Sisley Choi and Vincent Wong Win TVB Best Actress and Best Actor

The 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony was held today, naming Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) Best Actress and Vincent Wong (王浩信) Best Actor for their performances in Legal Mavericks <踩過界II>. Another big winner for the night was Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), who won Most Popular Female Character and Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Actress awards.

Winning his first Best Actor in 2017’s Legal Mavericks, Vincent clinched the award again in the sequel in the same role as a righteous blind lawyer. Viewers also voted for him to win Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Actor award. Though Vincent has ended his contract with TVB and signed with its sister company, Shaw Brothers, he will no doubt continue to partner with the station. In his acceptance speech, the 37-year-old said, “Thanks to my family and [my wife] Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) for taking good care of our daughter. Thanks to TVB for cultivating me for 15 years. I hope everyone has a better year ahead in 2021.”

It was a tight battle for Best Actress, but Sisley defeated Katy despite her drama airing later in the year. Though Sisley was a negative-rumor magnet at the start of her career, the 29-year-impressed in Legal Mavericks 2 in the scene where she felt “betrayed” by Vincent’s character. In her acceptance speech, Sisley said, “Three years ago when I was on stage, I said ‘I don’t even like myself!’ These years, I’ve matured and experienced a lot. I realize I have a lot of people who love me. Many thanks to the people who worked with me and their tolerance! I know I still have a lot of imperfections. Thanks to TVB for letting me realize my acting dreams and the people who gave me opportunities, so I can try out new things.”

With 2020 being a breakout year for Katy, the 31-year-old actress impressed viewers in Death by Zero <殺手> and Hong Kong Love Stories <香港愛情故事>. Crying on stage, Katy said, “This is a heavy award. Many thanks to TVB and Malaysia for voting for me. Thanks to Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) who taught me about an actor’s professionalism. Thanks to Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) for teaching me to be a [better] person …I will do my best in my acting career.”

The most successful drama of the year was Al Cappuccino <反黑路人甲>, sweeping awards in five categories including Best Drama, Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Drama, Best Supporting Actress for Winki Lai (賴慰玲), Favorite Male Character Award for Owen Cheung (張振朗), and Best Partnership Award for Vincent, Owen, and Brian Chu (朱敏瀚).

Below are the complete results for the 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards:

Best Drama: Al Cappuccino (反黑路人甲)

Most Popular Mini-series: Hong Kong Love Stories (香港愛情故事)

Best Actor: Vincent Wong 王浩信 (Legal Mavericks 2 踩過界II)

Best Actress: Sisley Choi 蔡思貝 (Legal Mavericks 2 踩過界II)

Most Popular Male Character: Owen Cheng 張振朗 (Al Cappuccino 反黑路人甲)

Most Popular Female Character: Katy Kung 龔嘉欣 (Hong Kong Love Stories 香港愛情故事)

Best Supporting Actor: Jason Pai 白彪 (Hong Kong Love Stories 香港愛情故事)

Best Supporting Actress: Winki Lai 賴慰玲 (Al Cappuccino 反黑路人甲)

Most Improved Actor: Brian Chu 朱敏瀚

Most Improved Actress: Angel Chiang 蔣家旻

Best Host: Pakho Chau 周柏豪 and Benjamin Yuen 袁偉豪 (The Pakho Ben Outdoor Show 兩個小生去Camping)

Best Partnership: Vincent Wong 王浩信 , Owen Cheung 張振朗, Brian Chu 朱敏瀚 (Al Cappuccino)

Most Popular Drama Theme Song: “Mortals Don’t Understand Love” 〈凡人不懂愛〉 The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter <降魔的2.0> theme song by Hubert Wu 胡鴻鈞

Best Non-drama Program: The Scoop <東張西望>, Miss Hong Kong 2020 <2020香港小姐競選>, Life On the COVID Map <你還好嗎>, Happy Dinner Together <今晚請客>, See Me Fly Again <衝上雲霄大選>

Achievement Award: Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛.回家之開心速遞>

Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Drama: Al Cappuccino (反黑路人甲)

Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Actor: Vincent Wong 王浩信 (Legal Mavericks 2)

Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Actress: Katy Kung 龔嘉欣 (Death by Zero)

Sources: Oriental Daily, TVB

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  1. This has got to be the first time someone won with the same character.
    Wtf is up with the achievement award? It’s for a person not a drama….
    Most popular mini series also wtf they just wanted to make an award for HKLS.
    Seems like this year tvb really did let the netizens decide… None of that years of experience crap like with Kenneth.
    Winki 100% deserved that award. She can elevate dramas with her performance. Death By Zero was my Best Drama. Can’t believe tvb didn’t split the cake and let their two tv Kings sit all night.

