William Chak Constantly Sick Throughout Childhood

There are 4-inch long scars hidden below William Chak’s (翟威廉) six packs. During his childhood, he had a weak immune system and was constantly ill. William was a frequent visitor of the local hospital.

In second grade, William was diagnosed with acute appendicitis. Four years later, he was diagnosed with peritonitis. Having to undergo two operations, his mother and relatives constantly worried about his health conditions. “Since then, there are some scars around my abdominal area. I remember I was very young when I entered the hospital and wouldn’t stop crying. It terrified my mom into tears as well.”

After leaving the hospital, William’s mother forbade him from eating snacks. “Luckily, my elder brother would help me. He would share the snacks with me secretly. At midnight after our mom went to sleep, we hid under the covers and ate late-night snacks,” he said. Fortunately, William became healthier and stayed away from illness as he grew older. Developing an interest in basketball and other athletics, William acquired a more muscular physique, which helped him stand out when he competed in ATV’s Mr. Asia and TVB’s Mr. Hong Kong contests.

Rebel in Primary School

William revealed that he was a rebellious student, who eventually learned to behave later on. “I was very disobedient when I was in primary school. My parents had to meet with the teacher often. I was lazy and disliked studying, playing video games instead. My grades weren’t very good. The more my mom yelled at me, the more disobedient I became. But then one day in high school, I suddenly became bored of video games and began to study strenuously.”

During high school, William vacationed in Japan with his mother, and grew interested in its literature. He vowed to do well on his examinations in order to study there. In the end, William’s mother fulfilled his dreams of studying in Japan.

Source: Apple Daily via ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.  

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  1. wasn’t he on the news a couple of years back for being a male escort or nude model?

    1. you’re thinking of benjamin yuen. that’s why his push was halted so suddenly. all the bad publicity which ended up being false.

      1. If you guys are referring to that scandal with Lau Ding-sing, then William was also involved. There were reports saying that Lau was William’s godfather or something.

      2. In the Lau Ding-Sing scandal, even Him Law name was mentioned…

  2. he has transformed into one good looking fella…

  3. He has 6 packs. Look at you pikachu. He’s good looking.

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