Yammie Nam’s Diva Attitude Triggered Taiwanese Actress’ Ambush Attack

Above: Yammie Nam’s constant lateness irked Taiwanese actress, Ti Ang, who admitted she physically attacked Yammie.

Yammie Nam’s (藍潔瑛) unfortunate past was exposed when she admitted to past rape experiences in a video interview that surfaced last December. Yammie confessed that she was raped by two men in the industry, which the media and her close friends claimed had contributed to her mental instability and downfall in the last decade.

Though Yammie refused to reveal any more details to elaborate on the incidents, and subsequently turned down future interviews, reports surfaced earlier this week that Yammie actually had another terrifying sexual assault experience.

Yammie Was Groped by Former Co-star

An inside source revealed details of Yammie’s sexual assault incident years ago,“Yammie was fine that day, but after shooting that particular scene in the studio, she returned to work the next day looking really dark. A friend brought her to the canteen to discuss about what happened, and then Yammie started yelling at Mr. C, who had groped her.”

Reportedly, Yammie and Mr. C, her costar, were shooting a rather intimate scene in the studios. It was said that the man groped Yammie’s private parts while the camera was still rolling. As Yammie was standing in front of the man, whose back was facing the camera, the rest of the crew members in the studio could not see what had happened. Yammie chose not to confront the man as she was afraid that no one would believe her.

The source continued, “But what made her really angry was that the man greeted her with a smile the next day as if nothing had happened!”

It was known that Mr. C had a girlfriend at the time of the incident, but he was not a very faithful partner. He often suggestively touched his female colleagues and flirted with them.

Yammie Nam Physically Attacked by Taiwanese Actress

After getting “frozen” by TVB in 1988, Yammie pursued new acting opportunities in Taiwan, where she was cast as the female lead in the Taiwanese drama Life Long Pursuit <半生緣一世情>. Also starring Yang Ching Huang (楊慶煌) and Ti Ang (狄鶯), the period drama aired on Taiwan’s TTV in 1992. Yammie, who was already emotionally unstable at the time of filming, and did not get along with the rest of the drama’s cast members, particularly Ti Ang.

At a recent recording for a variety show, Ti Ang spoke about her filming experience with Yammie, calling her “insufferable and a diva”. She explained that Yammie was often late to work, keeping her costars’ waiting while she slept at the hotel. Yammie refused to comply with the director and crew’s suggestions.

Ti Ang then continued, angrily, “It was like this every day, always waiting for Diva Nam. Then one day, I snapped. I waited for her at the hotel. I saw her coming out of the elevator holding two large bags, and she looked rather dazed. I went over to her and kicked her. She fell to the floor. I was yelling at her and wanted to kick her again, but there were people watching. After all, I was just avenging for myself, not for them. So I left.”

Taiwanese netizens bombarded disapproval messages on various forums, exclaiming that Ti Ang handled the situation poorly. They described Ti Ang’s actions as “savage and uncultivated”, with most agreeing that she should not have attacked Yammie. Others doubted Ti Ang’s claims of Yammie’s diva attitude, since Yammie was in Taiwan for work since she was blacklisted in Hong Kong at the time.

Though the public was upset by Ti Ang’s words and violence towards Yammie, Ti Ang refused to make a public apology.

Source: 3 Weekly via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Here’s the thing for any or all of the female artists in the entertainment industry – you are gonna get groped or fondled or sexually assaulted by “other men” in the industry…….this is and will always be how the entertainment industry is………I do feel sorry for Yammie and her situation, but all women should know what they are getting into when they enter this industry.

      1. I usually do not agree with you yuaida, but I agree with you this time since that is the dark side to this industry. I remember my cousin telling me that he would allow his son to enter the circle if he had that opportunity but never a daughter because it is more dangerous for a girl to enter this industry. But there are gentlemen that would never do things like that. However, there are of course some that would take advantage of the girls. I remember Fann Wong mentioning that in her biography that one of her co stars wanted to hit on her so she told the director and producer,therefore, they reduced the intimate scenes and monitored them so that that actor would not take advantage of her.

