“The Penthouse 3” Disappoints With Illogical Plot

After shattering ratings with its first two seasons, The Penthouse 3 is back. Premiering on June 4, the third season will be the last as it brings closure to the bevy of characters introduced in the The Penthouse world.  While screenwriter Kim Soon Ok promises that The Penthouse 3 will be the most dramatic season, viewers criticize the premiere for its illogical plot and are left feeling underwhelmed.

The series is known to keep viewers hooked with unpredictable plot twists. The third season continues with the shock value as several key characters, who have perished in previous seasons, were resurrected. However, viewers took issue with this and mocked the characters’ revival as a medical miracle which lacked common sense.

As criticism mounted, Kim Soon Ok addressed the issues, “Some of the characters’ resurrections made the audience very confused. Some people even called it a ‘resurrection special episode.’ I admit that my lack of logic caused this. I thought about this while watching it, and I was determined to not resurrect the characters. However, unknowingly I started the resurrection process. I am ashamed and grateful for the audience who defended me.”

Kim Soon Ok also shared that she wanted The Penthouse to have a different theme for each of the seasons. The first season was centered around human’s endless desires; the second season was centered around the retributions of sins; and the third season will be about destruction.

The third season will explore real societal issues such as school bullying, domestic violence, and real estate issues. While The Penthouse 3 will feature heavy subjects, Kim Soon Ok likens the hopelessness to a new beginning: Even in the worst situation, a new sky and Earth will open up. New sprouts will emerge from the crumbling cracks.

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So the next season is going to be even more unbelievable…oh well I will still watch it. Its too additive

  2. It should’ve ended with season 2 in my opinion but I still watch it lol. The kids however are annoying.

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