Virginia Lok to Meet with Sire Ma Over Lesbian Romance

TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) has stepped out to clarify that TVB has no intention of blacklisting Sire Ma (馬賽) over her recent relationship scandal. Ms. Lok remains in contact with Sire and the two are planning to hold a sit-down discussion to determine the young star’s next steps.

Sire shocked the world last week when vacation photos exposed her intimate relationship with mainland talent agent and film producer Wang Ziqi (汪子琦). While Sire repeatedly claimed that the media has taken things out of context, video footage of the two women kissing soon made its rounds online and many labeled Sire a liar. To protect itself against this strong public backlash, TVB decided to send Sire home on a two-month break, banning her from the station’s all-important Anniversary activities.

Sire has remained quiet since the video surfaced, making no further attempt to defend herself. Fans continued to be supportive; many left positive messages on Weibo and gave her new romance their blessings. Encouraged by love, Sire shared a photo of two teddy bears on November 10, her first since the incident. With it was the message, “I understand, therefore I am merciful.”

With many years left in her management contract, the recent gossips could have a major negative impact on Sire’s future at TVB. Although many believe that TVB has frozen her, Virginia Lok emphasized that it is not the case. On November 11, Ms. Lok stated that she has plans to meet up with Sire in person to discuss the current situation. She added that Sire has not been dropped from any endorsement deals, and will continue to perform her duties as scheduled. Ms. Lok said, “Perhaps vendors know that there will be widespread media coverage if she makes an appearance. The earliest that she can appear at a mall event will be next week. She needs to also address the media.”

Regarding Sire’s new relationship, Ms. Lok said, “I feel that young people need to experience love, but I really do not want their work to suffer because of it. What is best is to be open and positive like Moses Chan (陳豪). There is no need to sneak around.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. “What is best is to be open and positive like Moses Chan (陳豪). ”

    What has this got to do with Moses?! And was Moses gay?! What is the comparison point?!

    1. Funn,
      Ms. Lok meant that Moses was open about dating Aimee Chan and her pregnancy before their marriage. Nowadays, pregnancy before marriage even seems to be a trend among celebrities and the HK media reports positively on pregnancy-related news.

      1. To compare pregnancy before marriage which is nothing except your child is a bastard and that means nothing also in modern society and that if being outed by the media as a lesbian (and lying also) means 620 is completely not in tune of the uproar. And Moses never quite admitted nor denied. He did not even have the wedding in HK. 620 sucks in PR. She is not helping Sire.

      2. We all know 620 is an idiot so what is new? I cannot believe TVB is stupid enough to let her have such a high position in their company. No wonder they are sinking.

      3. Funn Lim, I don’t think the child’s a bastard since he’s not even born yet and Moses and Aimee have already tied the knot. Bit harsh to call the child a bastard, no?

      4. It’s pretty harsh to call the baby a bastard. It isn’t applied to Moses’s case, too. Why he needs to have a wedding in HK? They even dun need to have a wedding, just sign the paper.

        The comparison point is: Media expect HK artists to be angel-like, sinless and no relationship. Any smallest sinful actions such as sex before marriage, bro-elder sis relationship, date with big age gap, night owl clubbing, smoke, homosexual, transexual, plastic surgeries, etc. are unacceptable. The audiences tends to bash those things if the scandal involve ppl they dun like. From a small thing, they burn it like crime.

        As a resut, personally, I don’t think 620 said wrong thing this time. She said something stupid times, but not this time. She is rite about being open and positive. Live your life and being deaf sometimes.

      5. 620 is a bad PR. How can she use this moment to praise Her favourite Moses at the expense of Sire? This is a different situation. Moses situation is considered normal nowadays and the media didn’t trample on him like how they did on Sire.

      6. Agreed on Fox comment, artiste are human being in real life..they need their own space to live.

      7. I didn’t specifically say Moses’ baby. I am saying the worst thing can be said of pregnancy before marriage. In the end what I mean is 620 has no sense of reality.

