William Chan’s New Fashion Brand CANOTWAIT

Hong Kong artiste William Chan (陳偉霆) has been prospering ever since he started developing his career in mainland China. To add to his success, he recently established a fashion brand CANOTWAIT and launched his first 2020 fall and winter collection, which features a yellow smiley face pattern to remind people to smile. Although his pop-up store and interactive exhibition in Shanghai attracted a large number of his fans, netizens criticized William’s label.

Some said CANOTWAIT lacks creativity as many brands also have the smiley face theme, and many people noticed that it has a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber‘s DREW HOUSE logo, which was established in 2018. Although William’s smiley face pattern doesn’t have the DREW mouth but a regular mouth, the two brands’ smiley face pattern is similar. Despite the plagiarism speculations, CANOTWAIT still received a good response due to William’s strong fan base.

Why He Started CANOTWAIT

Moreover, William claims he was inspired by modern street art and the idea of spreading love and goodwill. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, he realized how limited and luxurious a smile was, so he wanted to create something that would make people happy. He eventually came up with the smiley face icon.

What makes his smiley face unique is that one eye is replaced by a “unequal sign” to present the message of “cannot wait.” CANOTWAIT’s fall and winter collection will have the yellow smiley face print on every product, which includes lambswool coats, sweaters, sports pants, aviator jackets, socks, Velcro handbags, and limited-edition aprons.

To further endorse his brand, William even covered his sports car with the yellow smiley face in his promotional photos.


Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. You’d think with such a high coverage brand that they would do some spell-check before publicizing. No QC at all. Not that I intend to purchase anything, but after seeing this, I’m even less inclined.

    Also, didn’t China recently tell its army to prepare for war? Is this a good time to create an English name for his own brand?

    1. @coralie I believe the misspelling/typo may be on purpose. Even the plagiarising. Most fakes purposely misspell words – probably to make it difficult to sue them.

  2. He looks like an imbecile. You’re 34, the dyed hair does not go well with that receding hair line.

  3. First thing that came to mind after seeing the smiley face…Justin Bieber’s brand. Definitely lack of creativity but ofc he can make some money off his popularity status in Mainland.
    Maybe the spelling of the brand has a special meaning.

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