Yang Mi and Wei Daxun Are Back Together

Although Yang Mi (楊冪) and actor Wei Daxun‘s (魏大勛) relationship had reportedly ended three months ago, the pair was spotted at a hotel recently, fueling speculations that they are back together again.

After declaring her divorce with actor Hawick Lau (劉愷威) two years ago, Yang Mi was romantically linked to actor Wei Daxun, who is two years her junior. Although they never openly confirmed dating, Yang Mi and Wei Daxun were often seen dressed in matching couples clothes and have been caught going on dates together. However, Yang Mi was allegedly unhappy that Wei Daxun used their relationship to gain fame and broke things off with the actor in January.

As China is slowly returning to normalcy after Covid-19 cases have dwindled down, filming projects have resumed. Currently filming in Shanghai, Wei Daxun was seen in his car with a mysterious woman, whom reporters discovered was none other than Yang Mi. As the couple entered the hotel that they were staying at, Yang Mi pulled down her face mask to take a bite of the ice cream that Wei Daxun’s assistant bought her earlier.

After photos surfaced online, Yang Mi and Wei Daxun’s relationship instantly became the hottest trending topic on Weibo.

Some netizens indicated that Yang Mi has taken a more proactive approach in their relationship this time and is trying to spend more time with Wei Daxun. After flying from Shanghai to Guangzhou for work on April 10, Yang Mi again flew back to Shanghai two days later so she could celebrate Wei Daxun’s 31st birthday together.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She can fly to have dates with her boyfriend and spend time on his birthday but she can never find time to visit her daughter? I totally have disrespect for this woman. Her dramas and acting sucks and people are thinking so highly of her. I guess Harwick is luckily to bail out sooner than later. Don’t just sleep with your boyfriend and have a child then want to bail out after a shotgun marriage and then you decide you want to have a regular life like a single woman. That’s so irresponsible.

    1. @annebee That’s a very aggressive post. I don’t think anyone knows what happened in their relationship. She wasn’t indecisive as she was with Hawick for 5+ years. That’s a long time. They have been divorced for over 18 months. She’s still young and he older. Have many people photographed Hawick with his daughter? So because Yang Mi doesn’t get photographed or doesn’t make it public, she’s a bad mom? She’s always been more successful than him, but you really think she’s allowing her daughter to be raised by her paternal grandparents fully because it’s convenient? Or because she doesn’t wanna disturb what the child has gotten used to? The daughter was being raised by the paternal grandparents even when Hawick and Yang Mi were happily married! PS, before they officially announced their divorce only Hawick was thought to have an affair not Yang Mi. Is that irresponsible? Or is people exaggerating reporting and people exaggerating reactions to reporting even more irresponsible? No attack on you, but I am trying to match your intensity and follow your logic here.

      1. @jesspepperwang You said it right ! Who are we to judge their personal lives … She mentioned she will protect her family and even she will be misunderstood as “bad mom” for not taking care of the daughter back to China, she more concerned on her daughter wellbeing of being as normal as it is … without being affected by any changes of her environment that will cause unnecessary impact to the child. Respect her as one true woman with great personality traits ! As for the infidelity, yes agreed that only the other party got into reports with videos. But even this is truth , YM let it be because of her daughter and the misunderstanding among netizens just got deeper till now. Really salute her ! Respect her choice ! I really salute this woman tbh ! Respect ✊

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