    1. @bubbles23 Well dunno if it counts since these were not direct sequels but Wayne in Rosy Business’ as well as Roger Kwok as “Ah Wong” are basically the same character in a different setting.

  2. What a joke to viewers and past contenders! Sisley acting has improved, but far from best actress. Same with Vincent.

  3. Al Cappuccino was Best Drama? It was so poorly written. Death by Zero was more fun, Brutally Young more suspenseful, Life after Death and Hong Kong Love Stories were more poignant.

    Overall, the winners were deserving. Who were top 5 in the categories? Interesting choices for winners.

    1. @potatochip I am baffled al cappuccino won best drama but out of all the dramas you mentioned, even though I agree, had lower ratings than AC so maybe that’s why?

      I don’t remember them all but Top 5:
      BActor: Wayne, Moses, Vincent, Raymond, Kenneth
      BActress: Katy, Mandy W, Sisley, Ali, Mandy L

      1. @tt23 At least they had Ali Top 5 for 2 categories. It’s so weird about this “no show = no award” thing. Does Raymond not want the award? Or did he already know he wasn’t getting it?

        Shaun should have replaced Kenneth as Top 5, but that wasn’t going to happen. Katy should not have been Top 5 for BA since that role was supporting and Priscilla should have been there instead.

      2. @potatochip I feel like most actors who leave TVB to go to China to work want something more, bigger and better recognition and TVB suddenly becomes not a big deal? I mean TVB isn’t really a big deal outside of HK right? I don’t know but he either that or wanted to spend time with family. People said he did LW3 to win TV King and it was negotiated into his contract or something but I guess that is not the case.

        1000% agree with you about Shaun. Kenneth… ugh. I hope he gets recognized next year (Shaun), he’s so underrated. And yes, Priscilla most definitely should have been in the Top 5. Katy has a big fan base I guess. I don’t like her acting but she seems like a nice person.

  4. I wrote a long post about my thoughts but it seems to have been erased…. lol

    I don’t get the love for al cappuccino, I’m happy Vincent but should have been Raymond. Winki so happy she won but it should have been yoyo. I can’t believe Priscilla didn’t make the top 5, that’s a huge snub. And also Owen not winning BSA is a joke. Even though I did like Jason pai’s portrayal in HKLS and I did like HKLS but Owen deserved BSA.

      1. @scre yeah I heard that was the case but thought maybe for this series he would come to win lol.

        Oh he wasn’t??? I thought he was but I guess I read that wrong somewhere.

      2. @scre ahhh I thought I read somewhere here that he was nominated for BSA but oh well. Yes so happy he got favourite character. His speech was sweet, what a humble guy

  5. I wish Wayne had won for best actor… watching the clips of the top 5 nominees made me realize how much better of an actor he is compared to everyone else.

    Very surprised with best actress win, thought Mandy had it in the bag, after seeing that she got to sit with Liza the whole night. Thought Priscilla got cheated… she didn’t make top 5 in either best actress or favorite actress category?!

    Liked Owen’s and Winki’s wins, they both are good performers with careers on the rise.

    Also a surprise: haven’t heard Nancy Wu sing before, and though she was a little short on breath at times, thought she did a good job with her performance during the remembrance segment.

  6. Oh boy! So Raymond Lam doesn’t get to win best Actor again? That means he’s going end his contract again like before? Why Sisley? She doesn’t deserve on that level tvb is such a mess. I really wants Alice Chan or Joyce Tang to win the best actress or Mandy Wong. Really Vincent say he thank his wife for taking care of their daughter? I thought they’re going through some problems? I’m surprised Samantha Ko didn’t get to win anything since they air her dramas many times and mentioned for Natalie Tong, Priscilla Wong either or Rebecca Zhu? Angel Chiang and we Winki Lai deserved the award and Owen Cheung too.