      2. That kind of treatment is considered a privilege and bcoz she is FANN WONG. I do not think the same treatment would ever be granted to a newbie. no one wld probably giv a damn to a newbie in this industry.

  1. I am feeling really worried and sad for Yammie. Speak up Yammie if you want any help!

  2. Mr C = Adam Cheng Siu Chow? 😉

    Sorry, I don’t have any high opinion of the dude.

    1. I never got that jerky vibe from Adam Cheng. Did he really have a philandering rep? Did his film scenes fit in with those clues she gave?
      Maybe I have watched too many of his dai hop roles but he never struck me as a guy who would do that.

      How many other men with surnames starting with C would fit that clue?

    2. Hmmm. I don’t think it’s up to us to speculate, especially regarding serious accusations like these… Even worse when people were trying to guess who the rapist was. Not only was it disrespectful towards the deceased (if said name happened to be innocent), but you’re unnecessarily dragging people’s names through the mud. Let the law enforcers or those who matter find the truth – us outsiders needn’t stir the pot.

    3. I doubt it is him. True, he was unfaithful to his ex wife, Lydia Sum but I do recall one of his former female costars mentioning that he is a gentleman to his colleagues, unlike some of the (male) artists (though she refused to name who).

  3. Wait, she got pissed off that Yammie is always late so she decided to kick her? WTF? Who’s the real nasty diva here?

    The producers should’ve stepped in and fire Yammie if this is true. Why would you beat up your costar because they’re late?

    1. I saw Lam Geet Ying in real life when she was younger and she is REALLY pretty. I was in a subway car once when two models not wearing any makeup stepped into the train car and suddenly at least two young girls became uncomfortable and as the ride progressed, actually started to get angry expressions on their faces. The models didn’t have to do anything or say anything – they were just sitting there.

      1. I don’t quite understand your post Cleo. You said you saw Yammie in real life and then saw 2 grumpy models. Then I lost track of what you are trying to say.

      2. Oh I forgot to mention that the models were young and perfect – I was in my twenties too but the models were lovely and wore no makeup – they didn’t look like they were successful models like Claudia Schiffer who is not pretty in real life but these two were brunette and delicate like Natalie Wood but tall and flawless. There were two other women in the train car and they were dolled up and it was summer so they were scantily clad but the models were plainly dressed. The models looked very simple and sweet and spoke inoffensively and sounded young but as the ride progressed, I noticed that the body language of the other two females in the train car became uncomfortable and they were adjusting themselves and their expressions got darker and darker. I can only imagine that they somehow felt REDUCED because they had started out their day feeling glamorous. As long as someone is attractive, I don’t think it affects them or makes them MORE or less attractive if Melania Knauss is in the room. I also saw an entire hair salon’s female staff look really angry when the current Mrs. Trump was on the premises whereas Sandra Bullock who was also there threatened no one.

        I remember Lam Geet Ying looking like a heavenly vision at the Meridian Hotel in the 1980s. That might affect someone who wasn’t too realistic about their own attractiveness or expected their own appearance to be some kind of leverage.

        Some pretty girls don’t upset you and just cheer you up. I saw Sean Young in the 1980s and she looked great too but she and Lara Flynn Boyle always gave interviews about how they were bullied by other girls in school because of their looks. I don’t know about that but Lam Geet Ying DID get hit according to the hitter so ….

      3. someone told me that pretty girls like to be friends with plain girls to make themselves prettier but I don’t know if that is true. I think that pretty girls make good friends but they are always wary of jealousy in everyone even longtime friends so they have an extra training in shrewdness and survival.

        I personally like pretty people and so does the rest of my nuclear family. We enjoy them.

  4. Why was Yammie “frozen” by TVB in 1988??
    I thought at that time she was very popular??

    1. I heard it was because they claimed she was not behaving and demanded a salary raise. I also heard that she was supposed to play Zhao min in HSDS instead of Kitty Lai. But TVB did not like how she was acting as they claimed so gave the role to Kitty Lai in the end. What pity because Yammie would have been a great Zhao Min.

