Yang Mi Suspected of False Donation in Sichuan Earthquake

Based on reports this morning, there are 193 people dead and 10, 574 injured from the Sichuan Ya’an earthquake. Many artists shared news of donating money to the victims on Weibo, urging the public to do the same.

At 12:18 AM in the morning, Yang Mi (楊冪) uploaded an image of her computer screen showing confirmation for her donation of 200,000 RMB. She wrote, “There’s already money from Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and I. Hopefully it can be sent to the ones in need immediately! Ya’an citizens, praying for you all. Hope we are able to do more!”

Yang Mi Sichuan earthquake donationWithin five minutes this post was published, Yang Mi received over 20,000 replies. Many netizens expressed suspicion about her donation. They were quick to wonder if this good action of hers is real. One netizen pointed out that in the photo she uploaded, the donation procedure appeared to be incomplete. It only said, “The bank has successfully processed the order. Please click ‘next’ to enter the merchant network.” Nowhere did it mention where the money is being donated to or who is donating it.

Adding to the suspicion, Yang Mi’s screen monitor displayed that she was using C Drive to browse the Internet. But this only happens in TVB dramas. It showed the code “C/Users/ruoyao”. Did she even access the Internet to donate?

Fortunately, someone later traced Yang Mi’s steps and tried to submit a donation online to see whether “C/Users/ruoyao” pops up. It did, and this proved that Yang Mi actually donated. In fact, she and Hawick also pitched in and further donated 119, 420 RMB through Tencent, which had been confirmed that the amount was received.

Source: Apple Daily

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sheesh….why would there ever be a doubt if she donated or not? Why would one even be suspicious of her intentions anyways? Netizens are really overanalyzing here.

  2. Was putting up a picture of your donation really necessary?

    1. no. but her intention might be to encourage others to donate or just to simply show that she’s aiding the victims of the earthquake.

      1. Simply praying for the victims would have been just as effective.

      2. Praying for the victims doesn’t help with the financial burden of rebuilding and aiding those in suffering.

    2. don’t think it’s necessary at all . not sure what her intention really is. It is just Awkward -_-

      1. It doesn’t matter what her intention is. If she posts this picture up, it may make others feel the need to donate regardless of her intentions.

    3. I was trying to say, she could just tweet the prayers and encourage her fans to help out. Of course donate, but she didn’t need to post a picture to confirm she did.

  3. I wonder if mainland celebrity used to show off their donation and charity? I think it is ok to announced you’ve donated to encourage other people or to do PR for them but it really not necessary to announced the amount.. what the intention??

  4. The end result is she donated money and it’s a fact. Some curious people might have donated some money because of this article.

  5. I think it’s a bit tacky to publicise the amount, however she might have thought she was encouraging people to donate. YM has a lot of young fangirls who would be influenced by their idol. Frankly, I think it’s much lamer to question her donation. I know Zhang Ziyi had her scandal and sure these things happen, but over 200.000? It’s not that much money for a famous actress and makes the people who questioned it look rather petty.

    1. I think so too. I don’t think there is ever any need to disclosed the amount and esp when that is NOT a lot of money for a celebrity.
      N that pic above makes her look more and more like a plastic doll.

  6. yep tacky as. she’s like “oh i’m so rich now, i’ve got god knows how many movies under my thighs, i’ve got a mid life crisis botoxed boyfriend who is totally raking it, i’ve got plenty of moolah to splash around and i’m gonna show the whole world just how rich i am”.

    1. both hawick and yang mi look botoxed now. there was also one recent magazine spread of yang mi where her legs photoshopped to an unreal length of almost 2 metres and becomes a bad joke among mainland netizens.

  7. that’s why not fond if this publicizing how much you donated. feel like it becomes competition of who donated more and who is supposedly more generous.

  8. I think in situations like this entertainment celebrities are “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”. If they post info re their donations, they are accused of bragging and using the tragedy for personal publicity. If they don’t post any info re a donation, they open themselves up to criticism that they are uncharitable and/or benefitted from the money earned from fans, but not willing to support their fans during a time of tragedy.

    1. If they don’t post any info re a donation, they open themselves up to criticism that they are uncharitable and/or benefitted from the money earned from fans, but not willing to support their fans during a time of tragedy.

      Who got criticized for not disclosing their donation amount, assuming they did donate in the first place?

      The very few celebrity weibos I follow did not post their donation amount, only their concern and well-wishes to the victims, but skimming their msg boards have no negative remarks or criticisms re donations.

      1. Yep, I agree. I’m sure most celebrities also donated money that did videos/weibo of prayers for the victims, and they didn’t diclosed the amount or try to prove anything. And none, that I could recall got criticized for it.

    2. Good post.

      Putting a pic up of your donation is a safety net.

  9. I think she only wanna show off. If we wanna help someone sincerely, we don’t need to publish our helping or amount of our donation!

  10. Hmm, in a previous article I read about Yang Mi she seemed like a genuinely nice person who would call her friend everyday when her was going through a break up.

    Though I don’t know her in person but through articles, she doesn’t seem like one whose intention to post the amount is for bragging rights. Perhaps I think it was intended to show her little contribution and maybe to motivate others to do so too.

    1. It was not always the case that YM was “genuinely” a nice person few years back. She got in trouble with many of the big entertainment companies in mainland China and got blacklisted from them for years. She’s been known to be mouthy and Catty. It’s just recently that she seems genuine.

      1. Wow thanks for the info YM, I actually didn’t know that. 🙂

      2. yeah, thanks for info, plastic yang mi shouldn’t have been mouthy and catty, after all she’s not born a beauty, even many natural beautiful woman has a lot of grace and are well mannered, what an awful character

      3. btwn, why does she look like she’s naked on pix, some kind of self promotion?

  11. lol at some of the comments. You are all right.. it would have been MUCH better for the Earthquake victims had she just kept her money to herself. LOL…

    1. She should have, then the article would have never been published and gave her publicity for her new series that’s coming out…LOL

    1. not bitter but looking for sincerity, don’t appreciate fake people here

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