Yang Mi Accused Of Seducing Nicholas Tse By Entering His Hotel Room

Although mainland artist, Yang Mi (杨幂) publicly declared dating Hawick Lau (刘恺威), negative rumors continued to plague her. Last Thursday night, controversial mainland writer Duguyi (独孤意) wrote on her blog that Yang Mi has always regarded Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) as her idol. While filming Lost Bullet <消失的子弹> in November 2011, Yang Mi allegedly flirted with Nicholas, willingly disrobing and removing her straps in their intimate scenes. Allegedly, Yang Mi boldly entered Nicholas’ hotel room in the middle of the night to confide in him, which made Nicholas feel very embarrassed.

The allegations that Yang Mi had attempted to seduce Nicholas Tse caused widespread concern. Yang Mi’s company, Mei Ah Entertainment, clarified the allegations and issued a lawyer’s letter towards the originator of the rumors, stating that the romantic rumors between Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse were fabricated.

Mei Ah Entertainment stated that the use of indecent language was defamatory towards Yang Mi, causing adverse media reports, which damaged her reputation and public image. Mei Ah Entertainment indicated that their lawyer has issued a letter at Dugyi, stating that they wished the allegations towards Yang Mi to be immediately removed and an apology towards Yang Mi.

Source: 21CN.com

Jayne: Quite bold to claim that Yang Mi had entered Nicholas’ hotel room without any photos as proof. The claims are probably more juicy than what had actually occurred?

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  1. pretty sure this is not true, she just publicly announced that she is dating hawick lau and thats heaps good as actors these days never talk about their personal love life to the media

    1. Don’t be too sure of that since anything is possible in this industry. She is only dating Hawick so it’s not like they are married. Even married men and women get tempted at times so you never know. However, I do agree with Jayne that there aren’t any photos as proof so this may or may not be true…

  2. through variety show, many of yang mi’s close friends say that she is a quiet girl that needs to be protect by others

  3. Maybe she went into his room to chit chat with him? I mean we won’t know what happened in the room but why would anyone assume just because she was in there she had seduced him and had sex with him?

    1. So true! Just cause she went in his room does not necessarily mean that they did that. These days people tend to over analyse situations.

    2. so much to chit chat – when a woman & a man is alone – what will happened! afterall they’re human & they will be tempted – it’s natural – just like brad pitt and angelina jolie’s romance secret

    3. so much to chit chat – when a woman & a man is alone – what will happened! afterall they’re human & they will be tempted – it’s natural – just like brad pitt and angelina jolie’s romance secret. chat first, sordid sex afterward

  4. How do they know she entered his hotel room? The pazzs must be flies on the wall or have a crystal ball they work from. Not being anti-mainlander, but what is with Hong Kong celebrities marrying and dating mainlanders all of a sudden. It is almost like it is fashionable to date a chinaman/china woman or the highly sort after accessory.

    1. Considering that China’s population is about one-fifth that of the world’s, it stands that anyone in the world has a 20% chance of marrying a mainlander.

      1. Good point Nicole!! China does have a big population, but has a shortage of girls… I guess the guys have to compete for the girls or go elsewhere to find a girl.

  5. They might have affairs.As we know nic from the past, he is player like edison or LF.

    1. I don’t regard Nice as a player. He dated Bondy when he was 17, things didn’t work out and they called it quits. Throughout his adulthood, he had only Faye and Cecilia. I believed he fell in love with Cecilia early on in 1999 but Daniel got to her first. Things started to make sense after I read Cecilia’s interview.

    1. Agree ! In November 2011, both are single. Nothing was wrong if they had one night stand. To me Yang Mi is better one for Nic than Ceci.

      1. Don’t know much about yang mi, but reading her weibo she’s not afraid to call out on antis. There was an anti who called her ugly and she retorted with “you’re uglier.” Cecil’s never done that before. Yang Mi is one fierce lady.

      2. I have a feeling that Yang Mi is not a weak girl that lets people step all over her…

      3. @Cloud Cecilia may not have done that, but I’m sure she’s thinking that.

  6. If she willingly disrobe and remove straps during filming, she’s called a “Seducer”. If she doesn’t disrobe and remove straps willingly, she will be called “difficult”, or “diva”. Hard.

    1. That is so true. The media is obviously just trying to find things about her to talk about.

  7. Provide photos and I *might* believe this. Or else, shut up and apologize.

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