  5. That woman sounds like a a nasty piece of work. As if the kicking wasn’t enough, she has to dredge up the news now when Yammie is in a vulnerable state AND the centre of attention after her rape confession.

    If you watch the video, the woman was so smug about the incident. Hey, she was so keen about it she even decided to re-enact the scene. All the other hosts and guests laughed along with her. Disgusting.

    1. Just browse weibo and read some of the comments there, apparently the video is not from a recent talk show but one that has aired long time ago. Agree that 狄莺 was nasty to make fun of Yammie in the talk but she is not the one who dredged up old news to shame Yammie, the media did that by making it look like the video is recent to sell news.

      1. Thanks for the correction! It did make me despair to think the Taiwanese actress would take advantage of Yammie’s poor state in order to generate publicity and/or tread on her even more. Or so I thought. Turns out the media was playing puppeteer once again…

      2. Thanks for the info but regardless if when it was done, that is such a bad and mean thing to do. Does she have no shame? I just get so upset when people do something bad and then think that it is ok just because it happened long ago or has passed. A shameful thing happened in my family sort of recently but my mom kept defending it by saying it us now the past. But my oldest brother was so annoyed and mad that people keep on using that as an excuse to do bad things. Regardless of how much time has passed, if you do bad things then it will forever haunt you unless you truly learned from it and become a better person.

      3. After re-enacting the “kicking scene”, the actress did acknowledge what she did was wrong. But those were just empty words as I saw no sign of remorse from her at all; she was still mocking Yammie and everyone in the studio (including her) seemed to get a lot of laughs from the incident…

      4. I can’t believe that she would do that but yea, that is a good example of not just what you say but how you say things. Do you have the link to the video? Gosh, when there is an actual video then that is the best evidence of anything. This is just so sad. I can totally imagine her laughing at Yammie’s current state. I can’t believe that some people can be so cruel.

      5. Thanks for the link to the video skinnymocha! Gosh, watching that video really made me sick to my stomach. I cannot believe there are people like her in this world. They do such bad things but are proud of it. I have met some bad people like that but luckily there are not that many people like that in this world. She not only demonstrated it but even sounded proud after doing so. I cannot believe that she was bragging about how far Yammie flew back after kicking her. Gosh,she really disgusts me!

      6. I wonder when that show was done? It does not seem like it was that long ago.

  6. Ti Ang is a poor excuse for an actress and a human being. Only an animal attackes other and not feeling remorse.

    1. She is worse than an animal because I gave seen animals have remorse when they attack anyone or another animal.

    2. Gee, And she had thick skin on her face to gloat about it as if it was a good thing she did. IF she was angry, then yelling is borderline acceptable, But to physically assault another human being is bad.

  7. Who is she again?. Seeking attention?. She doesn’t have that great personality to begin with if that’s the she handle problem. Kicking someone to the ground like gangster.Lol.

  8. Ti Ang is an ugly idiot that wanted to be known for a few second or not even that.

  9. I feel so sorry for Yammie, sounds like her life is really bad with all downs. What a waste, she’s so pretty but her life is so bitter.

    1. Just because anyone is pretty does not guarantee that their life is going to be good. I also feel fad for Yammie that recently so many bad things keep on happening to her and all of these bad and negative news keep on attacking her. This is just so sad.

  10. Who is this actress? I have never heard of her and she reminds me of that half Japanese and Taiwanese actress that attacked an innocent taxi driver. But at least she was sort of punished but I wonder if this mean old actress ever for punished? Hopefully what goes around will come around.

    1. Yea,she is and watching that video of her opening demonstrating I and admitting to it really disgusts me.

      1. Meant to say it. With that video we cannot say it made up by the media.

  11. It’s so disgusting that these bunch of people are laughing at people’s pain. And actually thought that she is very smart in doing so.

    And what rights do the hosts have to call Yammie a diva? She has never done any thing to hurt them and yet these bunch of idiots are bullying her like that.

    1. I agree and was wondering the same thing. Maybe they were paid to act like that? If so, what a shameful thing to do for money. If karma still works, what goes around will come around.

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