What Kim Seo Yeon Hopes Will Happen in “The Penthouse 3”

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What Kim Seo Yeon Hopes Will Happen in “The Penthouse 3”

Filming for The Penthouse 3 has started. Kim Seo Yeon, who is one of the drama’s most popular stars, confessed that she felt pressured while filming the second season. Given that the series will wrap up in the third season, Kim So Yeon hopes she can let go of her worries and enjoy herself while filming The Penthouse 3.

In the finale of the second season, Kim So Yeon’s character was sent to the prison. Speaking about her character’s fate, the actress said, “I think she will probably be released on bail even though it would be wrong. Everything can be taken away from her except for the Cheong Ah Foundation.”

Kim So Yeon also addressed online speculation about her onscreen daughter Ha Eun Byeol (Choi Ye Bin), “People are saying that Jin Boon Hong (Ahn Yeon Hong) is Ha Eun Byeol’s mother. That is completely false. Eun Byeol is my daughter!”

When asked the fate of her character in the third season, Kim Seo Yeon offered her own ideal ending, “I hope she will have a beautiful ending. She would be handcuffed while yelling ‘I can walk by myself.’ She would stare at reporters and say, ‘Don’t blur out my face!’ My character is a villain, but given the character, I hope her downfall will be interesting.”

Looking ahead, Kim So Yeon would like to try a different genre after the intensity of The Penthouse. “I really like comedy and would like to film a sitcom. I filmed a sitcom before [in Soonpong Clinic] but I was very young then and held myself back a little bit. If I film a comedy now, it would be a more interesting experience.”

Source: Korea Star Daily

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