    1. @cutie777
      Raymond Lam is NOT signed on a management contract with TVB. He’s on a PER-SERIES contract with TVB. Maybe this is why he didn’t win.

      Vincent Wong winning a BA over Raymond Lam is such a joke. His acting is average at best.

      1. @anon I think Vincent is a better actor than Raymond but that’s my opinion.

        They say Raymond didn’t win because he didn’t come to the show apparently that’s a reason which is dumb. So then after Raymond, it had to be Vincent or Wayne. But Vincent prob got it because TVB seems to love al cappuccino so that’s why. Which I don’t agree with, I didn’t think al cappuccino was written well.

      2. @tt23 I heard people from the internet saying Vincent won because he may leave tvb, so its like a prize for him continue with tvb. Wayne did a good but didn’t think he would win for the fourth time. I don’t think Al Cappuccino was that bad, it was decent. I think DBZ should have won best drama

      3. @scre He did leave TVB, he signed with Shaw late last year.

        That makes sense. I was actually hoping he would win for his role next year in DID. I just know he’ll do so well with that but I guess that is out of the picture now. I didn’t like al cappuccino as a whole drama, bits and pieces maybe but it didn’t all make sense together. Too many romances too.

        DBZ definitely a more cohesive drama and should have won best drama.

      4. @tt23 That’s is exactly was I was thinking, I was predicting Vincent to win with his role in DID next year, wasn’t expecting him to win it again with Legal Mavericks, so it basically means he won’t win it with DID next year.
        Also just rewatched his speech and realized he got confused with drama he won BA with, he started thanking everyone from AL Cappuccino instead of Legal Mavericks 2, that was a bit awkward

      5. @scre @tt23 just bc Vincent won BA this year, that doesnt mean he wont win it for the third time next year. It depends on HK audience votes, I think

      1. @scre oh really? I haven’t watched the award show yet so not sure what the situation is. Okay so if someone didn’t show up for the ceremony can’t win the award? I remember Dayo Wong at one time he won best Actor and he wasn’t there so they have to give him a call telling him he’s a winner for best Actor. Wasn’t Charmaine Sheh like that before she still get to win best actress. I’m thinking Raymond might be busy with his family since he’s now married and just become a father not long ago.

      2. @cutie777 Dayo won that year, but it was very controversial because I lot of people believed that tvb kind of ”owned” him an award, and that was 7 years ago, so I don’t see that happening again. Charmaine was in the awards both time she won best actress. Your probably right, since he just became a father I am not surprised if he didn’t show because of his family

      3. @scre

        Raymond knew he wouldn’t win so he didn’t attend as he is China filming otherwise to gi to HK would require 14 days quarantine

      4. @mulder99 Ah, he’s filming in China, that makes more sense that he didn’t go. They could have awarded him anyways if they wanted to. There’s so much technology that remote video is possible.

    2. @cutie777 he said “thank you yoyo” he didn’t mention her as “my wife” but this probably the first time he thank her publicly. Her reaction was normal, like she doesn’t care.

      1. @joyce He thanked her in 2017 when he won BA as well. I think the photos of their interaction on stage say it all. More friends than husband and wife which is sad.

      2. @tt23 that’s sad, I saw the photo of them. Yoyo is just looking better and better by day. Her acting also improved a lot. I had the feeling they’re like Myolie & Bosco, after publicly thanking their other half after winning the award, soon they’ll announce breakup/divorce

      3. @joyce yeap agree. Looks more like a friend. Why can’t they go public if they are no longer together? Is Vincent really that popular that his image will go downhill if they announce it?

  7. I’ll choose Yoyo Chen or Elaine Yiu for best actress if that’s the case. What a waste award.

    1. @cutie777 I don’t think yoyo was nominated for BActress only BSA.

      People may not like Sisley as a person but she definitely deserved that award as she performed really well in all three dramas. Mandy underperformed a role that was made to win Best Actress. She didn’t deserve to win based on skill, tenure maybe. Personally, I think Priscilla was the rightful winner but unfortunately she didn’t make Top 5.

      1. @tt23 I haven’t watched the show yet so I don’t know who’s nominated or not but I’m just giving you an sample I would rather give the award to Elaine or Yoyo. What about Elaine any nominated for her?