      8. ” She is rite about being open and positive. Live your life and being deaf sometimes.”

        Fox, that is easy to say for a guy who impregnated a girl before marriage. But for a same sex relationship in Asia? That is not easy at all.

      9. There are gay artists in HK and they are respected. The media likes to blow up everything.

        Btw, why the media like to dig the faults of artists? Because ppl are gossiping and nosy to read those “news”, then adding the salt to their wounds. So even if 620 has no sense of reality, why dun follow her words once to make things die down rapidly? Sire needs to pretend deaf now.

      10. Sire can pretend deaf all she wants. The viewers, public and media can’t pretend they didn’t see anything. It is good for Sire to lay low for a little bit and when ready just give an honest interview and be done with.

      11. An interview regardingless honest or dishonest wont help anything but worsen the case. For the viewers, be less nosy, it will help a lot, not only for Sire but also other cases.

      12. Chew. Fox pot calling kettle black? If you not nosy why you here? Go volunteer at church. you just as cray as sfw more worst. You pretend to be better and more fair when you just as bad.

      13. L2L is so ridiculous. See Shirley Yeung and how she was mocked by L2L for having a kid b/4 marriage.

        I’m so sick of her and her favoritism.

      14. @Ling: You strike rite point. Yes I’m nosy and I don’t deny it, but I hope ppl to give Sire space to breath.

        Btw, no, I dun go to church :P. I do volunteer/charity but not for church.

        And you sound seriously like selfiwu’s clone.

    2. Yes… Sire should be more like Moses Chan… who never talked or discuss his breakup with Bernice Liu and instead permitted the media to write anything and everything about her without clarifying.

      How soon 620 seems to forget 😛

      1. This has nothing to do with Moses, or Virginia Lok, or the public. Public figure or not, Sire Ma’s sexual orientation is her business, she shouldn’t have to do an interview to clarify anything to anyone. If the public doesn’t like it, then they can shut their judgmental eyes. HK people need to just back off and get on with their own sorry lives. In this day and age, a woman kissing another woman is no big deal at all. HK people need to grow up and enter the 21st century mentality-wise. Take a look at the link below and realize that ‘a closet is no place for a person to truly live.’ ~ Ash Beckham

      2. Agree with Mt 100%Mt. I don’t think Sire owes the public any explanation. Media always blows everything out of propotion.

      3. yeah wanted to say that as well,

        he wasn’t that open about bernice back then

  2. I dont believe for a moment she wants all her artists to openly admit their relationships. Especially for sex symbols and Moses is hardly that, which is why it was easy for him to admit his relationships.

    Weird, Sire gets all this backlash for lying about a relationship. Yet we get people like Wu Chun lying all through their acting /singing lives (even having children already) who gets blessed and earns bundles from his all telling biography.

    1. Wu Chun isn’t from HK. HK media is more harsh toward artists’ “sins”.

    2. I agree with you Megamiaow! Some artists that lie through their teeth get so much backlash and all while there are some that are so lucky to get all the blessings. Hey, that is life and as we all know, life is not fair.

    3. difference! wu chun didn’t get caught with kissing pics! sire did and only after she denied that the media publish the pictures which caught her off! same like how the married toby got caught having wild pool party with other guys she denied first but later turn out more racy pictures! her career never take off!

      1. True that Wu Chun did not get caught with kissing photos, but there were photos of his “wife” taken. However, he lied and said that it was his sister in law…

      2. No, tat pic was exactly his sister-in-law. His wife looks different.

      3. Yea, that pic was probably in fact his sis in law but he still still lie by OMISSION? He also continued to lie when people asked him when he will get married and relationships and he said he will NOT think marriage until after age 35 or something like that. That was also a lie since he was already married and fathered a kid whether or not reporters took pics of his brothers’ kid or not is not even relevant. He is still lying over his single status period. However, since all celebs lie anyway, ppl will soon forget and seeing his has a family now, they will go ohh and ahh and ohhh so cute and congrats him since his scandal is NO longer new hahaha…LOL… ppl will forget and move to more recent and new scandals.

