Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong Left Separately After TVB Anniversary Awards

The biggest winners of yesterday night’s 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards were revealed when Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) clinched Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively. While Vincent landed a double-victory when he also claimed the title of Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Actor, his interactions with his wife Yoyo Chen (陈自瑶) overshadowed his wins. Their odd behavior that night naturally intensified long-running speculations of a troubled marriage.

Although Vincent and Yoyo did not walk together on the red carpet, it was nothing out of the ordinary. TVB had assigned their artistes to couple up with their co-stars, hence Vincent accompanied his Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界II> partner Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), while Yoyo paraded on the red carpet with her Life After Death <那些我愛過的人> co-star Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂). The married couple also accepted interviews separately, and many viewers found that Vincent and Yoyo gave cryptic answers, as they avoided talking in-depth about each other.

For example, when reporters asked Vincent if he is worried about Yoyo wearing such a thin outfit, he evaded the question by saying, “Actually, all my colleagues are not wearing much tonight. Everyone should be careful since the virus situation is getting serious again. But at the same time, everyone here is very professional and wants to respect the occasion. Viewers can feast their eyes.”

Similarly, Yoyo gave a roundabout reply when reporters asked for her thoughts on Vincent being a hot contender for TV King and whether she helped him pull in votes. She said, “He’s a hot contender every year, so I didn’t particularly think about it. Besides, I was more focused on getting votes for Life After Death.”

Rumors of marital discord were further fueled during the award ceremony. When Vincent thanked Yoyo in his victory speech, the camera panned to Yoyo for her reaction, but she had a darkened or lack of expression instead of an expected smile. Although she gave him a hug on stage afterward, Yoyo did not wait for Vincent after the event and received a lift home from married couple Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Priscilla Wong (黄翠如). Based on their lack of interactions during and after the event, it is not hard to believe that they have become distant from each other.

After Yoyo arrived home, she posted solo pictures of herself at the award ceremony on social media. She also uploaded a photo of her daughter’s homework on her Instagram story and mentioned that it’s not easy juggling her career and household matters. “However, I will do my best,” Yoyo added.


Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. They either got separated or divorced that we don’t know about it. I’m thinking the only reason that they’re still talking because of their daughter.

  2. Vincent had a bunch of stuff to do after like interviews and photos and she mentioned she wasn’t feeling well. In interviews she was visibly shaking.

    Either way, I think they’re working through some issues or separated and just keeping up appearances for their daughter which is understandable. I think people just need to leave them alone lol

  3. The press would leave them alone if they were just truthful about their marital status. Their relationship is obviously fractured and they haven’t been interacting like a couple for years; they must’ve separated or gotten a divorce awhile back.

    I thought it was kind of inappropriate for Vincent to put Yoyo on the spot by thanking her when he’s showed no signs of engagement with her or their daughter in recent years. She did not seem impressed either and you could tell there was tension. He probably did it cause she was in attendance and he didn’t want to look like a deadbeat husband/father, but it’s pretty much an open secret that they’re not on good terms.

    1. @hazel Do they owe the press that answer though? someone would say that because they are celebrities that they do but do they really? I don’t think they do. Celebrity or not, I think everyone has a choice to keep their personal life private and they’ve chosen to do that so the media should respect it. It’s so clear that every time they get asked about each other, they don’t say much so there’s your sign.

      I don’t think it was inappropriate — Vincent has said many times that he has been busy working and hasn’t been able to take care or spend time with his daughter. So him thanking her is a sign of gratitude and mutual respect for each other. In 2017, she was not in attendance and he did the same thing.

  4. Hopefully Vincent isn’t being estranged from his wife and daughter, at least for now there’s no 3rd party involved that we know of so hopefully he is just really focusing on his job….At the same time I would rather go home to Yoyo then that award that’s in his hands haha.

  5. Yoyo didn’t looked happy at all she seem even pissed he won the award… clearly their having issues possibly still trying to sort things out and together for the sake of their daughter. Either when your loves one win you either have a big smile or cry out of joy but she neither have both emotion lol

    1. @vodka She doesn’t look happy, but rather annoyed, when he thanked her and the camera was on her, if only look kills, Vincent is a dead man. Whatever their issue is, it’s their business. The press should leave them alone and let them work it out. If and when they decide it’s time to make an announcement, we will hear about it. Till then, just let them be.

      1. @winnie Yup, she’s an actress and didn’t even put on a act for the camera’se. haha lol sad but yeah the media isn’t helping much either since they seem really desperate for a while now to have something to report on sigh….

  6. Wow there is no social distancing at all. Those masks are not going to help with anything at those distances.

  7. Don’t get it, what generation is this? Why do they have to hide the status of their relationship? Ppl already know that they’re married and he’s still popular, if they’re already divorced, I bet he’ll be more popular cuz he’s single. But if they keep hiding like this, what if one day paps found him/her with someone else, ppl gonna think they’re cheating on each other. That’s gonna be way worst than now. Poor Yoyo has to keep up with the life like this.

  8. Yoyo looks HOT indeed in that beautiful outfit. Too bad if they really are separated as they seem like a very compatible couple looks wise & age wise but oh well…….I guess this is where nothing lasts forever comes in. :0/

  9. For some reason, Yoyo gives off a melancholic vibe to me. I like her as an actress, I think she’s gotten better and more beautiful through the years. She just seems sad for some reason. If there is indeed unhappiness in her marriage, I hope one day she can resolve it, even if it means going public with a divorce.

  10. Yo-yo did hug Vincent after the awards , which was off camera , so all is not lost,
    Maybe still chance to work things out..
    Yo-yo did look hot and was the best dressed of the night…

    What’s Vincent thinking

  11. It was incredibly cold that Sunday. I was nicely wrapped up at home that night but was still feeling really cold. TVB must have really great internal heating going on there for her to be wearing something like that !

  12. Well, no one knows their situation best except for the two of them. They could be separated, divorced, going through some issues, or actually fine despite the incessant rumors and lack of interactions the past 3-4 years. No one knows except for the two of them, and they don’t owe the media an answer in the least. I’ll be honest and say I really like them together and individually, so I wish them all the best. 🙂

  13. Anything is possible. I like Yoyo in her recent characters and it’s a pity she isn’t utilized more (maybe child rearing responsibilities have fallen mostly on her, limiting her time for more opportunities). Who knows.

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