Wayne Lai To Star in “Rosy Business 3”; Scriptwriter Cheung Wah Biu Returns to TVB

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) won two TVB Best Actor awards from starring in Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> and No Regrets <義海豪情>. Credit must be attributed to scriptwriter, Cheung Wah Biu (張華標), who fleshed out Wayne’s characters fully. It was understood that Cheung Wah Biu will return to TVB in October 2011 and will partner with Lee Tim Sing (李添勝) on new series, Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄 3>! Upon learning of the “Iron Triangle” collaboration, Wayne was extremely happy. Perhaps he may even win a third Best Actor award!

In his May birthday celebration, Wayne made a wish that scriptwriter, Cheung Wah Biu would return to TVB. Producer Lee Tim Sing confirmed that Mr. Cheung will make a comeback after a 14-month departure, while resuming his role as Assistant Creative Director.

Rosy Business 3 To Film in April 2012

Tim Gor said that it would be difficult for Rosy Business 3 to have continuity from Rosy Business and No Regrets. “Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Wayne Lai’s characters already died and we can no longer continue their characters. Perhaps there are some elements of continuity in the story, such as setting the time line in the 1960s or pre-modern period. The story will be independent from the earlier series.

“I have set the filming period with Wayne, which will occur in April 2012.” (What about Sheren?) “She is currently busy filming in mainland. I have to discuss the matter with her. Hopefully, she will have time!”

Currently working for a television studio in Taiwan, Cheung Wah Biu indicated that he did not adjust to living there. His wife was upset [and wanted him to return to Hong Kong]. “I did not finish my current work projects yet. It has not been settled yet. During the summer, my wife came to visit me in Taiwan. I have been in frequent contact with Tim Gor and Wayne Lai!”

Wayne was extremely happy about Mr. Cheung’s return. Wayne noted, “I heard that Cheung Wah Biu will return to TVB. My dream came true!” (Are you filming Rosy Business 3?) “Tim Gor mentioned this to me. By the time the new series is released, it would be two years since No Regrets. The audience should have a fresh feeling.” (Do you feel pressure?) “I am not worried. They have fought in many ‘wars’ before. I believe there will be new material for the audience to watch!” Unfortunately, Sheren Tang did not respond to the reporter’s inquiry at the time of the news publication.

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: This is wonderful news! TVB finally realized that Cheung Wah Biu was an invaluable asset and likely gave him a big pay raise when asking him to come back and work for them. Hopefully they give Mr. Cheung and other members of the scriptwriting department more money to retain and attract new talent.

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  1. Lee Tim Sing tends to film ancient and pre-modern dramas, which I don’t prefer to watch these days. Since Rosy Business was set during ancient Qing and No Regrets was set during the pre-modern era, during World War II, why not let the third season be set during the modern era? 🙂

    It would be really interesting if the third season of RB became a hit and Wayne and Sheren win together Best Actor and Actress. 😮

    1. Chriselle,
      From the article, Tim Gor sees Wayne Lai as indispensable for “Rosy Business 3.” The filming time has already been discussed with Wayne but not with Sheren yet. Hopefully Sheren will have time to film the series.

      I believe that Cheung Wah Biu will come back to TVB with renewed passion! It is the audience’s luck to have him back again.

      I made that correction; thanks for catching it.

      1. but RB is not RB without sheren!! D: there’s no pt in calling it RB 3 if sheren doesn’t decide to film it! sheren + wayne is what made RB it is today. 😛

      2. @Jayne,

        What other series was Cheung Wah Biu the scriptwriter? 🙂

      3. Actually, I don’t mind giving others a chance. It’s not like it is a direct sequal so I don’t mind seeing others in it. Just like with Chinese Paladin. I saw part 1 and 3 both with Hu Ge(he played 2 different characters in each one) and said that he will be in part 4 because he wanted to give others a chance. I actually sort of wished that Wayne would give others a chance to be in RB 3 if there really is going to be one.

    2. I agree. I’ve said a long time ago they should have a modern one. I hope they will have new roles for Wayne and Sheren, not cop-triad or business woman-loyal employee kinda thing again.

    3. if i’m not wrong, LTS’s only pre-modern drama is NR. xP he films ancient dramas more. i think he has done modern before, but it didn’t really get good ratings, so that’s why he stuck with ancient. pls correct me if i’m wrong.

  2. @Jayne,

    ““I have set the filming period with Wayne, which will occur in April 2011.” ”

    Did you mean April 2012? April 2011 already past and filming hasn’t started. 🙂

  3. Good news. Cheung Wah Biu is a remarkable scriptwriter.

  4. I’m really happy and interested about this information. Hopefully Sheren say “Yes” with RB3. I love you-Sheren

    1. Sheren will face a situation to choose either WAB2 or RB3 for next year. Chik Kei Yi is also making a sequel to WAB.

      1. OMG! I just read the news on that right now. I can’t believe they are going to film a War and Beauty II after all these years. Back then, the producer said he will not do a sequel.

