ViuTV Forms Girl Group COLLAR

ViuTV’s King Maker <全民造星IV> gave rise to Hong Kong’s biggest boyband, MIRROR, in 2018. The reality show’s fourth season announced winners in December, and has unveiled its eight-member girl group, COLLAR, which is expected to follow the phenomenal success of previous ViuTV pop groups.

The top three winners in the fourth season include: Marf Yau (邱彥筒) in first place, Gao Shum (沈貞巧) in second place, and Day Hui (許軼) in third place. Along with the trio, the other top contestants who won spots in COLLAR include: Ivy So (蘇雅琳), Winka Chan (陳泳伽), Sum Ling Li (陳泳伽), So Ching (蘇芷晴), and Candy Wong (王家晴).

At the press meet, COLLAR performed their first song “Call My Name”. It has been a quick turnaround, as the finale episode for King Maker 4 was released on December 25. COLLAR will hold an upcoming concert in March, but it will be dependent on the pandemic.

ViuTV explained the group name stands for a shirt collar, and also a woman’s collar which is one of the sexiest female body parts.

The Group’s Diversity

The members were styled in a very mature manner for their debut stage. At 35, Sum Ling is the oldest member, and secured her spot due to her dancing skills and femininity. She does not mind being known as the oldest, and believes that a girl group with diverse ages can represent the ways women think at various stages of their lives. There is no generational gap between herself and the other members, as they have known each other for months. Instead, they take care of each other.

When the staff asked Marf to guess which contestants made it into COLLAR, she grew anxious when she did not see Sum Ling’s bag. “I immediately thought back to her constantly lamenting on being older and blaming herself. I really want to work with her, so I was very emotional when I learned that she made it into the group.”

Sum Ling was surprised to be recruited for COLLAR, disclosing that she received a call from her manager Wing the second day after the finale. “I slept until 5 p.m. on December 26, and then I received a call from Wing asking if I was interested in joining the group. Originally, I had plans to have dinner with a friend that night, but I immediately cancelled it to go sign the contract.”

Gao will be the leader of COLLAR. She joked that it was because she was the shortest, and they will all take turns being the leader. “We’ve only had two to three weeks to prepare. It’s been hectic, so I’m a little tired but I’m also super excited, so it’s been hard to sleep.”

Winka sang A-Mei’s (張惠妹) song “Matriarchy” <母系社會> during the finale, and impressed with her powerful vocals. Ivy’s performance during the finale was a bit unsteady, but she won viewers with her style.

So Ching, 25, has been a backup dancer for MIRROR in recent years. Candy, 18, is the youngest of the group and is known for her basketball skills. She has a girl-next-door vibe with a touch of toughness.

Marf Declares War on MIRROR

Within four days of release, COLLAR’s “Call My Name” music video racked up 1.3 million views on YouTube. Delighted, Marf hopes they will receive both male and female fan support. “I hope that different age groups will like us as well.” She also boldly declared war stating that she wanted to overtake their male counterpart, MIRROR.

COLLAR’s “Call My Name” MV


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  1. hope they can bring new life to hk pop scene. looking forward to seeing them making it big.

    1. yeah, but at least it’s the first hk group in 20 years. don’t know if there is any orginal non-kpop copycat girl/boy band anymore in asia.

      1. It’s far from the the first HK girl group in 20 years. There’s been Super Girls, As One, but none of them got attention like Collar.

  2. Glad to see them styled differently. BUT — Collar is the perhaps the worst group name ever! Dear ViuTV, there is no woman’s body part, sexy or otherwise, that is called a collar. Collarbone, yes, so I guess we should be relieved you didn’t name the group that. Still, I wish them the best!

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