Xiao Zhan Disturbed by Crazed Fans

Since breaking out in The Untamed <陈情令>, Xiao Zhan (肖战) has not only been engrossed in working nonstop, but also busy in running away from obsessive fans. Accordingly, Xiao Zhan was constantly interrupted during the filming of Jade Bone Ballad <玉骨谣> by a group of disrespectful people who barged into his shoots and hotel. Repeatedly disturbed in both work and life, the 28-year-old actor finally had enough and  hopes fans would end their stalking behavior.

“I’ve said this before in 2016 that I hope we could meet only during official events. Please stop following my filming shoots, car, or flights. It is extremely dangerous when you guys intentionally chase and slow down our car on public roads. Also don’t knock my door in the middle of the night, snoop around to listen in on conversations, or even crowd the hotel. Yesterday, there were people who intentionally entered the wrong passwords to rooms, which caused the entire hotel floor to be locked, and I couldn’t return to my room for some rest. This kind of behavior severely impacts my filming and work. So please, everyone just return to your own lives and focus on the better for yourselves,” he urged on social media.

In some exposed images, Xiao Zhan was seen returning from work and was immediately surrounded by crazed fans blocking his hotel room entrance. A male and a female staff was shown to protect the actor by blocking the advances of fans. They shouted, “Can everyone back away?” Their annoyance was met with no avail as extreme fans continued to harass the actor.

One crazed fan had apparently even slapped Xiao Zhan on the face, but he quietly sheltered himself from further attacks by pulling his hood on. He remained calm with his back against the camera.

As news of Xiao Zhan facing such harassment circulated, many fans expressed their pain and sympathy for the actor. They commented, “My heart broke when he put his hood on;” “This is so distressing;” and “I initially felt angered, but it dissipated in an instant and was replaced with sadness when he covered himself.”

Source: Sohu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Poor Xiao Zhan. The best part of the day for any hardworking person is jumping into bed and getting a good rest after a long day. But he’s robbed of that because of these delulu fans. Can’t imagine how stressful it must be when you’re trying to sleep but you’re worried if the random noise/knocking you hear outside is some crazy stalker about to come in and assault you. Unfortunately this is the life for many idols. I hope wherever he goes he has good security/bodyguards to protect him. These delulus are too far into their head to respect their idol’s boundaries 🙁

  2. This is terrible! They should have these people arrested. I heard that some of these crazy people are Wang YiBo’s fans and I’m not saying it’s WYB’s fault. Please take a look at these links:

    #1 link – you can see their picture with this link with this headline.
    The netizen caught that in the Hengdian hotel was harassing Xiao Zhan, affecting his work, replacing the password lock, affecting the normal operation of the hotel, is suspected to be WYB fans! (actually these people are the real antis!)
    This woman so brazen and without a bit of shame and education, look at the Weibo pictures, she even wore the same clothes when went to take pictures with their idol. I mean, they don’t even try to hide their actions and who their idol is! I’m so mad!!!
    (Also video incoming, watch the next post)

    #2 link with their video with this headline:

    In this video can be seen better how the group of 3 girls is being kicked out by the hotel guards. These are those shameless girls who locked the password of XZ and created chaos. (see the post with pictures i published before) THEY ARE NOT XFX! They are YB fans!

    1. @dramas4me

      This kinda makes sense. Them being antifans. A fan won’t go slapping her idol no matter how crazed she is.

      I really don’t understand fans who anti their idol’s coworker/group member/friend. Wouldn’t it make their idol facing his friend difficult? Have they ever thought of that?

      1. @kidd
        Exactly!!! If it’s true and even it’s not WYB’s fault – he should say something to his fans. The hotel also should do more to protect Xiao Zhan and stop these wackos.

  3. U really wonder the upbringings/mentality of these people. If my daughters do that, I will slap them upside down with my slippers. Those people really have nothing to do but trespass and harass someone who just want to rest after a long day of work. LOW IQ/EQ.

  4. I’m angry for XZ. He’s such a nice and polite guy. I’m actually glad that he could keep calm in this situation where these crazed people attacked him. If they are indeed WYB’s fans, I agree with the comment above that WYB should speak up to his fans. It’s been almost two years since CQL first came out. XZ and WYB now have their own lives and different career paths. People should get over it and stop attacking XZ. He deserves respect and better treatment from everyone especially since the 227 incident of last year.

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