        Gigi and Maggie Cheung aren’t with TVB anymore so no chance of a original cast. Bowie is gone too. I want to see Charmaine and her contract is one series per year with TVB. Since she like filming Chik’s dramas, there is a chance. Don’t really want to see Moses in here though.

      2. @Chriselle

        You out of date. Maggie Cheung is filming frequently with TVB now.

      3. @Vivien,

        I only realized that after I submitted my comment. However, Maggie only films with TVB from time to time? She is not managed like Charmaine, I believe.

        Anyway, from sehseh’s blog, I read that Chik wants the original cast. No Moses please!

    2. I donot think TVB make RB3 is a good idea, but RB3 isn’t RB without Sheren =>> S+W=RB ^^

  5. sorry I don’t really know TVB directors well. So can someone tell me who Cheung Wah Biu is and what series he has produced? From the looks of it, he’s a legend??

    1. Thats is good news, Wah Biu is definitely one of the better writers.

      Stephy.. Wah Biu is famous for writing RB1 and 2. it seems that he is very serious and meticulous with his scripts. Sheren and Wayne attributed their success to Wah Biu and were sad when he announced his departure. so it’s good news to them that he is coming back and of cos, it’s good news to TVB too

    2. He wrote RB1 and many other hit series in the past. TVB can’t afford to lose him.

      1. haha, did anybody noticed that once he left, no other tvb dramas have hit the coveted 40 pts mark or has been widely talked about? i think tvb is at their wit’s end as well, so they had no choice but to call him back.

  6. Jayne maybe you should also put the news of WAB2 to be filmed early next year and Chik Kei Yi is recruiting the original casts. More sequels of hit series coming. How will Sheren divide her time?

  7. haha, i think this is random, but i think LTS looks very cute in that pic hehe! 😛

  8. Wow, they are actually taking up the challenge to do a Part 3. As much as I am delighted to hear this, I am also rather skeptical of it….it’s gonna be so hard to make it good.

    Modern drama would be nice, but like what SDS said, no career woman-loyal employee relationship please. Also, no super heroes. No distinctively good or evil characters. No old man as the head of the family. No family feuds.

    Hmm…what else Cheung Wah Biu can write about?

  9. RB2 was ok….maybe wasnt really great.

    If they going to film RB3, serious I hope they a new creative styles instead of doing RB1 style.

    Then we have War and Beauty II…. TVB is reairing in Hong Kong, late at night: War and Beauty I causing a popularity again. Same actors/actress; Gigi Lai back, Sheren flim back to back, possible?

    Thank god, TVB didnt announce Heart of Greed III . . .

  10. Ok these sequels are getting more and more ridiculous. TVB series these days aint as good as the ones in the past and ratings are in the 25-30s so TVB decides to cash in on past successful series and make a sequel.

    Just way too many this year and next year!!! Forensic Heroes, Triumph in the Skies, Laughing Gor (spinoff + 2xmovies), ….then they’re gonna have Ghetto Justice and The Other Truth… and now Rosy Business and War and Beauty.

    They shouldn’t make War and Beauty II. It’s so similar to Beyond the Realm of Conscience, and The Queen of the Queens (not aired)…. and Mainland’s Harem. In some ways, Can’t Buy Me Love was similar to BTROC in terms of clothing and setting.

    1. I just think TVB running out of ideas and scripts to make a good series, so they stick with sequels. I honestly think Rosy Business has run dry with ideas, let see how they make part 3 going to be like.

  11. Kind of off topic but WAB 2?? Gigi Lai is coming back? 😮

    Can somebody confirm? I don’t think Gigi is that great of an actress but she is so gorgeous! I miss her presence on TVB

  12. Yay! This is definitely good news indeed!

    Smart move on you now, TVB! 🙂

    Heehee! Fortunately, Mr. Cheung’s wife wanted Mr Cheung to go back to Hong Kong (and TVB probably attracted him back with a “golden carrot”) or I doubt RB3 would ever happen!

    Yes yes, I agree with you guys! A modern spin off please! Would be interesting to see Qiu Gu Niang strategizing in a modern world! 😀

    1. Mr Cheung was a golden producer. TVB must’ve offered him a better deal to get him back.

  13. How are they gonna film a sequel to WAB?? Didn’t most of the characters die? and Gigi Lai won’t be in it…

    1. Beats me too. This is getting ridiculous and just want to milk money from the cows

    2. gigi & bowie died
      maggie – maybe she died
      charmaine – pregnant with emperor’s baby
      sheren – still inside the palace
      moses – escaped palace with charmaine

      The only thing I can think of…. have all those top 5 tvb fadans as the new concubines: tavia, myolie, fala, kate, linda….. then they can compete with each other both inside and outside the drama lol

      1. That’s a possibility. I won’t mind watching if TVB makes it with these new 5 fadans and I’m sure the ratings will be high. Myolie will rock in Sheren or Charmaine’s character.

