero sympathy for her. She had a wonderful boyfriend for 9 years and then she became greedy and had sex with a rich man thinking he would have done a great thing and be there for the baby. Becoming wealthy is not that easy.

    Personally, I do not find her to be a fit mother. She wants to prove she is a great mom, well she failed at that chance in the first 10 days. I have never heard of a mom taking their 10 year old daughter across the ocean after she was born. I certainly hope that a doctor was on board that plane for her baby’s sake. And now this happens.

    Dude, you are not the only single mother in the world. There are people who live off food stamps in order to survive and she is still lucky to be given a second chance at tvb. But I do not sheaters old digging cheaters so if she is in a drama in the future, I will not be watching.

    1. And how do you know her family didn’t push her into Andy’s arms as has been suggested by some reports? How do you know she’s not really the victim here and was only being a “dutiful” daughter? No one knows the real situation save those involved… but it definitely seems like some are willing to damn this woman based on what they perceive to be the truth.

      Judge not lest ye be judged.

      1. Com’on what century are you living in? Shirley is not a child anymore and it isn’t like she doesn’t got the money she do have advertisments and so on. Also that Andy Ng doesn’t seems to be a very wealthy either so about her family pushing her doesn’t make sense at all. more like Shirley have draged her family into her own business and letting her brother taking care of her unmatrue behaviour. I agree with you that no one knows the truth apart from herself. But one thing is clear and that is she was a two timer. Which is why I won’t feel pity for her to end up like this. “dji gei lah lei gah”

      2. Whether or not you think it doesn’t make sense that her family pushed her is inconsequential. The story is out there that she was.

        You basically proved my point that people are willing to discount possible scenarios in order to push their own agendas.

      3. There are alot of different stories out there. The reporters will make up more if they find this piece of crap valuable and can help them sell the magazine.
        Eh… what possible senario have I pushed on to get my own agenda?
        And if you think that the report about her family pushing her to Andy ng, then why didn’t her family end the relationship with Geo when it first started? Why do it 9 years later?

  9. Is Virginia Lok trying to gain public sympathy for Shirley or is she trying to humiliate her, put her in place a bit?

    Ms. Lok did mention that she is a bit upset with her. Shirley had called Ms. Lok, who took the trouble to meet her at the airport and fend off paparazzi. Ms. Lok arrangeed work for Shirley, who now has emotional problems. Ms. Lok sent Shirley’s manager to see her at home, whereby Shirley did not wish to talk about work and asked her mother to greet her manager.

    I sense that Ms. Lok is more frustrated with Shirley’s way of handling the situation. A bit of “I went through this trouble and you can’t decide if you wish to work or not. You’re ungrateful.”

    I don’t particularly see Ms. Lok as putting in any good words for Shirley. If Ms. Lok wanted to trump the sympathy card, she would not have mentioned that she was upset at Shirley. Ms. Lok would have said something along the lines of, “Shirley is feeling down lately and needs a little space to sort things out. We will make work arrangements later.”

    Instead, Ms. Lok went on to say that work is put on hold right now, Shirley has been sick. Ms. Lok didn’t wish to arrange further job arrangements because there was uncertainty as to when Shirley would go to work, etc.

    Ms. Lok sounds like a dissatisfied manager handling a difficult PR situation. Shirley likely has an outstanding contract, so Ms. Lok may be making the best out of the situation, as long as vendors are still interested in Shirley. I don’t see Ms. Lok as doing this out of personal favor, but whether Shirley still has any commercial value left.

    I sense Ms. Lok prefers easy to manage artists that generate profits for the company. Her favorites right now are likely Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, and Bosco Wong since they generate big dollars for TVB. Since dating Viann, Ron Ng’s favor with Ms. Lok likely slipped as well.

    1. I think Ms. Lok just has really poor PR skills as seen with how she’s handled other star’s dilemmas. Either way, Shirley’s depression is not likely to go away with with speaking to the media. The girl just got back a few weeks ago, let her settle and figure things out for herself.

    2. I agree with you. It doesn’t seem like this article put

      1. Shirley in very good light. V. Lok seems upset and frustrated. She seems to be implying that Shirley needs to be stronger, maybe more mature, and get her act together.

        On another note, post partum depression is serious. I hope Shirley gets helps soon or severe consequences may be coming.

    3. I think there is a limit to VL’s patience and she may not be exactly known for her patience.

      But still giving Shirley a chance is better than having no chance at all.

  10. I feel like a lot of people here don’t have sympathy and are not forgiving. we don’t know Shirley personally and most of the information we have is fed by the press and yet we make judgments.

    1. Shirley did make some big mistakes. First, she should not have dated Gregory Lee for nine years. With her background and status (Miss Hong Kong), she deserved to have someone better. She dumped Gregory Lee probably because she waited for nine whole years and he still had not planned any wedding date yet. Shirley gave her BEST years to Gregory. Secondly, she made another big mistake in picking Andy Ng who pretended to be a well-off and “lovable” guy. In fact, I think she made a wise decision to dump Andy Ng quickly. How many 9 more years does she have before she can get a good husband? It is better for her to dump him now than to get a divorce in future.

      1. I’m not sure if i would categorise Shirley as being smart because foremost, she dated someone for 9 years and thinking she’ll get the best from return like happily marry to Gregory but in the end, Greg just wasted her time by showing no sign of marriage intention (got some info from some ppl here that it was shirley who refuse to marry Greg because of career reason). Anyway, a woman wouldn’t waste any time with a guy if she thinks he’s useless, I’m sure Shirley really thought Greg would be her destiny husband. Secondly, she was too rushy to jump into relationship with some pretentious new guy Andy by getting pregnant with his child.. and what did she get now? being a single mom with a kid to take care. It seems like Shirley has such a terrible life in the beginning and hopefully she can take this as a lesson and concentrate to her work and baby.

      2. I was trying to say that I agree with your explanation about shirley life. Sandcherry 🙂

      3. Agree with you on some level. I don’t doubt Shirley loved Greg very much in the beginning… she dated him publicly even though TVB froze her. I think her career might have gone further since they did promote her quite a bit at first.

        But that still doesn’t excuse her for cheating. Leave the guy then find someone new.

      4. You are right. Shirley should have dumped Gregory Lee first and then looked for someone else, and not being a cheater while still dating Gregory.

  11. Shirley Yeung looks like a Barbie doll in this photo …. too much makeup.

  12. The only victim in this entire mess is the baby. I hope Shirley will realize that once you become a mom you are responsible for another life, so stop being a princess and start being a mom. I’m really worry for the baby.

  13. i stll like her. all the best to her. pull yourself together shirley.its nt the end of the world.

  14. I feel so bad for her.
    Hope the whole industry will cut her some slack.
    Sigh… probably not, the media strive on stuff like this.

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