Yang Yang Films Firefighter Drama

(Above): Yang Yang shows off his cheeky side in a new uniform drama.

Starring in a number of productions lately, Chinese actor Yang Yang’s (楊洋) dramas have performed well, such as Glory of Special Forces <特戰榮耀> and wuxia drama Who Rules the World <且試天下>.

In an upcoming drama, he plays a firefighter captain and is set to pair with Wang Churan (王楚然) from Royal Feast <尚食>. Photos of him dressed in a bright orange firefighters’ uniform were exposed, showing a chivalrous-looking and stylish Yang Yang, which got starry-eyed fans raving.

Bantering around with another co-star, he gently kicked the latter with his foot in a light-hearted photo which captured his previously-unseen cheeky side, fueling anticipation for the production.

Source: HK01

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  1. Lol…I could not finish his last drama as it was just cringing to him as a Lover boy… Maybe this is better… He is a really awkward actor…

  2. Wang Churan is really pretty. This drama is all about the eye candy it seems. I watched half of You Are My Glory, which was also all about the pretty, but lost interest. Meh.

  3. If this drama is similar to his Glory of Special Forces then it’s sure to be a great watch.

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