  14. This is definitely great news! I’m looking forward to their collaboration again. However, I agree that if Sheren cannot be part of the cast, it won’t be considered a sequel anymore! And who can replace her? That would be so much pressure for the actress that would be taking her place, so I hope Sheren returns and films this series. As for WAB, I think most likely it will be a new cast and new storyline since most of the characters died off already. And didn’t they consider one of the the other series a sequel to it? Gosh, I forgot the name of it, but they had Maggie and Ada replace Sheren and Maggie respectively. But it was a disappointing one. And Chik has reused the same actors over and over again that it seems like he has filmed many sequels with the same cast going from ancient to modern series. I was disappointed with Gem of Life and Fly with Me, and I think he has another modern series that still waiting for release that also has Bowie, Moses, Charmaine, Kenny. So, if he does film a sequel to WAB, he should probably use a new cast but stick to the same theme of the fight among concubines and in the palace.

    1. You mean Dance of Passion? I don’t like that series much.

      1. Yes, that was it! Thanks, lol! Yes, I think that series was bad and it was considered somewhat of a sequel to WAB since they used very much the same cast.

  15. What, they are going to be making a Rosy Business 3?? I wonder what they are going to be talking about?? I think TVB is trying to milk as much money and success out of the Rosy Business theme as much as possible…

    1. they are milking everything that the audience will buy. don’t care to make something new instead.

      shooting arrows everywhere and it one arrow in one direction hits they will continue to do so.

      prolly gonna make GJ 2,3,4 if it sells and laughing gor 3 haha

      1. I think they are truly running low on ideas so they have to milk as much out of what they already have as possible…

      2. truth being said i would love a TOT 2 provided it’s good though.

        are they gonna make a CBML 2? wonder how that crappy series got high ratings

      3. GJ2 is confirmed and they are also planning a GJ movie. I think they will make TOT2 too but the filming schedule is unconfirmed

      4. I have no idea how CBML got high ratings too. It was one of the crappiest series of that year. I don’t think there will be sequels

      5. I don’t think Ghetto Justice deserves a movie though…. sequel alright but movie??? Make a Files of Justice movie then!

  16. Oh please no Rosy 3. Frankly, I was a huge fans of Sheren and Wayne after I watched Rosy1, but after I watched Rosy 2, I totally lost interested in them. And Now ROsy 3. I hope I don’t hate them 🙁

    1. I have noticed that if a series is popular, then a sequal is usually a down fall of the original series. But a part 3 too?? Goodness, they are really out of ideas….However, it varies so maybe IF a part 3 will be made then it may be good? I heard that they will make a War and Beauty part 2 next year too.. They really want to milk as much milk out of their old cows as they can.

  17. eh? didn’t last time wayne mention that he would not film RB 3?. Wah , please don’t make the 3rd one, it will just ruin audience good impression on RB. Already lost interest half way in 2nd one.

  18. already lost my interest half way in 1st one. I hate the overrated acting & characters they’re in -.- . instead of making another of many sequels why not make a NEW one.

  19. Oh! There are so many conflicting opinions about RB3 and WAB2.One has his/her own feelings and reasons.

    Some people watched RB1 accidentally and then they found out NR for more interesting things. Some watch RB, NR because they are Sherayne fans and they always support any drama Sherayne in. Mayny people else love the love btw 2 main characters.And others care about the content that those drama have brought to them and then they can know more about life in the past…so on.

    In my opinion, RB, NR are best drama over the past decades. I believe in Tim Gor and Wah Biu that they are carefull enough to put somethings new in the old one. More over, I believe Sherayne chemistry and like their being together. So, Sheren pls say yes with RB3.

    Without Sheren, It can be RB3. If she dont accept filming RB3, I think TVB should not make that drama because I dont want to watch it cause’ I want to protect my 2 character in longlive in my heart.

    Hope Sheren can arrange her timeline.

  20. Dunno why I have the feeling that TVB will merge RB3 and WAB2 into 1 :P.

    1. I was thinking that too so Sheren doesn’t have to choose btwn them. And Wayne would probably take over bowie’s role (although I prefer actual bowie could make it).

      But can’t have 2 producers so I think tvb will pick chik since WAB sequel is more highly anticipated.
      If charmaine and Sheren both committed to the series, I wonder who would get top billing. I think the Hk media would have a field day over that.

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