      4. Oh that was his sister in law, but as Windy said he still lied through his teeth…

      5. All know that he lied about his marriage status, but he didn’t lie about the pix. The woman in the pix is his sis-in-law.

    4. Fine, wu chun isnt from HK. Well Andy Lau is, same diff. The problem dosent lie in the fact that ashe llied at all. It all boils down to the fact that the relationship is homosexual. She is getting penalised because people like Virginia feel bbeing gay is not acceptable.

      1. Do I miss something? Where did 620 say she dun accept gay/lesbian? In the above article, she sounds like she well accept homosexual.

      2. @Fox

        She had said that she’s open minded but her religion does not accept homosexuality. AKA she does not accept it.

  3. What on earth is happening here?. There is no reason for Virginia Lok to down and discuss “the next step” with Sire. This woman is getting on my nerves and blowing this whole thing out of hand.

    And why should her work suffer just because she is dating a woman instead of a man?. Miss Lok needs a wakey wakey call.

    My problem with Sire is she should not have denied and make a big verbal fuss, and then put on such a PDA show. She should have just kept her mouth shut tight about her orientation and dating life. Look at Hebe Tien. She never admits or denies.
    Address the media. That should be Sire’s choice. She should not be forced to do so by Ms Lok or anyone else.

    Why is Moses Chan brought into this?. That is a million dollar question with a ten cent answer. I just do not see he logic of it all. Ms Lok is using this situation to big up Moses. That is how I see it. She wants to win points for him.

  4. I guess the “scandal” is a blessing in disguise. She can use that as publicity. Now everyone will remember her as “that lesbian girl.”

    1. Agree, there’s nothing very special until this. Anyway, I still cant believe she’s a lesbian. Being caught Kissing another girl in a pix- well it could be just a silly fun thing to do at that moment in time.

      1. I know right. I never thought someone like Sire is into that sort of thing. I guess we can’t always judge a book by its cover.

  5. “What is best is to be open and positive like Moses Chan (陳豪). There is no need to sneak around.”

    What the hell did I just read- no need to sneak around??? Well how about she go tell the media to stop following artists’ to snap up front cover photos and news and to stop making money from it. If she can do that, maybe her comment would somewhat make a little sense. Also-
    So what she is suggesting for artists’ is that their personal relationships should be opened to the public to know about and not hide anything? Well-ironically enough, she also commented ” I really do not want their work to suffer because of it. ” DUDE- if they were to be so open about their relationships, it is a guarantee that their work will be affected. And why the reference to Moses and Aimee’s relationship? Completely unnecessary.

  6. ms.lok is so dumb, she wants sire to be like mose assuming that she means he admits dating aimee and getting her pregnant. okay why didnt she let him admit that he and bernice dated and stuff like that. ms.lok need training to give public speech/or interview answer.

  7. I think she just gave an example that Moses came clean on his love life and was well received by the public. If Sire were to come clean in the first place without being “exposed” for lying, things would have been different. Now TVB Management needs to clean up her **** as she is a contracted artiste. It’s just an employer’s point of view based on company’s interest. Sire’s actions – knowing its wrong and not acceptable by society and yet she chose to do it then denying it. The public might be able to accept homosexuality at certain point but they aren’t forgiving when it comes to lying with a straight face.

  8. they are completely over-reacting. if she’s a lesbian it’s her own life. it’s not like she joined a gang and is killing people. jesus -__-

  9. I don’t understand all the backlash, many other artistes kept quiet about their relationship for years and they never got criticized for lying. Such hypocrites

  10. Now in every scene that she appears in Will Power, we find them not convincing because we know she likes gals. Sorry gal.

  11. Again, being gay isn’t a new thing in the HK entertainment industry. Just leave Sire alone.

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