      2. @cutie777 I think Elaine was nominated for best actress but unfortunately she didn’t make the top 5. I think she’s underrated. I really like her.

        Yoyo looks SO good. There’s photos of her and Vincent interacting at the event but it looked more friends than husband and wife so sad 🙁

      3. @conan2209 I agree that she should be top 5, but her “lazy tones” always pull me out of the drama when she’s acting. Hopefully she can improve on her enunciation for her future roles

      4. @tungamy she has a new drama, where she will be an ambitious (& ruthless?) lawyer (rumour has it that it was meant for Ali).

        wonder if she can carry it well

  8. This is the first time that none of the wins were undeserving. Maybe I’m biased because pretty much all the winners were who I wanted to win, including Best Drama! Only slightly sad that Brutally Young didn’t get any recognition.

  9. Omg, It’s atrocious that Sisley won the Best Actress Award. She was the least deserving one out of the top 5. Yes, she improved her acting but definitely did not deserved the award. It’s like a slap in the face for Mandy, Ali, Katy, Mandy and other actresses!!! Lol so many people complaint Al Cappuccino getting the Best Drama. Its not like the drama was crap! I’m very surprised that there’s no outcry for Sisley winning the award!! In these few years she already won the most important awards in Tvb – Most Popular Female Character & Best Actress. She’s either the most lucky person in Tvb or her people skills are God level!!

    1. @snoopy there is outcry, check out TVB FB post! Honestly, she did well in both LW and LM but guess she’s just not well liked by the locals

  10. I was surprised Vincent won the Best Actor award again. I thought Tvb will give it to Raymond eventhough I secretly hope Michael Miu to win it. Its funny that Tvb purposely create a new award: Most Popular Mini-series when there is only one drama that fits the category. Other than that, I was happy that Owen won Best Supporting Actor, Brian Chu and Angel Chiang for the Most Improved award and for the Best Partnership winners. It was also surprising for me to see Pak Piu & Katy Kung won Best Supporting awards but I cant say anything about it, as I haven’t watch HK love story yet. Btw, who was that girl that girl that ran up to Winky Lai? It was so unsophisticated.

    1. @snoopy They are saying he didnt win because he didnt show up so it was either Vincent or Wayne at that point, since al cappuccino was so popular, it made sense I guess. Owen and Katy won favorite character and Pak Piu won best supporting actress. Winki won best-supporting actress.

      It was stephanie ho, fred cheng’s wife. Yeah she’s a nobody and not talented so lol figures.

  11. Sisley winning was the egregious. It’s so painfully obvious that this is TVB’s move to promote her. What a joke.
    Either Mandy or Ali should’ve won over her.

    Mark Ma should’ve won the awards he was nominated for. He was good in Life After Death.

    Funniest moment of the night was Yoyo’s expression when Vincent thanked her.

    1. @babyfaced Agree that Ali shouldve won BA. Mandy did not perform that well in her roles this year, which is why she didnt win. I feel like she was so replaceable and other actresses wouldve done a better job

  12. I’m giving the Best Dressed award to Priscilla and Yoyo! Pris looked very cute and Yoyo killed it with her jumpsuit. (Honorable mention to Sharon for styling). Worst dressed Gloria and Roxanne (she’s definitely happy chubby)

    1. @bubbles23
      I also thought YoYo was best dressed for the night, she was damn hot and I think she is 37 and didn’t look it.
      I didn’t like Priscilla’s dress at all.
      I think Mandy’s dress was very good too

  13. A little upset with the winners this year except Winki & Owen. Sisley is the worst one to get BA award.

  14. Personal opinion, among the top 5, I am glad Sisley got it instead of Mandy. Mandy didn’t do well in a role that’s like a sure win. Sisley did well ( vast improvement ) in both LW and LM. I am shocked Kelly is top5 for best actress instead of Priscilla. Kelly shows potential but not there yet…I always feel that her looks restrict her roles. Being too pretty is good for an idol but not a good thing for an actress

    I am happy with the fact that Ali was the second last to appear on red carpet (shows her ‘status”), she’s up for top 5 in both category (shows her popularity), seated in the front row and standing in the middle. While I am disappointed that she has no new drama after her AI role, I hope she’s resting and recovering well for future projects.

