Yoyo Chen Did Not Celebrate Vincent Wong’s Best Actor Win

Although Vincent Wong (王浩信) came out on top as a two-time TV King at the 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards, his win wasn’t the highlight of the night. What made headlines the next day was the expressionless look his wife, Yoyo Chen (陈自瑶), had when he thanked her during his speech. The public believed Yoyo’s reaction confirmed her marriage with Vincent is on the rocks.

After the awards ceremony ended, she explained to reporters that she was distracted during her husband’s speech and a bit out of it because she wasn’t feeling too well due to the cold weather. The actress also expressed that she did not want to get in the way of her husband’s interviews and photo-ops and would return home first to take care of their daughter. Later that night, Yoyo expressed in an Instagram story that it is not easy taking care of both her family and career.

Despite Yoyo’s slew of reasons for her facial expression, outsiders are not convinced. It doesn’t help that the couple has not celebrated Vincent’s big win even though it’s been a few days. “He answered this the other night. He is very busy right now, so there is no time to celebrate,” the actress said during the promotional event for her new drama The Gatekeepers <把關者們>.

Yoyo is the Real Best Actress

When reporters asked how she felt about netizens joking that she should have received the Best Actress award for her dark expression, Yoyo said she did not watch the clip and only read the news article. Smiling, she replied, “Thank you for the compliment.”

As for her popularity overshadowing the freshly crowned TV Queen Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), she said, “I am happy. Thank you for everyone’s support. Thank you.”

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This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong Left Separately After TVB Anniversary Awards

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  1. Just hope they’re willing to go public with the status of their relationship. It’s hard for Yoyo to withstand a famous husband. It’s like she’s in his shadow now and have no choice. Just free each other pls

    1. @joyce I think the paparazzi should stop writing about them. They’ve been at it for years, making netizens feel that the couple should just announce it already. However, It’s not Vince and Yo’s responsibility to go public. Besides, they have a daughter. They probably want her to feel that their broken family has not been completely shattered just yet.

  2. “on the rocks.” Articles have been saying they’re divorced and have fallen off the cliff. Since they have not confirmed their breakup, they’re back on the rocks. lol

  3. should just admit your having relation issues… this couple is like davinci code need to find clues to unlock the cipher lol

  4. I am amazed at how long they have both kept quiet about their deteriorated relationship. I’m sure it’s over and been over. Vincent probably thanked her for taking care of their daughter because he knows he hasn’t done his part as the father and is never around. Her facial expression obviously harbors a lot of negativity and resentment because she had the full duty of raising their kid. Not surprised at her reaction. It’s a reaction that shows me she has given up on this man.

    The reporters are irritating for always questioning them on each other because they know it’ll always be an awkward answer thus giving them something to write about, but I also know that the media is just doing their job and trying to make news. If they really want to stop being pestered, they should just tell the press that they will not be answering anything regarding their relationship, period. Thank them for their concern and ask the reporters back if they have any other questions for them pertaining to their work or anything else, and they would be happy to answer. I understand there might be backlash for being so straightforward initially by doing that, but if you are civil, cordial, and diplomatic, it should be able to fend them off for good without upsetting the press. And if they keep asking, just smile and let there be silence because you already said you won’t respond to that anymore, so stay silent and smile until the reporters get uncomfortable. They’ll stop asking for sure lol.

      1. @mi520 It keeps going on for years because the media keep asking and Vincent and Yoyo keep giving (ever so slightly) so this cycle keeps going. No means no. Of course paparazzi will keep trying but if you insist on never feeding them, they will have nothing to write about pertaining to this. If they keep nudging you, and you finally give brief cryptic responses again, you’ve fallen into their trap and they’ll start writing again because you gave them something. They can’t write when there’s no response.

    1. @gnomageddon
      Honestly, I think they should just straight out say what their status is so people will not write about it anymore. If they just tell the truth, the media cannot bother them anymore. Sadly as public figures, they cannot keep it all to themselves.

      1. @hetieshou I agree that they should just come out and say it to stop all speculations as well. But alas, they don’t owe us any answers and for some reason, they find being evasive better than revealing what’s really going on between them. So whatever their reason is, it’s the better alternative to them. Just wish their agent or whoever is handling their PR would give them advice on how to address the media more in regards to their relationship status. But then again, it’s been going on so long already that it’s probably become a moot point to try to handle this topic better.

  5. Their relationship status is no ones business really. However, I do think her expression said it all. Think there is a lot of resentment. I do feel sorry for her as she is in his shadow and he looks the type that gave all to his acting while neglecting his wife and child. I wonder if the rumours are true about his cheating.

  6. Dang you Vinny!!!! Choosing career over family and Yoyo sigh. Kind of funny that she said it was chilly and that’s why she wasn’t feeling well considering what she was wearing…

  7. I finally finished LM2. Overall, it didn’t have the cohesion of LM1 and took me so long to finish because it didn’t hold my interest. Felt like they threw spaghetti on the wall to see which 2 people should be paired together.

    Vincent’s acting in the last couple of episodes is deserving of the award. Sisley too, although, her character was tough to watch. Disliked the unresolved ending. If they are planning for a 3, it is uninspired to end the way they did.

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