Eric Tsang Faces Sexual Harassment and Assault Claims

On the morning of January 10, a 2013 interview of former Hong Kong actress Yammie Lam (藍潔瑛) admitting to getting raped by two men started trending on Weibo. Though the original video had the names of the men bleeped out, the video that is currently being circulated suggests that the two Hong Kong industry giants who assaulted her were Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and the late actor, Alan Tang (鄧光榮).

Eric Tsang has already issued a statement denying the sexual assault allegations, calling it “fake news” and the video falsely edited. The statement further added that legal action will be pursued on those who released the video.

It has to be noted, however, that the 2013 video originally had a male interviewer, but in the new circulation, that voice suddenly became a female’s. It was also this new female voice that spoke out Eric Tsang and Alan Tang’s names. Yammie herself mentioned no names.

On January 11, the former chairman of Ford Models in Asia, Grace Han (韓穎華), posted a long comment about Eric Tsang’s sexual assault allegations, in which she claimed that Eric Tsang had made sexual advances toward her model trainees before.

“This despicable man has made sexual advances on female artists more than once. Everyone in the entertainment industry knows about this,” wrote Grace. She then shared a story, where she claimed that Eric had spiked one of her student’s drinks when she was at a karaoke bar in Hong Kong.

“I’ve taught my students that, if you’re in an unknown area and a powerful person invites you to a party, don’t follow them! This bastard tried to talk with her, but [my] student ignored him. It wasn’t until that bastard told her that a famous celebrity would also be going, when that child had a change of heart. One of my students fell for that. I’ve taught my students that if you ever leave for the restroom and come back, don’t touch the drinks anymore. The child remembered what her teacher taught her, and ran to the restroom to purge it out. When she got back, the other six models all fell. The men at the scene carried each of them away, except for my student: Auntie Han, I was freezing, my hands were shaking. At this time, Eric Tsang and another bastard who spoke Cantonese said: Why isn’t this working? Once the child heard it, she dropped to the floor and allowed them to carry her to the car, but she used the tricks I taught her to escape.”

Right after Grace revealed her story, a rumor started to spread about Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) and Eric Tsang, claiming that they had an inappropriate “close relationship.” Zhou Dongyu’s personal studio has since released a statement to denounce the rumor and demanded reporters to stop spreading the fake story.

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    1. @elizabeth I hope you have a good heart and can handle surprising news. If all the creeps get outed, then all that is supposedly in a higher realm won’t be so hea….. high and above earth after all. Then again, kings have a lot of power, and a lot of men and women are afraid of that power and will not come forward. Yes, some go after men too. In fact, some go after both male and female.You see, certain “celestial” beings have been getting away with crumes against humanity for years, even against their own families. It would be great if these animals are brought to justice. God is watching, and I pray he gives these women and men the strength to come forward and expose these deviants. Problem is, the dream induced sheeple will kill anyone who dare to make such accusations againts their godlike, perfect idols.
      As for Eric Tsang, this does not surprise me one bit.

      1. @elizabeth My comment simply means

        1- this kind of sexual harassment and assault does happen in the asian industry.

        2– some of the ‘gods’ that the netizens and sheeple worship are guilty of such crimes. They are so high up and so revered and worshipped as kind, thoughtful, hard-working, devoted family men, who donate such love and time to their fans, that no on will believe the victims of these slimers. Add the fact that they have evil, powerful societies with consuming ruthlessness behind them. Also add the fact that the media and millions of sheeple are behind them, so the victims don’t stand a chance. All of them will not be found out, but God is watching.

        What is so hard to understand ?