    1. @conan2209 agree, if I had to choose between Sisley & Mandy. I’ll definitely pick Sisley. Mandy’s performance hasn’t been improved somehow. She couldn’t act in crying scenes, stick wood.

    2. @conan2209 read somewhere Ali had to go see chinese doctor. I hope it’s nothing serious and she’s just resting after filming. It was Mandy Lam on top 5 instead of Priscilla… What a shocker.
      I would have been less surprised if Kelly got in with either of her roles. Maybe I’m over guessing Priscilla and Mandy’s popularity. Either that or tvb just wanted to hand the most popular to Katy which is Ugh.
      Anyways, Ali deserved a nom for Partnership with Moses but even then OwenxVincentxBrian is a very strong contender so nothing to scream about there.

      1. @bubbles23 watched an interview, she had to see a dermatologist and probably using steroids for her face now (on top of Chinese doctor). I just hope she has no new dramas now cos of her condition and nothing to do with other silly matters.

        I don’t really like Katy so can’t comment about her win.

        Pris has more than 1M of followers in her IG actually thus surprised she’s not top5 for any of the award. I also think Ali and Moses should have been nominated for best partnership and was shocked they were not. They may not win but will be a strong contender

  15. I must be the only one who thought the results were very fair this year. Honestly, the competition was weak for best actor and actress. Vincent did well in his role and I always thought the award was between him and Raymond, so since Raymond didn’t show up, it was basically his. Sisley did well in her role and did shine, so I have no problems with her winning best actress. Just because she has less experience than her peers, it doesn’t mean that she is undeserving of the award. Honestly this would have been Mandy’s year, except her performances were all so disappointing that there was no way she would have won. She had her chances and failed to perform, so people should stop being bitter over the fact that she lost.

    1. @coni her fans had high hopes for her in 2018 but she lost to Ali. They have high hopes again in 2020 and she again lost to Sisley, wonder if her fans realised now that she just Cannot make it as an actress

    2. @coni I completely agree. I think Vincent winning for Al Cappuccino would have been more fitting, but I also think people forget that being a blind lawyer in LM2 is a challenging role. Just because he’s won it before doesn’t mean it’s still not a challenging character and that he did a great job in it.

      As for Sisley, I also have no problems with her winning Best Actress. I disagree with comments saying Mandy Wong should win because she’s been around longer etc. because these awards are not based on seniority nor previous dramas. This year, Mandy’s characters didn’t deliver. I couldn’t tell you a true difference between her three characters, even though they were designed completely differently. I truly thought Madam G was very poorly acted. Sisley actually brought Dino to another level this time around, and executed all aspects well. She’s not my personal favorite of the bunch but I don’t think she is undeserving.

      1. @melia880 Agree with you about Sisley. The only role Ive ever liked of her is Dino in Legal Mavericks. She portrays that character very well. And for that, I think she deserves to win

  16. Like the phony Hong Kong democracy, TVB has not even attempted to justify any of these phony awards this year. These actors are being awarded for their servitude to TVB contracts. I highly doubt Katy Kung is anyone’s “most popular”.


  18. 唐人街 CHINATOWN was supposed to be AIRED IN 2020.

  19. Love the face masks. Practical and yet fits. The awards themselves, no comment. The fact that Sisley won best actress for a character almost universally agreed to be annoying and the worst shows this award is hopeless.

  20. I agree with all of the individual acting awards (although I would’ve liked to see Tsui Wing win BSA, but I guess that would continue the Al Cappuccino sweep too much…), and am very happy for all of them.

    What didn’t sit well with me personally was the five shows winning Best Non-drama Program (lol), the clearly made-up-last-minute-due-to-popular-reception Best Mini-Series (lol x2), and giving the Achievement award to Lo and Behold (this one is gonna be a bit of a rant lol). I’m biased because I love Lo and Behold, but I always find it very sad that none of the actors/actresses on that show get proper recognition. Many of them are way better actors than the ones in the regular dramas, but they rarely receive recognition in the individual categories because they’re so consistent and it’s so ongoing. I’ve seen all of them do very heavily emotional scenes and knock them out of the park, but they’re not as impactful as the regular dramas because they’re embedded within thousands of episodes. Now that they’ve been shoved an award that was historically meant honour individual actors with lifetime achievement, it feels like they’re shoving a generic blanket award for the whole cast and being like, “here’s your award”. It makes me think the cast is even less likely to get nominated/win now, since they’ve been given the “big prize” even though we all know it was just to appease them/the fans.

