William Chu Gave Up Law to Be an Actor

William Chu (朱滙林) is not a totally unfamiliar face. The 31-year-old—who was scouted by TVB after auditioning for the casting system TVbeople—debut in 2007 and shot to fame after starring in the 2012 sitcom Come Home Love <·回家>.

William is well-known among loyal fans of the Come Home Love sitcom series. Currently starring in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <·回家之開心速遞>, William is gaining attention for his likable character and engaging performance.

The 31-year-old holds a law degree from the University of Hong Kong, but he gave up that career path in order to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an actor. Understanding that it would be hard to survive in the city with just an actor’s income, William researched other industries for opportunities to get quick cash. In 2015, he decided on spending his investments on a Korean fried chicken shop. He invested HK$1 million, which he had been saving for 10 years. To save money, William said he would use less than HK$50 a day.

William was dedicated to his job. He studied Korean and reached out to a cook in Korea to understand the country’s food and culture. He was personally involved in choosing the menu items and each dish’s ingredients. Many of the ingredients were shipped from Korea.

Unfortunately, the fried chicken shop had to close down in 2018. During the shop’s final days, William treated his Lo and Behold cast members to a fried chicken meal at the shop. He said at the time, “We’ve been doing this for three years, and I’ve also learned a lot. There are many reasons to why we had to close it down, but regardless, I am thankful to everyone!”

Source: HKet.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wasn’t he in The Hippocratic Crush too?
    He should find a law related job that he can do part time…

  2. Too bad he hasn’t actually practiced in law and went to court, he would at least get in those law movie roles if he did.

    Reminds me of that Australian doctor that came back to act in TVB and you always see him as a doctor role now.

  3. that’s a big sacrifice and hopefully his law degree is not going to be a wash. lawyers are always the most lucrative, it depends on the name and how well you are able to maintain clients. plus those long brutal, mentally exhausting work hours. at least he’s able to chase his dreams for a bit but i guess if he doesn’t succeed, at least he has something to turn back to.

  4. i still remember him from come home love 1 but noticed he never got any chances from tvb which is sad. its a big sacrifice to give up law for acting, but i admire his persistence for passion as being a lawyer and actor in hong kong is very different in terms of money.

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