“Yang Yang’s Leg Hair” Trends on Weibo

On vacation in Thailand, a photo of popular actor Yang Yang‘s (杨洋) leg hair even trends on China’s Sina Weibo!

“Sheep Wool” Bumps into Yang Yang
Taking the Chinese New Year break to travel to Thailand with his family, the Cdrama star is spotted by regional fans, who were ecstatic to meet their idol in real life. On January 22, the star of dramas such as Who Rules the World <且試天下> and Glory of Special Forces <特战荣耀> shared New Year greetings along with photos of himself relaxing in the Southeast Asian country. Dressed casually and donning a cap and shades, the 31-year-old kept a low profile, but was still recognized by sharp-eyed fans.

Despite their excitement at meeting their idol, Yang Mao (Yang Yang’s fans call themselves “sheep wool” in Chinese) did not approach him but only took pictures from a distance. A picture shared by netizens showed the star checking out a local night market with his mother.

On January 28, he shared another photo simply captioned “Really tired”, of his feet against the background of what looks like a beach full of tree silhouettes. Fans quickly commented on his apparent leg hair and the topic “Yang Yang Leg Hair” even trended at the fifth spot on entertainment-related Weibo searches!

Source: ChinaPress

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