    1. @melia880 But the actors/actresses in Lo and Behold do get proper recognition. Kalok, Mandy Lam, and Lau Dan have won awards in previous years.

  21. Check out Yoyo’s reaction when Vincent thanked her. If he doesn’t mean it, don’t say it. Just ruins it. Everyone knows. I saw the interview after the awards and she said 我都冇– and was cut by the paparazzi. LOL, I think she wanted to say, “我都冇準備.” Inner thoughts, “下次講聲“

  22. Yeah I wish dbz won best series…. And sucks if yoyo and Vincent are separated saw an older article on here how he had a thing for her back in the school days.

  23. Anyone see the Nancy and Joe presentation speech? Nancy made Lau Dan think he won an award when he wasn’t even nominated, he was puzzled and started to stand up to get it before the camera turned away. That’s rough on the poor man. She made it so awkward for him.

    1. @mike I did! It was not nice and the fact the media is blowing it up, making it even more awkward for Lau Dan!

      1. @yuyu
        Lau Dan is getting on, I think he is losing his marbles as when he is doing interviews , his responses are very slow and seems he is not with it…

  24. Sign of a worthy BA is if they can carry a series….

    You put Sisley Choi as leading actress as the headline ,
    The rating will tank, unlike Ali Lee she carry a series.

    New series like A.I

    1. @mulder99 when TVB put Beauty and the boss on TVB gold/anywhere, I thought they were pretty smart! I am guessing many of her fans are now premium member of TVB Gold/Anywhere (I am one)

      They need not put her in blockbuster that has Chinese backings yet can continue to draw in profit

  25. LMAO this has got to be the funniest, most ridiculous award ever. It definitely wins points for entertainment value, I’m rolling on the floor!

    Al Cappuccino as best drama with zero plot!
    HKLS won best short drama, beating no one as nothing else was nominated!
    – tbf Vincent did a great job with the character and deserves the win, despide winning before as the same character (lol).
    – Sisley impressed me with her character and I also enjoyed her in AS and LW3. I still feel like Mandy is a more versatile actress, but I agree she didn’t amaze me this year. Ali is the most deserving of BA though – Cash was a great character.
    – Fine with Owen winning fav character, didn’t watch HKLS so can’t judge Katy.
    – I’m okay with Winkie and Brian, but not sure how I feel about Angel.
    – REALLY surprised that Jason Pai won – TVB doesn’t have a good history with awarding old green leaves.
    – Best Non-Drama seems to be everything lol

    Hmm maybe not as controversial as I thought. Just sad that DBZ or BY didn’t get any awards…

    1. @eleven I’m happy that TVB is finally giving awards to green leaves bc most of their acting is better than leads.

      Yes, there were many Best Non-Drama awards. Many of the shows were covid related, such as news reporting in areas impacted by covid. So maybe TVB wants to reward their staff’s hard work during these difficult times.

      I agree that Brutally Young is better than Al Cappuccino.

  26. Congrats to Vincent for winning BA again. Well deserved and nice hair cut – look younger.
    Quite happy with this year award. Personally i think Sisley acting is better than Mandy. Winki lai also well deserved as supporting actress and she has potential. I liked her since her first drama, never dance alone.
    Raymond’s fan must be so disappointed and indeed TVB didn’t give BA award to him..

    1. @bennyjr Am I the only one who doesnt like Vincent’s new haircut? Owen also has a similar haircut. I wonder if they decided to twin lol

  27. What else is new, Raymond got screwed and lost again! Such BS! With technology, the award could have been presented via satellite! He is filming in China and can’t spend time being in quarantine and delay the entire project. TVB rewards whoever toes the line and shows up!! Such BS!

    1. @ace818
      Raymond wasn’t that outstanding in LW3 , so it had to be someone else… don’t think it’s fair for Vincent to win twice for the same role,

      I would have preferred Wayne Lai to win it…

    2. @ace818 He didn’t come because he wasn’t going to win it. He shouldn’t have been BA anyways this year, others were better.

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