  1. I won’t go so far as to say whether the allegations are true or not since I really don’t know, but what I will say is that I’m definitely not surprised. We all know that Eric Tsang is no saint and as much as I like him and respect him on a professional level in terms of his tremendous contributions to the entertainment industry, I’ve seen the way he behaves in public sometimes and honestly, for a public figure of his stature, he is more reckless than most. As a celebrity, how one usually behaves in public is quite important and can have a huge impact on credibility when situations like this arise where serious allegations are being brought up against them. Sometimes it’s not enough that those who are close to the celebrity (friends and family) “know what type of person they are” and so the celebrity feels like there is no need to clarify things to the general public at large (which, since the beginning of time, has been the typical HK celebrity response to most rumors/gossip/accusations against them). In Eric’s case, not sure if we will ever find out the truth, but this incident (as well as everything that has been going on in Hollywood recently) should be a wake-up call for him (and other celebrities like him) that this is serious stuff and they can’t continue to act recklessly without consequences. One of the biggest lessons that has come out of the whole meToo movement is that just because an industry (can also apply to society as a whole) has “accepted” a certain mentality / mindset for decades (in the case of the entertainment industry, it’s the “casting couch” thing and mistreatment of women in general), that doesn’t mean it is right (though I would also stop short of painting the entire industry with the same brush because the truth is that not every big name / powerful celebrity is like that). We definitely have a long ways to go in terms of changing the mentality as a whole and to be honest, I’m skeptical as to whether it will completely happen, especially given how pervasive the issue is throughout society (as we’ve seen, this issue isn’t just limited to the entertainment industry). With that said though, I’m glad that there is finally a platform now for women who have long suffered in silence to finally speak out!

    1. @llwy12 very well said as always. Honestly, I don’t expect the victim-confession and MeToo movement to take off in Asia like it did in States due to the reasons I listed above. On top of that, I pity any victim who name names, especially if the accused fit the above mentioned criteria

  2. Innocent until proven guilty.a mans reputation is i shall give him the benefit of doubt.

    1. @funnlim Of late, there seems to be a lot of ‘calling out’ of former celebs so much so I wonder whether it is for the sake of ‘vengence’, ‘publicity’ or even ‘money’. IMO and based on discussions with my colleagues, I think some of these ‘harassment’ cases have got out of hand. I have a male friend who is a Special Education Teacher. He told me that when he takes a child to the toilet, he will consistently run out of the toilet to show his face and not remain in the toilet with the child for fear of someone accusing of child molesting. A teacher who did not break up a fight between to female students for fear of being accused of inappropriate touching was accused of not stopping the fight. Do you die. Don’t do you die. Such cases has affected the ratio of male teachers in the country. Difficult students, difficult circumstances. Why teach. As in the case of Princess Diana’s accident. Spectators refused to help (physically) for fear of being sued if the victims die!

      Back to Eric. He appears to have a straight and rough demeanor but I agree with funn that this is a serious allegation and should be given benefit of doubt until proven guilty.

      1. @mangotango I can see yout point. Well I guess Harvey Weinstein is innocent then. I am not say Eric is guilty. However, I get the impression that whoever gets called out for sexual harassment, they will be considered innocent , not because they are guilty, but because certain celebs do not do such things to people. After all, he is Eric Tsang so no way in hell is he guilty. Aldo this is in Hong Kong, not LA.

    2. @funnlim He has already admitted to at least exploiting a rape victim by filming, editing and distributing her sexual assault so either way this guy is despicable and his reputation is down the drain anyway. What a disgusting pig.

  3. @llwy12 very well said as always. Honestly, I don’t expect the victim-confession and MeToo movement to take off in Asia like it did in the United States due to the reasons I listed above. On top of that, I pity any victim who name names, especially if the accused fit the above mentioned criteria

    1. @bubbletea

      The MeToo movement is taking off in China. A prominent professor in China has been fired after several women accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior.

      1. @msxie0714 I am very happy t to hear this news you wrote. However, it is not going to take off in the entertainment world in China, especially when the top names are involved, like the celestial kings, etc. It is so sad but money and power can be very scary when used to shut folks up in a ruthless, callous manner.

      2. @bubbletea

        Considering how many decades it took for women in Hollywood to speak up, there will come a day when the same thing happens in the Chinese entertainment industry. One of the founders of the Chinese modeling industry has openly condemned Eric Tsang for inappropriate behavior with her models.

  4. That’s disgusting news if true. I see Eric Tsang nowadays like a fatherly figure – much like Bill Cosby. If he turns out to be a rapist, that’s sick. Another childhood image ruined. But I rather that the truth be known than for it to be hidden.

    I hope Ah Dan, Lawrence Cheng is not among them. I actually respect this guy.

  5. I have a sick feeling that even if all of the accusations turn out to be true, power players like Eric Tsang will still find a way to stay in the industry and continue on as if nothing ever happened. Soon enough, the public will forget, the media will help them forget, and all the victims will never be fully compensated while men like Eric Tsang will continue to take advantage of women…they’ll just learn to be smarter about covering up their crimes.

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