Moon Lau Has a Rich Boyfriend

By on September 25, 2017 in NEWS

Moon Lau Has a Rich Boyfriend

Moon Lau (劉佩玥) has had her fair share of rumors since donning the MHK runner-up crown back in 2013. The 28-year-old’s rumored boyfriends has ranged from Philip Ng (伍允龍) to William Chak (翟威廉), but they’ve been all fruitless.

The Hong Kong paparazzi, however, has finally found the mysterious boyfriend. According to their sources, Moon is currently dating a “wealthy entertainment circle insider” and have been in a relationship for the past few months. The couple met at a mutual friend’s social gathering. As it’s only been a few months into their relationship, Moon is reportedly not ready to go public with it.

Therefore, it didn’t come to a surprise at how quick Moon and William were at denying the dating rumors when Moon was revealed to have spent the night at William’s studio.

Reporters started to speculate about Moon’s new relationship when they discovered her new home in the wealthy district of North Point Hill. The new apartment is reportedly worth HK$20 million.

To keep her new relationship a secret, she recruited the help of William. After spending an hour at William’s North Point studio, William drove her around the district, driving in circles to make sure they weren’t followed. Afterwards, William took her back to her new home.


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  • 5 comments to Moon Lau Has a Rich Boyfriend

    1. cutie777 says:

      Lol. Every time when someone on a relationship the reporters always bought up saying he’s got a rich girlfriend or she’s got a rich boyfriend I mean really?

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      • happybi replied:

        @cutie777 Yep..Problem with being in the entertainment business.. They are all consider gold digger if they start dating a rich guy!

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        • jimmyszeto replied:

          I would separate it into two categories really. If a girl was new to the entertainment scene and not well known but was trying to date rich heirs, I would class most of them as gold diggers. If an actress was relatively known and has status within the entertainment industry then it’s normal for them to meet a wealthy boyfriend. It would be weird for a woman to be coupled with a lower earner or a low working class guy. Similarly outside the entertainment circle if a high rank/paid woman was dating a low rank/paid man then likely incompatible issues will appear.

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        • happybi replied:

          @jimmyszeto true..the thing though is even if they are establish actress, they are still called gold digger if they date someone who is very old or wealthy. but if they date someone who is normal then that person is not good enough for them. Just don’t get a break.

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    2. funnlim says:

      Well she has a certain standard of living to maintain so why are we surprised?

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