William Chak Prefers Sex Partners over Dating

TVB actor and Mr. Hong Kong 2010, William Chak (翟威廉), admitted that he has chosen a “sexual partner-only” lifestyle for the past seven years after breaking up with actress Toby Chan (陳庭欣), and does not have the desire to get married.

William’s confession follows speculations that he has been cheating with multiple female celebrities. Earlier, singer Karene Mak (麥貝夷) denounced her ex-boyfriend for having too many sexual partners. She also alluded that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend, Hiromi Wada (裕美). Although Karene did not pointedly name who the ex-boyfriend was, rumors abound that the man in question is William. Hiromi has already stepped up to deny the allegations, and William also clarified that he was not involved with either female celebrity.

Not a Sex Addict

William said his sexual partners do not include anyone from the entertainment industry. Although his choice of lifestyle may be questionable by others, the 36-year-old actor insisted that he has always remained forthcoming about his expectations.

“This sort of lifestyle is really quite normal, and is nothing out of the ordinary. As for being a scumbag, I feel that scumbags are those who make promises they cannot keep. I’ve always followed the rules and am grateful to all my short-term partners. It’s about mutual companionship,” he said.

Asked whether he is afraid whether others will perceive him as a sex addict, William said firmly, “I am definitely not a sex addict.” He said that sex does not take up a large part of his time. “Maybe not even 20 percent of my time. The majority of my time is spent working, practicing singing, learning new things, and taking care of my sake business.”

When asked how often he would see or visit his partner, William said, “This is not a competition, so I can only say it is a normal part of my life. I don’t specifically recall. If you ask whether it is very often, then it definitely is not!”

William’s choice in lifestyle was a direct impact of his childhood experience, which shattered his faith in marriage. William and his elder brother share the same mother, but have different biological fathers. After William’s mother and his father separated, his mother met a new wealthy boyfriend, thereby raising William and his brother as “wealthy second generations.” Perhaps the lack of a consistent father figure in his life contributed to his current choice in lifestyle. To this, William expressed, “I am an adult now, so there really isn’t a need to say much more. My family and I are all happy right now. All in all, every family has their own issues.”

Sources: On.cc; HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I have no issues with this. It’s his choice and he’s open about it. So not sure what the girls he gets with were expecting.

    1. @theyenman agreed. He’s open about it, therefore not breaking any promises nor making any empty promises. His choice and lifestyle. I actually give kudos to him for being open. Marriage is not for everyone.

  2. His life, his choice. Sex addict is a poor choice of words, it’s not like he seeks multiple encounters daily. He choses to have multiple partners without commitment, as long as both parties agree, there’s no harm. Why even writing about ut

  3. For seven years he has been doing this – wow! Too wild! Hopefully he won’t get STD and that’s all I have to say! Good luck!

  4. I mean…all the power to him, as long as there are no false expectations, this is good enough. Now if women can say the same thing and not get marked a sloot then we have true equality.

    1. Is it me or Hiromi seems to come up in many boy stories? Hugo Wong, Steven Cheung, now this guy…

      1. @thht Yes, I remember that case too. She’s with a rich dude now isn’t she. She does seem pretty easy in jumping from divorce and then one to another pretty quickly. Basically, on a few clips on youtube the rich guy she is with now is a bigger ahole…haha lol….
        At least this one is honest about it thou. I mean to Americans it’s probably not at all a topic but for Asians it’s probably still a bit too much to openly admitting it.

      2. @wm2017 she’s now with Louisa Amal’s ex… and the guy’s mom said that she would disown her son if he married her…

  5. Honestly good for him for being upfront about it. Better than being an unfaithful liar. As long as there’s consent who cares what he does behind doors.

  6. Plus, just because he wants a sex partner relationship doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a man whore. Maybe he just doesn’t want a committed relationship and prefers a friends with benefits type. Could be that he just sleeps with a one or two regular partners. Or he could totally be a man whore lol, I don’t know. The point I’m making is, we don’t really know.

  7. Proud of him for standing up for himself and being transparent about his lifestyle! Marriage is definitely not for everyone and it’s good that he has acknowledged this and is upfront with his expectations.

  8. this 裕美 girl knows how to eat. always rumored with the hotties in town.

  9. If he is single and unattached while the women know and still willing to be involved with him with no expectations of the relationship besides some time in bed, then it’s his and their choices.

  10. What you have to respect:
    1) His honesty
    He’s not lying he wants a relationship
    2) Him assuming responsibility for his actions
    He’s not blaming his childhood for anything unlike Bosco Wong

    Remember, sex takes up less than 20% of his time. He simply doesn’t want commitment. What’s wrong with that? And he’s probably being safe about it, so why call him a STD bag?

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